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Monday, March 9, 2020

The Storm

VIA From The Trenches World Report
A storm is headed in our direction, and it’s going to shower Americans with trauma, misery, and desperation. It’s all part of the plan, because the debilitating effects of these conditions leave tyrants with the docile and compliant populations that are easy to rule, and oppress.
We all prefer not to dwell on depressing topics of discussion, but that desire has allowed millions to ignore the grim realities of our present situation, and hasn’t helped anyone to do anything but be ill-prepared for the difficult world we’re being tossed into. 
Confirmed corona virus cases are now showing up in all but the most remote regions of our country, and every one of them is surrounded by innumerable unknown cases yet to show symptoms. Please take measures to protect yourself from this virus, because contrary to the propaganda being released by those seeking a large body count, this is nothing like a seasonal flu. The highly contagious nature of this virus, and its ability to live on surfaces for long periods of time insures that anyone who isn’t careful will eventually be exposed to it, and when passing time allows for a more accurate assessment of this plague, I think you’re going to see a much higher mortality rate than any seasonal flu.** The only thing we know for sure about the numbers we do have is that we can’t trust any of them.
This biological weapon was released at this time to coincide with, and take the blame for, the economic collapse we all knew was coming. As the economy collapses, there will be want and desperation, starvation and accompanying sickness, and we’re going to see crime, death, and sorrow hitting all of us a little too close to home.
World War Three is also being planned, and as most of us already  know, the outcome of wars are also planned by the international bankers who profit from the wars they create. I believe we’re scheduled to lose this one, because our nation is the only remaining obstacle standing in the way of these same bankers’ century-old quest for their “New World Order”. Any internal unrest, such as civil war or race war that can be instigated, will be instigated. They’re going to employ every destructive device available, because history has shown that an armed, indigenous population like ours is impossible to defeat. The millions of Mexicans who’ve illegally invaded our country may also be unleashed on us. Their history, culture, and present sympathies toward groups devoted to re-conquering America makes them an army that’s easy to manipulate against us.
The bankers will be trying their best to make all of our lives a living hell because it’s all part of an attack. Their goal is to destroy our nation, and enslave any of us they don’t kill. You haven’t been left with many choices.
So what’s the point of detailing the hell that’s being unleashed upon all of us? Forewarned is forearmed. If you’re aware of these things before they happen, you’ll be better able to prepare your psychological defense against a depressing, and horrifying reality that’s intended to beat us into submission. Instead of becoming depressed and feeling hopeless, you can choose to become angry, and empowered. If you know who’s responsible for the hell you’ll be living in, you can address the problem instead of blaming yourself, blaming bad luck, or assuming it’s God’s punishment for an immoral nation.
It’s not God’s punishment. It’s Satan’s pleasure, and all of the miserable events we’re about to suffer are the result of the deliberate, and well-planned actions of humans who worship Satan. Our nation’s dive into immorality is an accomplishment of these same bankers, because they also control the media that’s spent decades convincing Americans to shed their decency in favor of wallowing in lust and greed.
Immorality weakens us. It induces us to ignore our valuable virtues and ideals in favor of catering to our petty wants and desires. Holding the “moral high ground” is necessary to our victory, because it will give us the support of other Americans, many of whom are ill-informed now, but will recognize the difference between good and evil when they’re forced to choose between the two. Be good, and we’ll all be stronger.
Unity strengthens us. Don’t allow the propagandists’ dividing wedges to influence your opinions. We’re all united by the Bill of Rights, which defines who we are as Americans, and details the freedom, liberty, and justice that we all cherish. We’re not white nationalists, African-Americans, Hispanics or Asians. We’re all simply Americans, and the divisive titles we were given are tools of propagandists who need to keep us fighting amongst ourselves if their iniquitous plans are to be realized.
The Bill of Rights is the target of our enemies. Our world of freedom, liberty, and justice, and the document that describes it, is exactly what dis-empowers the tyrants, as it was intelligently designed to do. They’ve mocked true justice by dissolving the due process of law. They’ve crippled your freedom of religion with decisions made by corrupt judges. They’ve gassed, caged, and beaten your right to peaceably assemble with ordinances enforced by brutal and psychotic police, and they’re chipping away at your right to free speech with every passing day.
If it’s allowed to continue America will be unrecognizable as the pillar of freedom it once was, and instead of enjoying freedom and liberty, all of humanity that remains will exist under the boot of tyranny that prohibits anything it can’t control. I say “all of humanity” because the bankers are seeking a global tyranny, and Americans are the only people who can stop it. The various populations of the entire planet are now waiting for Americans to be Americans, whose civic duty involves shaking off the growing oppression that threatens the lives of everyone.
What you can do right now to prevent this horror is organize your friends and neighbors into a force that can defend your community, and by extension, the whole world. Constitutional militias are forming across the land, and you’re going to need one in your neighborhood too. Our legal justification is all spelled out clearly in that one uniting document that we’re all going to have to defend if anyone on this planet is to ever enjoy freedom again. The Bill of Rights, and a little courage, is all you need. It’s time for YOU to be a real American, who doesn’t tolerate tyranny, or the abuse of anyone’s God-given rights.
There’s no time to waste, because the gates of hell have been opened, and evil dark clouds have formed. The storm is approaching, and our unity under the Bill of Rights is our only shelter from the impending rain of misery, and the endless reign of Satan’s minions.   — Jolly Roger
Oh, a storm is threatening, my very life today. If I don’t get some shelter, oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away.  – The Rolling Stones
**what I’m seeing in reported numbers is a lot of deception, specifically by reporting deaths from flu resulting from an unknown number of cases rather than mortality rates.
“estimates of case-fatality (CF) rates for past influenza pandemics have ranged from about 0.1% (1957 and 1968 pandemics) to 2-3% (1918 pandemic) ..”  – source: Wikipedia.
A mortality rate of 3% is thirty times as deadly as a mortality rate of 0.1%, so there’s a vast range of possibilities here.
Jolly Roger


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