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Monday, November 29, 2010

Low Dose Arsenic for a Cyanide Society

Strappado Wrack

Many believe that an 81 mg aspirin a day will help prevent a heart attack. Yet even greater numbers voluntarily absorb regular doses of poison with their daily diet. Start with the mass media. If you watch network programming, you are being programmed. Doubt this conclusion and you prove just how well the brainwashing has taken hold. The nightly news is a prime example of shaping a view of the world according to the script that keeps you dumb and stupid.

To prove this point, just watch any news broadcast from an international newscast source. The difference from NBC, CBS or ABC is stark. Now read a newspaper from overseas and compare the editorial selection from the New York Times, Washington Post or USA Today. The lack of professional journalistic standards is obvious in the fish wrapper version from establishment publications. The theme in both broadcast and print media is the same. View the world with blinders, from a superficial microcosm.

When the New York Times claims the motto: "All the News That's Fit to Print", they are boldly telling you that you do not need to think for yourself or search out alternative information. The NYT is the paper of record. Take you dose of ratsbane from the snobs that deem you a dullard, who needs to be browbeaten into accepting your inferiority.

Now go to a movie multiplex and subjugate yourself to a sophisticated mind warp of cultural delusion. The film experience dispenses with entertainment and concentrates its artistic techniques upon molding Frankenstein monsters for assimilation into a slasher society. Flicks for Andy Hardy offspring’s are not made; since modern moralism is so advanced from, the 30’s to the 50’s, that family values are no longer relevant, according to the new MGM movie moguls.
Government schools teach this enlightened, non judgmental value, ethic for it is their mission to educate the next generation to use people as Twi'lek slave Oola was treated, for the amusement of Jabba the Hutt. In order to become a star in Hollywood and win the war of survival any means necessary, especially the dark side, is the lesson to learn. Public official propaganda becomes the playbook to follow for gaining the easy life. A drop of daily toxicant is the formula for garnering you badge of dishonor as a servant of the state. The reward for blind obedience is a life of anxious desperation. A lust for a pension becomes the substitute when retiring from active duty and the loss of bulling authority over government subjects.

These mind bending pressures could blow any mind. To the rescue comes Big Pharma. Drop a pill and all is well. A little help from your friends is the way to get through the day. If the pressures of listening to managed news and the escapism of dark movies cannot snap you back to reality, try the medication of Merck and Pfizer. Zoloft, Selectra, and Eleva are household drugs for the mentally-ill adjusted or the emotionally challenged. Of course, you are immunized from such a fate with your own balanced lifestyle. Or are you?
CNBC (if you can trust the coverage of an establishment media) reports that, "More than 45 million Americans, or 20 percent of U.S. adults, had some form of mental illness last year, and 11 million had a serious illness . . . Young adults aged 18 to 25 had the highest level of mental illness at 30 percent". Could General Electric’s medical division see an opportunity by jumping into the drug business? Or is CNBC just looking for additional medical coverage in their employment coverage when Obamacare hits home? Surely, the on air talent at the business channel qualify as maladjusted scherzos’ trained as word prompter readers!

Who is more disturbed, the person listening to the news report or the individual reading the lies? At least the TV personality is being paid, while the viewer has to pay a cable or satellite bill.
The arsenic treatment might seem humorous if done by Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha in a Frank Capra movie, but the way it is applied today, the outcome will not have a happy ending. Each small drop of a poisonous substance just adds to the aggregate lunacy of the society. Cyanide ingestion guarantees immediate termination. But when the process is incremental, the danger seems less acute.

Government hates to be outdone. The well-published latest outrage is with the TSA Gestapo "just following orders" tactics. TSA Stasi stooges are the real terrorists. The illicit Security Complex has the mentality that demeaning every innocent citizen is the true motive for each escalated level of personal assaults. Acting as profaned individuals and enjoying their violations of civil liberties, these disturbed thugs are prime mental patients for insane asylums. Do you have doubts that government TSA lackeys come from the same genetic strain as those who dropped Zyklon B in the defense of the homeland?

If you think this assessment goes too far, than face the facts about the radiation danger from airport body scanners. Becky Akers writes,
"Perhaps the TSA's biggest whoppers whitewash the hazards to our health from the two technologies with which it strips us. Experts in medicine, biochemistry, and biophysics warn that one, backscatter X-ray, concentrates in the skin rather than diffusing through the body as medical radiation does; therefore, the dose you receive is shockingly high — far higher than the government admits. Dr. Jeff Zervas, a surgeon in Montevideo, Minnesota, told me, "As far as living tissue is concerned, the less exposure to ionizing radiation, the better. Zero is best." Dr. Zervas also worried about the TSA's legendary incompetence: "What happens, for example, if some clown leaves the machine on, and a passenger's standing in the field? And who calibrates these things? I wouldn't trust a bureaucrat or anyone else without a stake in its safety to do it properly.

Dr. David Caskey, a cardiologist who was also teaching at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans when we spoke, seconded that: "In the medical industry we try as hard as possible to avoid even the smallest dose of radiation. Here you will be subjected to a rather significant amount. The result can and will be an increase in cataract formation, thyroid cancer, bone marrow suppression, etc." He was especially concerned for female passengers. "Even low level radiation can adversely affect a woman's ovaries. There's the potential for later birth defects. That risk increases if the woman is pregnant in the first trimester when she would likely be unaware of the pregnancy."
Millimeter waves may be even worse. No one knows their exact effects on human flesh, but one study concludes that they "unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. ... a new generation of cameras are set to appear that not only record [millimeter] waves but also bombard us with them..."

This TSA dose of arsenic inevitably produces the cyanide society. For those who say; NO, this cannot be true! Just review the CBS poll - 4 in 5 Support Full-Body Airport Scanners "Americans overwhelmingly approve of the use of full-body digital x-ray machines - a new technology in use at some airports in the U.S." Whom will you believe? CBS that famous network of the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite or your own common sense . . .

Now you say there is a difference in wanting to be safe, but approving the use of full-body scanners and accepting the radiation risk of going through one yourself, does not fulfill that objective. Nevertheless, the notion that people are willingly to accept forced irradiation as part of the conditions in buying a ticket to ride the friendly skies of Amerika is a sign that the slow poison has already diminished the mental capacity of the branded cattle that stand in a queue.

Quick, take an additional dose of feel good drugs from Big Pharma. They will soon have a medicine to save your life from frequent trips through the airport scanners.
Where are the heroes that will storm the citadel and fight off the government child molesters? Is there a contemporary Leonidas that will lead 300 Spartans against the threat of total annihilation at the hands of government shock troops? Do you have the independence to refuse the hemlock? Or do you have the genius to engineer a total resistance to the cyanide society?

Socrates was dangerous because he exhorted defiance to oppression and maintained fidelity to the search for the truth. The extermination of dissonant individuals is the objective of nitrile order. Combat these government goons on every level and stratum of resistance. Tune out the mainstream media, boycott the dream works machine of disturbed fantasy, take your children out of government schools, and deprogram the mass onslaught from destructive socialization.
A quick demise is preferable to a slow torment. The point of the Strappado Wrack is to keep you off the torture rack. If that is not possible, die at your own Thermopylae, as a hero and a defender of Western Civilization.
SARTRE – November 28, 2010

The Environmental Impact Of War



IMAGES OF DEVASTATED battlefields are all too familiar. A German officer in 1918 described ‘dumb, black stumps of shattered trees which still stick up where there used to be villages. Flayed by splinters of bursting shells, they stand like corpses upright. Not a blade of grass anywhere. Just miles of flat, empty, broken and tumbled stone.’ The ploughs in Flanders fields still turn up human bones every year.

But twentieth century technology, busily applied to the practice of war, has ensured a more lethal harvest. For example, landmines: planted in millions in war-torn countries across the world, killing and maiming long after wars are over, and denying agricultural use of the land in which they lurk. A Khmer Rouge general called them ‘the perfect soldier’: cheap, efficient, expendable, never hungry, never needing sleep. But eighty percent of landmine victims are civilians, not soldiers; and nearly a quarter of those are children.

Clearing mines is laborious, dangerous, and 30 times the cost of the weapon itself. So is clearing unexploded ordnance of all kinds (including worldwide munitions dumps which leak toxic wastes). The most severe UXO contamination in the world is in Laos. Bomb disposal teams have no records to work from. ‘It was America’s secret war and we can’t get the information,’ says a team leader. ‘All you can do is teach people to live with the bomb.’

But it’s the testing and manufacture of the nuclear bomb which has been responsible for some of the most profound and persistent environmental damage to life on earth. “The complex mixture of contaminants found on many military sites is dynamically moving through the environment,’ says a medical expert. Radiation problems affect people near nuclear plants in every country that has them. Repair and maintenance of many installations and equipment are dangerously inadequate.

Nuclear waste is a global problem that won’t go away, threatening environmental disaster on a vast scale: its poison, and toxic chemicals which accompany all weapon production, have travelled round the globe in the atmosphere and ocean currents; as well as water and air, they harm earth, plants that grow in it, and subsistent livestock and wildlife. Human exposure to nuclear and chemical tests and factories, or via the food chain, results in miscarriages, malformed foetuses, high infant mortality and congenital disorders, leukaemia and other cancers, tumours, thyroid disorders, and complex debilitating and life-shortening syndromes. The number of reports of such harmful effects on health, habitat and culture – always at risk in war – continues to grow.

Because war disrupts social structures, ecostructures are neglected and abused, with lasting and costly consequences.

All along the coast of Somalia huge sand dunes, 20 miles across, have crept from the sea towards the main coastal highway. ‘When the dunes hit the road, a new road will need to be built,’ says a Red Cross agronomist. ‘There used to be government plans to stop them. Now there’s nothing. The communication breakdown will be a social disaster.’ The ICRC, encouraging self-sufficiency and seawater fish in the conservative Somali diet, provided boats, nets, hooks and training – only to discover another of war’s ecological chain effects: the coastal waters off Somalia had become a free-for-all, all protocols for international fishing rights ignored. Resources are being fished unsustainably – ‘almost a mining operation,’ says a UN observer. Illegal fishermen now go armed, to protect what they perceive as their property rights.

It’s widely agreed that Sudan’s 1988 famine was caused by its protracted civil war. Southern Sudan has some of the most productive land in Africa; its people are hardworking farmers and herdsmen. If fighting stopped, they’d manage to survive. Instead, thousands have been forced out of their homes, thousands have died, and their land is uncared-for.

‘Most disasters are like this: a mess of war, displacement, hunger and ignorance,’ says Africa specialist John Ryle. ‘To feed the hungry and treat the sick in such circumstances is to become part of the war economy. Part of what aid workers do involves clearing up the chaos left by the global arms trade. They say they are saving lives – but for what? To be lost in endless wars that feed on aid?’

Meanwhile the worst outbreak of sleeping sickness this century has been spreading through the south-west; disease follows war everywhere.

The earth’s environment is battered by war, its preparation, practice and aftermath. It is destroyed as an act of war; it is used as a weapon of war; and its destruction is expensive and sometimes irreversible. Its integral involvement with war is often secret, widely ignored, and easily forgotten – until now.

Now, some people are beginning to talk and listen. Some people are beginning to act. There is a treaty to ban landmines now. There are moves towards tackling the problems of nuclear waste and weapon stockpiles. There is a growing global awareness – with charters to prove it – that war has created consequences which cross boundaries and ignore territories. Natural disasters are costly enough; the cost of war damage is much higher. Even if politics don’t achieve change, economics might.

It’s the natural tendency of governments to suppress or talk down bad news. So it’s the duty of the rest of us – to uncover and publicise it wherever possible. Without the facts, there can’t be informed public opinion, nor a corporate will to deal with the disasters that war creates – dangerous not only for combatants but for civilians, not only for the duration of the war but far into the future, not for warring countries alone but for the whole world.

In one way or another, everyone is already affected. In one way or another, the still-quickening rush to even greater disasters must be stopped.

And the first thing to go must be war

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The TSA: Protecting The Government From YOU!

Information Clearing House

Such a Well Behaved Herd of Sheep
TSA thanks you for allowing them to violate your rights and to assault you

By Marti Oakley

November 26, 2010 "
PPJ Gazette" --  If ever there was an indicator of just how apathetic and well trained the American public truly is, it must be this situation with TSA.  Like a herd of bedraggled sheep, thousands of you forfeited your 4th and 5th amendment rights and allowed the government to irradiate you and view your virtually naked body, or allowed yourself to be subjected to an enhanced pat-down…nothing short of a sexual encounter.  And for what?  This is a training and conditioning exercise you fools! This has nothing to do with making us safer, national security or protecting America.  It has nothing to do with making your flight safer.  It has everything to do with conditioning you to accept a full body assault as long as the persons doing it are wearing a government badge.  You are being trained to submit and comply.

Did any of the claimed terrorists come from America? No. 
Are any potential terrorists afraid of TSA and Homeland Security or any of the rights-robbing laws passed by the jackass’s in the District of Criminals? No. 
Did any of those laws apply to terrorists?  NO!  They applied to US citizens. 
We have a border that is wide open and anyone and everyone from far away places such as Uganda, China, North Korea, and even Afghanistan have crossed that border at will, without any trouble, and millions of people from Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, and various and sundry other South American country’s have also entered and Homeland Security has absolutely no plans to secure that border or to deport any of those individuals caught here illegally. With this in mind……how concerned do you think Homeland Security is about terrorism or terrorists?  

Who is it Homeland Security views as terrorists?  YOU.
For all of you who claim, “I don’t mind….they are just trying to keep us safe”….may you be the first to be loaded on a truck to the FEMA camps.  As submissive and compliant as you are, most likely you will drive yourself there.  And don’t forget to get your fake flu pandemic vaccine on the way!  In fact…take mine!  And just for good measure, why don’t you present yourself to the nearest Fusion Center and have yourself facially imprinted, have your iris scanned and your finger prints taken so that when you walk down the street all those spy cameras that are being installed in every city, can identify you and record where you were and what you were doing. 

How damn stupid are you people going to get?  

Thanks to all of you compliant jerk-offs out there, there are now plans afoot in several locations to install these porno scanners in the entry to courthouses, train terminals, subways or virtually any location that people might opt to use for travel.  Thanks to you mindless sheeple, we will all now be subjected to this invasion of our persons.  And why?  Because you might be a domestic terrorist if you opt out!  After all, so many others compliantly obeyed and allowed this invasion of their person to go on unchallenged. So, if you are objecting to these rights violations and don’t want to be sexually assaulted by some pervert with a TSA badge, that must mean you are a  domestic terrorist.

I have news for all of you:  The domestic terrorist in this situation is the guy/gal with the TSA badge on.    

Of course the plans to install the porno scanners in the subways, train stations, courthouse, and wherever else they are going to appear, is not just a sudden event.  This was the plan all along.  Homeland Security, the agency charged with defending the government from you, has just taken a giant step forward in exposing itself as the police state agency that it was created to be. 

One thing this episode has shown us is, there are far more perverts out there than we ever imagined.  What kind of moral or decent human being would take employment that not only violates the Constitutional rights of those being assaulted, but also physically assaults them in a manner that would otherwise be a criminal act?  Who knowingly takes employment that would encompass the groping of the private and genital areas of not only adults, but also children?  And then smiles and tells you it was to “keep you safe”.  How sick is that? 

It just goes to prove what I have maintained for years; you can take an ordinary everyday, individual…your neighbor, family member, friend…..and slap a government badge on them and they suddenly become a psychopath with no morals, no ethics and no sense of decency.  We see it in state level agencies where agents knowingly violate rights, and perform acts of aggression against members of their own communities, and we see it here again in these federal level agents.  

Where I once believed it was a situation comprised of those who worked for government vs, those who didn’t, I now believe it is more those who work for government and those who blindly comply with government vs the rest of us. 

We are being maneuvered into a full police state.  Thanks to all of you who complied with this police state action, the rest of us will pay the price.  You forfeited your rights just so you wouldn’t be inconvenienced and forfeited everyone else’s at the same time.  Why?  Because standing up for what is right might have delayed you?  

How pathetic is that?

Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010

Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

Prevent Disease

From pollution to politics, the era of deception and duplicity has reached new heights and hijacked almost every form of media in the world. In the last frontiers for truth such as the internet, disinformation operations are in full swing to discredit and destroy any semblance of authentic and factual information available to the public.
How many more lies will people around the world accept as truth? Some say a global awakening is taking place, but at what cost? Will it take the destruction of most of the earth and its resources before people are enlightened?

The escalating media and political reports are so far fetched, cunning, and so beyond reality, it's as if each is trying to top the other with one sinister plot after the next. To demonstrate the outright lies by national governments and the media, let's take three examples from the last year alone, including the H1N1 scandal, airport body scanners and the BP oil disaster.

The H1N1 Scandal

Last year, the H1N1 scandal reached its pinnacle in the fall of 2009 when the world united on the internet with a consensus and practical understanding of the World Health Organization's orchestratration to deceive the masses. From radio, internet, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor posters, signage and promotions, you could not escape the flu hype campaigns so diligently pursued by all the malicious agendas at play who only wanted one thing - to promote a dangerous H1N1 vaccine. After hundreds of reports exposed the criminal activity by all levels of government, we left the same people in power to do it all over again.

According to preliminary reports, another round of pandemic vaccine campaigns are scheduled for the 2010/2011 season and they're already underway. However, there appears to be a recombination that has changed the H1N1 lab created virus into a more lethal form and it is not a hoax, but it may be yet another CDC lab experiment.

The CDC has recently issued a Health Advisory in connection with two summer outbreaks of H3N2 in Iowa. Other reports from Russia and India indicate that a real epidemic may be upon us if the virus steadily recombines and acquires new genetics. Even though a new strain may have accidentally evolved in eggs, reassortment of H1N1-H5N1 has been a legitimate concern for years. The WHO first suggested the reassortment of H1N1-H5N1 in 2004.

If this is really the case, how will the public react after all the lies from health agencies who have sworn to protect us? Will they hype another vaccine and if so, will the public even respond?

Body Scanners

They've been approved all over the world and marketed as the next greatest airport scanning technology. The U.S., U.K., Russia, Australia, Europe and Canada have all installed airport body scanners which have potentially devastating health effects.

Many of these scanners are reportedly using terahertz (THz) waves, the radiation that fills the slot in the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared. Evidence suggests that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.

As the path toward rolling out wider use of whole-body scanners in U.S. airports ran through the White House, Obama expedited their deployment because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) didn't need legislation from Congress to start using the devices at any of the 560 U.S. airports.

The White House ignored all the scientific evidence presented which suggested negative health effects. Politicians and regulatory agencies then covered up the bad publicity on naked body scanners and focused on the presumed benefits under the guise of public safety.

Privacy commisioners and airport authorities have also insisted that there were no risks of images being stored or personal details being revealed to security screeners. Now there's new evidence to show that the scanners can do just that.

According to a CNET report, another federal agency, the U.S. Marshall's service, admitted that it had actually stored over 30,000 images recorded by a full-body scanner used at a Florida courthouse.

A watchdog group called the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) obtained over 100 of the images and states on its web site that, "The images, which are routinely captured by the federal agency, prove that body scanning devices store and record images of individuals stripped naked." The group has filed a lawsuit to suspend the deployment of body scanners at airports.

EPIC also discovered that the TSA actually specified to manufacturers that the machines have the ability to send and store images. The TSA says that these functions are only for testing and training and insists on its web site that the airport body scanners are delivered to airports with storage and recording functions disabled.

Again, the upper levels of the echelon are caught lying and deceiving, yet they are still left to their own devices to further manipulate and continue misrepresenting facts to the gullible public.

BP Oil Disaster

When news unfolded about the April 20, 2010 BP oil disaster, it went from bad to worse. Instead of immediately mobilizing for action in the face of a massive public health threat, the response was to cover-up, deny and respond with ignorance. After all the public will always believe them, or so they thought.

The Obama administration, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, U.S. Coast Guard commandant admiral Thad Allen, energy and climate-change policy adviser Carol Browner, BP and all their contituents conspired to deliberately mislead the public from the inception of the disaster to present day. What's worse is they all agreed to further disseminate toxins in the Gulf by spraying 1.8 to 2 million gallons of the neurotoxin Corexit which was exposed by over a hundred scientists, toxicologists and other experts who have unequivocally classified the irresponsible aerial spraying of the chemical dispersant as a large-scale, uncontrolled non-consensual human and environmental experiment is being conducted in the Gulf region.

The media was grossly censoring the extent of the devastation in the Gulf. The poisons--oil and corexit are destined to spread globally, but honest reporting was and still is restricted, and many independent investigators have been arrested. Read 30 Facts Evidencing that The Gulf Oil Crisis Was Planned.
On June 12, 2010, The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) released "Risk of Global Climate Change By BP Oil Spill", a document detailing how the BP spill may cause irreparable damage to the Gulf Stream global climate thermoregulation activity. Read Gulf Loop Current Destroyed: May Lead To Shut Down of Atlantic Thermoregulation, Rapid Cooling.

According to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy, the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. Zangari notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element of the Gulf Stream itself and why it is commonly referred to as the “main engine” of the Stream.

The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to see global crop failures as early as 2011.

Zangari's assessment is based on daily monitoring of real-time data oceanographic satellite public data feeds called “Real-Time Mesoscale Altimetry” from the Jason, Topex/Poseidon, Geosat, Follow-On, ERS-2 and Envisat satellites.

These satellite feeds are captured and made publicly available by NASA, NOAA and by the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The CCAR is now being accused of scientific fraud and tampering of data directly associated with the events surrounding the Loop Current phenomenon and its current anomalies. Various reporters have spear-headed the charge including radio personality Dr. Bill Deagle who has featured Dr. Zangari on his radio show The Nutrimedical Report where he detailed the events leading up to the destruction of the Loop Current in the Gulf.

Dr. Zangari has stated that he will no longer use CCAR data due to its unreliability.

Organized and Professional Disinformation Operations
Well-funded and highly-organized disinformation operations are in full-swing throughout the internet. From forums to comment boards and even professional websites that have only one purpose: Defame, distract, and destroy the truth.

However organized, the tactics are very predictable in a world filled with lies and half-truths. This, sadly, includes every day news media, one of the worst offenders with respect to being a source of disinformation.

Disinformation campaigns are launched against those seeking to uncover and expose the truth and/or the conspiracy. The H1N1 scandal was a prime example of how hundreds of operations can be launched to sway opinions on the facts. For every fact-based article on the realities of the H1N1 vaccine, there were both very primitive and sophisticated counters on message boards, comment forums and hundreds of alternative and mainstream websites.

Stephen Barrett's and supporters such as and are examples of websites which promote both synthetic and organic disinformation on almost any topic that does not concur with mainstream thought.

There are specific tactics which disinfo artists tend to apply, as H. Michael Sweeney has brilliantly detailed. Also included with this material are eight common traits of the disinfo artist which may also prove useful in identifying players and motives. The more a particular party fits the traits and is guilty of following the rules, the more likely they are a professional disinfo artist with a vested motive. People can be bought, threatened, or blackmailed into providing disinformation, so even "good guys" can be suspect in many cases.

A rational person participating as one interested in the truth will evaluate that chain of evidence and conclude either that the links are solid and conclusive, that one or more links are weak and need further development before conclusion can be arrived at, or that one or more links can be broken, usually invalidating (but not necessarily so, if parallel links already exist or can be found, or if a particular link was merely supportive, but not in itself key) the argument. The game is played by raising issues which either strengthen or weaken (preferably to the point of breaking) these links. It is the job of a disinfo artist to interfere with these evaluation... to at least make people think the links are weak or broken when, in truth, they are not... or to propose alternative solutions leading away from the truth. Often, by simply impeding and slowing down the process through disinformation tactics, a level of victory is assured because apathy increases with time and rhetoric.

It would seem true in almost every instance, that if one cannot break the chain of evidence for a given solution, revelation of truth has won out. If the chain is broken either a new link must be forged, or a whole new chain developed, or the solution is invalid an a new one must be found... but truth still wins out. There is no shame in being the creator or supporter of a failed solution, chain, or link, if done with honesty in search of the truth. This is the rational approach. While it is understandable that a person can become emotionally involved with a particular side of a given issue, it is really unimportant who wins, as long as truth wins. But the disinfo artist will seek to emotionalize and chastise any failure (real or false claims thereof), and will seek by means of intimidation to prevent discussion in general.

It is the disinfo artist and those who may pull their strings (those who stand to suffer should the crime be solved) MUST seek to prevent rational and complete examination of any chain of evidence which would hang them. Since fact and truth seldom fall on their own, they must be overcome with lies and deceit. Those who are professional in the art of lies and deceit, such as the intelligence community and the professional criminal (often the same people or at least working together), tend to apply fairly well defined and observable tools in this process. However, the public at large is not well armed against such weapons, and is often easily led astray by these time-proven tactics. Remarkably, not even media and law enforcement have NOT BEEN TRAINED to deal with these issues. For the most part, only the players themselves understand the rules of the game.

Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Regardless of what you know, don't discuss it -- especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it's not reported, it didn't happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.
2. Become incredulous and indignant.
Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used to show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the 'How dare you!' gambit.
3. Create rumor mongers.
Avoid discussing issues by describing all charges, regardless of venue or evidence, as mere rumors and wild accusations. Other derogatory terms mutually exclusive of truth may work as well. This method works especially well with a silent press because the only way the public can learn of the facts are through such 'arguable rumors'. If you can associate the material with the Internet, use this fact to certify it a 'wild rumor' from a 'bunch of kids on the Internet' which can have no basis in fact.
4. Use a straw man.
Find or create a seeming element of your opponent's argument which you can easily knock down to make yourself look good and the opponent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your interpretation of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weakest aspect of the weakest charges. Amplify their significance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fabricated alike, while actually avoiding discussion of the real issues.
5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.
This is also known as the primary 'attack the messenger' ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as 'kooks', 'right-wing', 'liberal', 'left-wing', 'terrorists', 'conspiracy buffs', 'radicals', 'militia', 'racists', 'religious fanatics', 'sexual deviates', and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.
6. Hit and Run.
In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded, or simply ignore any answer. This works extremely well in Internet and letters-to-the-editor environments where a steady stream of new identities can be called upon without having to explain critical reasoning -- simply make an accusation or other attack, never discussing issues, and never answering any subsequent response, for that would dignify the opponent's viewpoint.
7. Question motives.
Twist or amplify any fact which could be taken to imply that the opponent operates out of a hidden personal agenda or other bias. This avoids discussing issues and forces the accuser on the defensive.
8. Invoke authority.
Claim for yourself or associate yourself with authority and present your argument with enough 'jargon' and 'minutia' to illustrate you are 'one who knows', and simply say it isn't so without discussing issues or demonstrating concretely why or citing sources.
9. Play Dumb.
No matter what evidence or logical argument is offered, avoid discussing issues except with denials they have any credibility, make any sense, provide any proof, contain or make a point, have logic, or support a conclusion. Mix well for maximum effect.
10. Associate opponent charges with old news.
A derivative of the straw man -- usually, in any large-scale matter of high visibility, someone will make charges early on which can be or were already easily dealt with - a kind of investment for the future should the matter not be so easily contained.) Where it can be foreseen, have your own side raise a straw man issue and have it dealt with early on as part of the initial contingency plans. Subsequent charges, regardless of validity or new ground uncovered, can usually then be associated with the original charge and dismissed as simply being a rehash without need to address current issues -- so much the better where the opponent is or was involved with the original source.
11. Establish and rely upon fall-back positions.
Using a minor matter or element of the facts, take the 'high road' and 'confess' with candor that some innocent mistake, in hindsight, was made -- but that opponents have seized on the opportunity to blow it all out of proportion and imply greater criminalities which, 'just aren't so.' Others can reinforce this on your behalf, later, and even publicly 'call for an end to the nonsense' because you have already 'done the right thing.' Done properly, this can garner sympathy and respect for 'coming clean' and 'owning up' to your mistakes without addressing more serious issues.
12. Enigmas have no solution.
Drawing upon the overall umbrella of events surrounding the crime and the multitude of players and events, paint the entire affair as too complex to solve. This causes those otherwise following the matter to begin to lose interest more quickly without having to address the actual issues.
13. Alice in Wonderland Logic.
Avoid discussion of the issues by reasoning backwards or with an apparent deductive logic which forbears any actual material fact.
14. Demand complete solutions.
Avoid the issues by requiring opponents to solve the crime at hand completely, a ploy which works best with issues qualifying for rule 10.
15. Fit the facts to alternate conclusions.
This requires creative thinking unless the crime was planned with contingency conclusions in place.
16. Vanish evidence and witnesses.
If it does not exist, it is not fact, and you won't have to address the issue.
17. Change the subject.
Usually in connection with one of the other ploys listed here, find a way to side-track the discussion with abrasive or controversial comments in hopes of turning attention to a new, more manageable topic. This works especially well with companions who can 'argue' with you over the new topic and polarize the discussion arena in order to avoid discussing more key issues.
18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents.
If you can't do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how 'sensitive they are to criticism.'
19. Ignore facts presented, demand impossible proofs.
This is perhaps a variant of the 'play dumb' rule. Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, claim the material irrelevant and demand proof that is impossible for the opponent to come by (it may exist, but not be at his disposal, or it may be something which is known to be safely destroyed or withheld, such as a murder weapon.) In order to completely avoid discussing issues, it may be required that you to categorically deny and be critical of media or books as valid sources, deny that witnesses are acceptable, or even deny that statements made by government or other authorities have any meaning or relevance.
20. False evidence.
Whenever possible, introduce new facts or clues designed and manufactured to conflict with opponent presentations -- as useful tools to neutralize sensitive issues or impede resolution. This works best when the crime was designed with contingencies for the purpose, and the facts cannot be easily separated from the fabrications.
21. Call a Grand Jury, Special Prosecutor, or other empowered investigative body.
Subvert the (process) to your benefit and effectively neutralize all sensitive issues without open discussion. Once convened, the evidence and testimony are required to be secret when properly handled. For instance, if you own the prosecuting attorney, it can insure a Grand Jury hears no useful evidence and that the evidence is sealed an unavailable to subsequent investigators. Once a favorable verdict is achieved, the matter can be considered officially closed. Usually, this technique is applied to find the guilty innocent, but it can also be used to obtain charges when seeking to frame a victim.
22. Manufacture a new truth.
Create your own expert(s), group(s), author(s), leader(s) or influence existing ones willing to forge new ground via scientific, investigative, or social research or testimony which concludes favorably. In this way, if you must actually address issues, you can do so authoritatively.
23. Create bigger distractions.
If the above does not seem to be working to distract from sensitive issues, or to prevent unwanted media coverage of unstoppable events such as trials, create bigger news stories (or treat them as such) to distract the multitudes.
24. Silence critics.
If the above methods do not prevail, consider removing opponents from circulation by some definitive solution so that the need to address issues is removed entirely. This can be by their death, arrest and detention, blackmail or destruction of their character by release of blackmail information, or merely by destroying them financially, emotionally, or severely damaging their health.
25. Vanish.
If you are a key holder of secrets or otherwise overly illuminated and you think the heat is getting too hot, to avoid the issues, vacate the kitchen.
Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist

1) Avoidance
They never actually discuss issues head-on or provide constructive input, generally avoiding citation of references or credentials. Rather, they merely imply this, that, and the other. Virtually everything about their presentation implies their authority and expert knowledge in the matter without any further justification for credibility.
2) Selectivity
They tend to pick and choose opponents carefully, either applying the hit-and-run approach against mere commentators supportive of opponents, or focusing heavier attacks on key opponents who are known to directly address issues. Should a commentator become argumentative with any success, the focus will shift to include the commentator as well.
3) Coincidental
They tend to surface suddenly and somewhat coincidentally with a new controversial topic with no clear prior record of participation in general discussions in the particular public arena involved. They likewise tend to vanish once the topic is no longer of general concern. They were likely directed or elected to be there for a reason, and vanish with the reason.
4) Teamwork
They tend to operate in self-congratulatory and complementary packs or teams. Of course, this can happen naturally in any public forum, but there will likely be an ongoing pattern of frequent exchanges of this sort where professionals are involved. Sometimes one of the players will infiltrate the opponent camp to become a source for straw man or other tactics designed to dilute opponent presentation strength.
5) Anti-conspiratorial
They almost always have disdain for 'conspiracy theorists' and, usually, for those who in any way believe JFK was not killed by LHO. Ask yourself why, if they hold such disdain for conspiracy theorists, do they focus on defending a single topic discussed in a NG focusing on conspiracies? One might think they would either be trying to make fools of everyone on every topic, or simply ignore the group they hold in such disdain. Or, one might more rightly conclude they have an ulterior motive for their actions in going out of their way to focus as they do.
6) Artificial Emotions
An odd kind of 'artificial' emotionalism and an unusually thick skin -- an ability to persevere and persist even in the face of overwhelming criticism and unacceptance. This likely stems from intelligence community training that, no matter how condemning the evidence, deny everything, and never become emotionally involved or reactive. The net result for a disinfo artist is that emotions can seem artificial. Most people, if responding in anger, for instance, will express their animosity throughout their rebuttal.
But disinfo types usually have trouble maintaining the 'image' and are hot and cold with respect to pretended emotions and their usually more calm or unemotional communications style. It's just a job, and they often seem unable to 'act their role in character' as well in a communications medium as they might be able in a real face-to-face conversation/confrontation.
You might have outright rage and indignation one moment, ho-hum the next, and more anger later -- an emotional yo-yo. With respect to being thick-skinned, no amount of criticism will deter them from doing their job, and they will generally continue their old disinfo patterns without any adjustments to criticisms of how obvious it is that they play that game -- where a more rational individual who truly cares what others think might seek to improve their communications style, substance, and so forth, or simply give up.
7) Inconsistent
There is also a tendency to make mistakes which betray their true self/motives. This may stem from not really knowing their topic, or it may be somewhat 'freudian', so to speak, in that perhaps they really root for the side of truth deep within.
I have noted that often, they will simply cite contradictory information which neutralizes itself and the author. For instance, one such player claimed to be a Navy pilot, but blamed his poor communicating skills (spelling, grammar, incoherent style) on having only a grade-school education. I'm not aware of too many Navy pilots who don't have a college degree. Another claimed no knowledge of a particular topic/situation but later claimed first-hand knowledge of it.
8) Time Constant
There are three ways this can be seen to work, especially when the government or other empowered player is involved in a cover up operation:
  • ANY NG posting by a targeted proponent for truth can result in an IMMEDIATE response. The government and other empowered players can afford to pay people to sit there and watch for an opportunity to do some damage. SINCE DISINFO IN A NG ONLY WORKS IF THE READER SEES IT - FAST RESPONSE IS CALLED FOR, or the visitor may be swayed towards truth.

  • When dealing in more direct ways with a disinformationalist, such as email, DELAY IS CALLED FOR - there will usually be a minimum of a 48-72 hour delay. This allows a sit-down team discussion on response strategy for best effect, and even enough time to 'get permission' or instruction from a formal chain of command.

  • In the NG example 1) above, it will often ALSO be seen that bigger guns are drawn and fired after the same 48-72 hours delay - the team approach in play. This is especially true when the targeted truth seeker or their comments are considered more important with respect to potential to reveal truth. Thus, a serious truth sayer will be attacked twice for the same sin.
Remarkably, even media and law enforcement have NOT BEEN TRAINED to deal with these issues. For the most part, only the players themselves understand the rules of the game.

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Protect Children from Brain Injury - Act Before December 3rd

By Dr. Mercola

If you have been reading this newsletter for awhile you will know that it is very unusual for me to request anyone to contact their legislators, but if you live in the US, there are two issues that now need your urgent attention and involvement:
  1. The upcoming US FDA hearings before its Dental Products Panel on December 14 and 15, to determine whether to stop amalgam use for children and pregnant women, and
  2. The final vote on bill S.510, which takes place on Monday, November 29
I will review both of these issues below, and I urge you to take action on both by contacting your legislators. I've summarized the action items for each, to make this as quick and easy as possible.

Banning Mercury in Dentistry – A Battle We CAN Win!

If you or a loved one has suffered grievous harm from dental mercury, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says you don't exist! Because according to FDA's propaganda machine, dental mercury doesn't hurt anyone.
As America's chief protector of profits for "drill-fill-and-bill" dentistry, the FDA is no doubt hoping you'll stay silent when it holds its hearings on December 14 and 15, which is why I'm issuing this urgent action request.
 For the last year we have been working alongside Charlie G. Brown, who is the national counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice and the president of the new World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, to help eliminate the use of mercury in U.S. dentistry.
In the past year I have had several calls to action and to date your responses have been nothing short of extraordinary; you are clearly making a real difference!
 We ran an article in early September, calling for volunteers to get involved to organize a grassroots project, and the results were phenomenal. Some of you responded and took action, and as a result, Costa Mesa, CA has set the precedent by becoming the first city in the United States to pass a resolution to immediately ban the use of mercury amalgams in dentistry.
If you missed that latest update, please do take a moment to read this inspirational story.
 Thanks to your efforts at making your voices heard, on July 15, 2010 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also chose a mercury-free dentist by the name of Michael Fleming to be on the Dental Products Panel, which will be the group to reassess the safety of mercury fillings for high-risk groups by way of a hearing this December.
Now, your efforts are needed once again in the fight against mercury fillings.

Major Mercury Hearings Coming Up in December

Thanks to a massive response from grassroots America to the FDA's abysmal 2009 amalgam rule, the FDA has agreed to re-examine its pro-mercury fillings position and, this December, will convene hearings before its Dental Products Panel to determine whether to stop amalgam use for children and pregnant women.
Again, in a major victory, and largely thanks to your efforts at making your voices heard, the FDA chose a mercury-free dentist by the name of Michael Fleming to sit on this Panel.
But as we move toward the December hearing, we need your continuing letters and phone calls to the FDA and I'll give details shortly to help you do so.

The FDA Refuses to Protect Your Health – Tell Them You Won't Stand for It Any Longer!

Did you know that the FDA's Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, came to the FDA from the board of Henry Schein Inc., the nation's number one seller of amalgam?
In the rule issued right after Hamburg's arrival, the FDA spares no effort to pump up amalgam sales -- actually claiming that greater amalgam use equates to "positive public health outcomes!"
How convenient for Henry Schein Inc…
 As for the scientific backing for their claim, it simply does not exist. Mercury is a well-documented toxic hazard to human health, and it doesn't get any safer when placed in your mouth, where it releases toxic gases with every bite of food…
Instead of protecting you from a well-known, potent neurotoxin, the FDA gave the green light to the deceptive technique of marketing amalgam as "silver fillings," knowing full well that sales plummet when consumers learn that dental amalgams actually contain toxic mercury…

Urgent Action Steps to Ban Mercury from Dentistry in the US

Faced with unprecedented consumer-level pressure, the FDA has been forced to hold a new round of hearings on amalgam, scheduled for December 14 and 15, and to accept public comment on changing its rule.
For those seeking to protect children from brain injury related to mercury amalgam exposure, and for those who want to share how mercury harmed them, the time to act is now.
Here are three ways to make your voice heard at the FDA:
  1. Submit a comment online to FDA by December 3

    Tell them how you were deceived by the term "silver fillings" and subjected to mercury fillings without your knowledge, and/or the story of how you were injured by amalgam– all because the FDA puts corporate profits first.
    Submit your comments here (by December 3).
    Comments can involve telling the FDA about your injuries, your children's exposure to mercury, how your mercury fillings were implanted without your informed consent, how deceptive the FDA's dental amalgam website is, how mercury hurts our environment, or any other concerns relating to mercury fillings.
  2. Write the FDA official in charge of amalgam.

    Jeff Shuren, M.D. is the director of the FDA's Center for Devices. Contact him at:
    Dr. Jeffrey Shuren
    Ask Dr. Shuren:
    • Why does FDA approve of dentists telling parents amalgams are "silver fillings"?
    • Why does FDA ban mercury for treating the legs of race horses but say it's fine implanted in a human child?
    • Does FDA say increased amalgam use is a "positive health outcome" in order to pump up the sales for Henry Schein Inc., Commissioner Margaret Hamburg's company?

  3. Come to the FDA hearings in person.

    The hearings are December 14 and 15, 2010, 8am-6 pm, just outside of Washington DC at:
    The Holiday Inn-Gaithersburg, Main Ballroom
    2 Montgomery Village Ave.
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879
    If you want to testify, you must write by November 29 to let her know.

  1. If you want to come and watch -- and yes, we need a crowd there -- you may simply show up. If you have questions, write the consumer coordinator working for mercury-free dentistry, Freya Koss at
    The FDA will not be expecting a forceful turnout, especially from ordinary citizens, so we can surprise them with a show of force and dogged determination.

  1. We have made significant steps so far, and much of it is due to your continued efforts and support.
    Please continue to join in on this important cause to get this toxic element out of U.S. dentistry. We are making a difference and the momentum is strong -- together, we can WIN, and protect the health of Americans, including that of future generations, from this archaic and toxic dentistry practice.

Tell Your Senators to KEEP the Tester-Hagan amendment of Bill S.510

If you live in the US this is another urgent action you can take during this holiday weekend that will impact the quality of the food you are able to secure.
 Last week, the US Senate voted 74-25 to move to consideration of S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act – which will amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply.
 If you're unfamiliar with this bill, this LewRockwell article provides a nice summary, including "12 reasons why S. 510 could be absolutely disastrous for small food producers and for the U.S. economy."
According to Dr. Shiv Chopra (whom I've previously interviewed on the issue of food safety):
"If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.
It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one's choice.
It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God."
Judith McGeary with the provided me with the following update on this potentially devastating bill, along with an urgent action request.

Agribusiness has Shown Its True Colors!

After 30 hours of debate and behind-the-scenes negotiations, the US Senators released a final Manager's Amendment that includes a compromise version of the Tester-Hagan amendment. But even though an agreement was reached on the Tester-Hagan amendment last week, the issue is still not over.
 The final vote on the bill has been delayed until Monday, November 29, due to disagreements over amendments relating to the health care bill and a ban on earmarks.
In the meantime, Agribusiness has shown its true colors.
 For over a year, the big Agribusiness trade organizations have supported passage of S.510. From Agribusiness's perspective, the bill was a win-win: they could absorb the costs of the regulations because of their size; they'd gain good PR for supposedly improving food safety practices; and the competition created by small, local food producers, which are rapidly growing, would be crushed by the regulatory burdens.
This was only speculation until now.
 But when the Senators agreed to include the Tester-Hagan amendment in the bill, to exempt small-scale direct-marketing producers from some of the most burdensome provisions, 20 Agribusiness trade organizations fired off a letter stating that they would now oppose the bill!
The letter from the Agribusiness groups states:
"[B]y incorporating the Tester amendment in the bill, consumers will be left vulnerable to the gaping holes and uneven application of the law created by these exemptions.
In addition, it sets an unfortunate precedent for future action on food safety policy by Congress that science and risk based standards can be ignored. And most importantly, this amendment rejects the fundamental purpose of S. 510 that requires FDA to develop standards and set requirements that are based on science and risk."
What science and risk?
No one has produced any data or evidence of any widespread problems caused by local producers and marketed directly to consumers. All of the major foodborne illness outbreaks have been caused by products that went through the long supply chains of Agribusiness.
Agribusiness's real concern about the Tester-Hagan amendment isn't food safety, but the precedent set by having Congress recognize that small, direct-marketing producers are different, and should be regulated differently, from the large Agribusinesses.
Agribusiness is now trying to convince the Senators to pull the Tester-Hagan amendment back out.
 While the amendment is currently part of the "Managers' Package" – the amended version of the bill agreed to by six bipartisan sponsors – nothing is certain until the actual vote.
This Thanksgiving week, please take a moment to call or email your Senators to tell them to hold firm on KEEPING the Tester-Hagan amendment part of the bill!

Take Action NOW!

Your voice needs to be heard on this issue, and time is running out. The vote on this dangerous legislation takes place on Monday, November 29.
So take action now!
Here's how:
  • Call the Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121, and ask to be directly connected to your Senator's office. Tell your Senator to keep the Tester-Hagan amendment in the bill.
  • You can find additional contact information for your US Senator at

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The New Politics of Starvation and Weaponized Food

Food Freedom
By Michael Vail

Blacklisted News

“We may find in the long run that tinned (canned) food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.” –George Orwell
“If starvation is cheap and requires low levels of technology, why not always use it?” –Michelle Jurkovich (George Washington University)

Food and its production has been a principle concern since the beginning of time. Governments monitor the food supply very carefully for the sake of national security. The fluctuation in the price of core goods can make life very hard for everyone. The poorest people in Haiti resorted to eating mud cookies and in Ireland the government is handing out free cheese as their economy crumbles under the burden of debt. Give us our daily bread because a hungry citizenry can bring a nation to ruin.

“The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands — perhaps even millions — of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths.” –The Herald
“The anthrax cakes were tested on Gruinard Island, off Wester Ross, which was finally cleared of contamination in 1990. Operation VEGETARIAN was planned for the summer of 1944 but, in the event, it was abandoned as the Allies’ Normandy invasion progressed successfully.” –The Herald

It is not a secret that many nations and paramilitary groups have used food as a weapon. What could be more formidable? Hitler, Stalin, Herbert Hoover and many others have used this tactic. Researchers and university professors have written on the subject incessantly. They prattle on about the best ways to wipe out populations and the most cost-efficient way. Why waste bullets when you can bring a nation to its knees by starvation and disease?

“A basic weapon of the capitalists in their struggle for life as a social class will be the control of food. American – and to a degree British – capitalists will brandish this weapon over Europe, Asia and Africa. The famished and starved revolutionary masses, the capitalists hope, are to be brought to their knees by the weapon of food.” –The Imperial Strategy of Food

“They will also attempt to use food to secure from the governing regime of the USSR ever greater economic and political concessions aiming at the eventual restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union. The USSR is considered by the imperialists to be in the category of “unfinished business.” –The Imperial Strategy of Food

“At Home & Abroad. Both Stalin and Hitler use food to destroy internal opposition, reward accomplishment, punish failure, establish the class distinctions of their “new orders.” In Germany the “warrior caste” of the armed forces gets the fattest ration cards, skilled and essential workmen the next. 

Down at the bottom come prisoners, the insane, the Jews. Ration cards giving the owner right to more food are used to give workmen incentives to seek promotion, to increase their output. Supplies are suddenly cut down (regardless of the amount stored) to scare the population into believing the situation serious, or extra rations are suddenly granted to boost morale in a bad time. Food statistics are guarded like bomber planes. To the Nazis, food is “a beautiful instrument . . . for maneuvering and disciplining the masses.” –Food: A Weapon

Most people don’t even know who is responsible for their food supply. They don’t know the names of the companies who put food on their table. The steak was bought at Walmart and that is all that is needed to know. The supply chains and the global cartels who run them are never mentioned. Companies like Cargill, ConAgra, Tyson, Kraft, DuPont and Monsanto want to rob you of the ability to grow and/or sell you’re own food. Legislation like S.510 , the ‘food safety’ bill have been crafted by former Monsanto employees and lobbyists to ensure that you get your food from their sources and not from any local small farmers, friends and neighbors who may offer cheaper and better products. Resource monopolization is taking place at this very moment in time!

“Anyone for a hepatitis B banana nr some cholera Aalfalfa sprouts? Biotech corporations have expanded on their scientific experiments with our fund by creating edible vaccines and pharmaceutical crops, Over 400 genetically altered “functional foods” are in development by twenty biotech corporations from around the world. These scored generation biotech crops are the biotech industry’s hope for public acceptance of biotech foods by offering more consumer benefits, such as edible vaccinations and low cost medicinal drugs.” –Brave New Food: Biotech Vaccines in Our Corn and Greens

“Other food crops are being used to grow pharmaceutical drugs for diseases from diabetes to heart disease. Common genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops include corn, rice, wheat, and barley A French biotech corporation has contracted with a cooperative of 76 Iowa farmers to grow pharmaceutical corn. Several thousand acres will be needed to grow genetically engineered pharmaceutical corn for a drug to treat cystic fibrosis. Dow AgroSciences will also be genetically engineering corn to grow drugs for cancer, cardiovascular diseases its well as infections and autoimmune diseases.” –Brave New Food: Biotech Vaccines in Our Corn and Greens

Speaking of food as a weapon, consider the genetic experimentation on our food supply. Recently many biotech start up groups had been putting Cholera vaccines in rice and using Africans as lab rats. Who wants to eat a t-bone steak when the cow is cloned or genetically modified to give you your yearly vaccinations? I won’t delve into the details of this as others have done a great job in bringing this information to daylight.

“The world food market is still “seriously exposed” to speculators artificially driving up prices and worsening the risks of malnutrition, according to one of the world’s leading agricultural researchers.” –Food supply at risk from speculation, warns experts

“When food supply is at risk, speculators are attracted, especially when trade barriers are put in place,” he warned. Exchanges in India and China were closed down to prevent similar speculative attacks.” –Food supply at risk from speculation, warns experts

“Owing to the limitations of the ASEAN, East Asia and SAARC food security reserves, we recommend that a global food reserve be established. Unlike the three existing reserve schemes, which focused on the use of reserves exclusively for emergency responses and humanitarian assistance but failed to include price stabilization as one of its major objectives, the proposed global food reserve would have a two-pronged objective. First, to stabilize food prices, especially rice, in the world market by using the stockpile to defend a price band (i.e. lower and upper limits); and second, to provide immediate assistance to countries encountering calamities. When prices are falling, the low end of the price band would serve as a safety net for farmers in exporting countries. Conversely, the high end would protect consumers in food-deficit or importing countries from the adverse effects of high food prices in the world market.” –The United Nations Must Manage A Global Food Reserve

“Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require efficiency in production and changes in consumption patterns in order to emphasize optimization of resource use and minimization of waste. In many instances, this will require reorientation of existing production and consumption patterns that have developed in industrial societies and are in turn emulated in much of the world.” –Agenda 21

“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.” –Maurice Strong, Rio Earth Summit

Because of speculators and humanitarian needs the UN wants to create a global food reserve, this has a nasty Hegelian rationale to it. It is true that speculators are driving up the price of food and oil. This is merely a tool by the global elite to force us on ‘sustainable’ consumption patterns. It is hypocritical to tell us to change the way we live for the sake of Mother Gaia and at the same time witness resource wars and monopolies run by the same people.

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”– Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

Don’t forget that weaponized genetically engineered food and food without nutrients are both weapons for a silent war. We are all being judged as either useless eaters or useful idiots. Do you want to live as a cog in the wheel or a thorn in their side? I choose to live as I see fit and I will ensure my survival and you should as well.

Michael Vail is the Chief Editor of Blacklisted News.

TSA Gestapo Empire

Source Link

By Paul Craig Roberts

Nov 23, 2010
It doesn’t take a bureaucrat long to create an empire. John Pistole, the FBI agent who took over the Transportation Security Administration on July 1 told USA Today 16 days later that protecting trains and subways from terrorist attacks will be as high a priority for him as air travel.

It is difficult to imagine New Yorkers being porno-screened and sexually groped on crowed subway platforms or showing up an hour or two in advance for clearance for a 15 minute subway ride, but once bureaucrats get the bit in their teeth they take absurdity to its logical conclusion. Buses will be next, although it is even more difficult to imagine open air bus stops turned into security zones with screeners and gropers inspecting passengers before they board.

Will taxi passengers be next?  In those Muslim lands whose citizens the US government has been slaughtering for years, favorite weapons for retaliating against the Americans are car and truck bombs. How long before Pistole announces that the TSA Gestapo is setting up roadblocks on city streets, highways and interstates to check cars for bombs?

That 15 minute trip to the grocery store then becomes an all day affair.
Indeed, it has already begun. Last September agents from Homeland Security, TSA, and the US Department of Transportation, assisted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, conducted a counter-terrorism operation on busy Interstate 20 just west of Atlanta, Georgia. Designated VIPER (Visible Inter-mobile Prevention and Response), the operation required all trucks to stop to be screened for bombs. Federal agents used dogs, screening devices, and a large drive-through bomb detection machine. Imagine what the delays did to delivery schedules and truckers’ bottom lines.

There are also news reports of federal trucks equipped with backscatter X-ray devices that secretly scan cars and pedestrians.
With such expensive counter-terrorism activities, both in terms of the hard-pressed taxpayers’ money and civil liberties, one would think that bombs were going off all over America.  But, of course, they aren’t. There has not been a successful terrorist act since 9/11, and thousands of independent experts doubt the government’s explanation of that event.

Subsequent domestic terrorist events have turned out to be FBI sting operations in which FBI agents organize not-so-bright disaffected members of society and lead them into displaying interest in participating in a terrorist act.  Once the FBI agent, pretending to be a terrorist, succeeds in prompting all the right words to be said and captured on his hidden recorder, the “terrorists” are arrested and the “plot” exposed.

The very fact that the FBI has to orchestrate fake terrorism proves the absence of real terrorists.

If Americans were more thoughtful and less gullible, they might wonder why all the emphasis on transportation when there are so many soft targets.  Shopping centers, for example. If there were enough terrorists in America to justify the existence of Homeland Security, bombs would be going off round the clock in shopping malls in every state. The effect would be far more terrifying than blowing up an airliner.
Indeed, if terrorists want to attack air travelers, they never need to board an airplane.

All they need to do is to join the throngs of passengers waiting to go through the TSA scanners and set off their bombs. The TSA has conveniently assembled the targets.

The final proof that there are no terrorists is that not a single neoconservative or government official responsible for the Bush regime’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Obama regime’s slaughters of Pakistanis, Yemenis, and Somalians has been assassinated.  None of these Americans who are responsible for lies, deceptions, and invasions that have destroyed the lives of countless numbers of Muslims have any security protection. If Muslims were capable of pulling off 9/11, they are certainly capable of assassinating Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Condi Rice, Kristol, Bolton, Goldberg, and scores of others during the same hour of the same day.

I am not advocating that terrorists assassinate anyone. I am just making the point that if the US was as overrun with terrorists as empire-building bureaucrats pretend, we would definitely be experiencing dramatic terrorist acts. The argument is not believable that a government that was incapable of preventing 9/11 is so all-knowing that it can prevent assassination of unprotected neocons and shopping malls from being bombed.

If Al Qaeda was anything like the organization that the US government claims, it would not be focused on trivial targets such as passenger airliners. The organization, if it exists, would be focused on its real enemies. Try to imagine the propaganda value of terrorists wiping out the neoconservatives in one fell swoop, followed by an announcement that every member of the federal government down to the lowest GS, every member of the House and Senate, and every governor was next in line to be bumped off.

This would be real terrorism instead of the make-belief stuff associated with shoe bombs that don’t work, underwear bombs that independent experts say could not work, and bottled water and shampoo bombs that experts say cannot possibly be put together in airliner lavatories.

Think about it.  Would a terror organization capable of outwitting all 16 US intelligence agencies, all intelligence agencies of US allies including Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, air traffic control, the Pentagon, and airport security four times in one hour put its unrivaled prestige at risk with improbable shoe bombs, shampoo bombs, and underwear bombs?

After success in destroying the World Trade Center and blowing up part of the Pentagon, it is an extraordinary comedown to go after a mere airliner.  Would a person who gains fame by knocking out the world heavyweight boxing champion make himself a laughing stock by taking lunch money from school boys?

TSA is a far greater threat to Americans than are terrorists. Pistole has given the finger to US senators and representatives, state legislators, and the traveling public who have expressed their views that virtual strip searches and sexual molestation are too high a price to pay for “security.”  Indeed, the TSA with its Gestapo attitude and methods, is succeeding in making Americans more terrified of the TSA than they are of terrorists.

Make up your own mind.  What terrifies you the most.  Terrorists, who in all likelihood you will never encounter in your lifetime, or the TSA that you will encounter every time you fly and soon, according to Pistole, every time you take a train, a subway, or drive in a car or truck?

Before making up your mind, consider this report from on November 19: “TSA officials say that anyone refusing both the full body scanners and the enhanced pat down procedures will be taken into custody. Once there the detainees will not only be barred from flying, but will be held indefinitely as suspected terrorists . . . One sheriff’s office said they were already preparing to handle a large number of detainees and plan to treat them as terror suspects.” 

Who is cowing Americans into submission, terrorists or the TSA Gestapo?