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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Under Food Tyranny – E.Coli The New Terrorist Threat

Health Freedom Alliance

Is the world’s e.coli scare the Osama Bin Laden of food?

Europe’s e.coli outbreak was traced to multiple produce, then organic bean sprouts, then not, then settled adamantly on those organic bean sprouts. This will not make sense to informed health freedom supporters, as e.coli stems from unsanitary conditions such as factory farms and CAFOs* where animal waste can run off into nearby fields. But the bean sprout story is what the public is buying.

Whether the threat is manufactured or not, whether this deadly, resistant strain is lab engineered or real – the question is, what does it mean now?

Henry Kissinger who said “…control food and you control the people” mentioned another method of control. “If [people] were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.”
Like clockwork, U.S. Media sources sounded the alarm – e.coli will come here!

We must tighten down and quickly implement the Food Safety Modernization Act and ban the unpasteurized, the non-irradiated! The FDA needs more power, more money.

Healthy food, deemed the vessel for e.coli terrorism becomes a criminal accomplice that must be stopped (irradiated, banned). There is no question that the threat and proposed “solutions” will serve Big Ag and the the implementation of Codex Alimentarius guidelines.

CNN keeps showcasing an opinion piece called “The Other E. Coli Threat? Raw Milk” calling for its banishment. The writer calls raw food, particularly unpasteurized milk and juice “a very specific public safety risk” and that raw milk could cause a massive e. coli outbreak in the US (even though it mostly comes from drugged-up factory farm ground beef). That calling raw food and natural products healthy is a myth, and proponents are irresponsible.

David Gumpert (Raw Milk Revolution) was just waiting for that very shoe to drop in the wake of the world’s food borne illnesses. How bean sprouts across the globe can be tied to an unfounded threat of the unpasteurized here defies all logic, but the aggressive witch hunt will only continue.

Another article asks Does New Food Safety Law Prevent [E.Coli] In US? No, actually, how does a law prevent deadly infection? In its implementation? It continues to say that Obama called for spending $955 million on the FDA’s food safety program this fiscal year, but the FDA stated in a document (late May) that it wouldn’t be enough. “2012 is a crucial year for [FSMA] implementation. Lack of funding at this stage will stall essential foundation-laying efforts that are key to long-term success.”

NY Times asks “Could It Happen Here?” and also mentions the needed funding but that heartless congress actually wants to curb spending. It concludes, “Ensuring the safety of the food we eat is not a luxury. It’s an essential service.”

The dozens of deaths in Europe also serve to distract the public from noticing the thousands that die each year from FDA approved drugs, that 80% of antibiotics go to livestock, that antibiotic-resistant MRSA kills more annually than AIDS or that the majority of food-borne illness comes from non-organic USDA approved food. All of which will remain safe and unchanged during the coming FMSA scourge. Safety officials have done a lousy job protecting public health and had every chance in the world to do so – “but Look, Look everyone! E.Coli, over there! 

More power, more money!”

No, it’s worse than that. It’s not bumbling incompetence – it is direct intent. Our FDA has increased powers under the Food Modernization Safety Act which comes from Codex Alimentarius, created by the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization, which are agencies of the UN. All entities that claim to protect the public, feed the hungry, and help the sick. A drive-by knowledge of those agencies and guidelines does not paint a picture of safety, health, food choice or sovereignty.

It is too contradictory and unfathomable for the good-natured who might instead begin to ask, “Are we funding and empowering those who wish us harm?
How long will people stomach the fabricated reality?

Their solutions to the concocted threat – banishment, punishment, seizures, irradiation… To Be Continued…

*CAFOs – concentrated animal feeding operations
~Health Freedoms



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  2. This will be used to promote Codex Alimentarius. Whilst "control" and "profit" are the motivations behind Codex (the real motivation being purely about control), this is no hap-hazard development that is happening organically from various self-interest groups such as coorporations. The policy has already been written, and all these machinations are really just about its gradual implementation.


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