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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Message To the Environmental Movement


  1. Hey Salah ad'Din,...Nice Post. Many good points and well presented.


  2. Hi Saladin. A timely reminder of our ensuing enslavement by use of our own compassion and concerns for the world around us.

    The ‘green’ movement and their parties here in Europe have been the springboard for a whole range of politically correct projects. Similarly Greenpeace is now a corporate paid front organisation. The message as Corbett states – people are the problem. That leaves only one solution.

    The climate-gate scandal was nicely timed to crash the Copenhagen conference. It has since dropped off the propaganda press’s radar and only us bloggers have kept up with the continued unmasking of the IPCC and other fraudsters.

    A lot of paid shills’ jobs are on the line. We’re not out of the woods yet.

  3. Funny how none of these paid shills bothers to mention the single most devastating human act against the environment ever conceived of, that being WAR. Me turning on my swamp cooler when it's 95 degrees outside is a tragic abuse of the planet, but never ending bomb dropping, DU spreading and machines that gulp millions of gallons of fuel an hour is a problem at all for them it seems.