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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Coming American Nakba

Poetry for Palestine

“In a redemptive state the Jewish People will reassume their more natural role as the head, leading the world to a new age”

“The natural inclination of the Jewish People is to elevate themselves to the level of mind and leadership, which naturally uplifts the entire world”

“Israel is associated with the three upper sefirot of the intellect. Though the head must always be connected to, and at times, draw inspiration and guidance from the emotions, its main task and responsibility is to lead

Who Wags Who?
That is the Question!

When this obscene photo came to light, one of our Jewish supporters wrote to me to assert that these aggressive gangsters “must be Americans”and “not israelis”, never mind the caps they are wearing, never mind that the photo was taken in occupied Palestine and never mind that such hostility had become a trade mark for Jewish settlers in Palestine; our friends simply and desperately wanted to deflect away from the fact that these gangsters are primarily Jewish.
“Dear Nahida this religious writer thinks the newspaper photo caption, describing the people facing the camera as israelis, is wrong, and that they are actually US citizens”

These are the words I received from my friend… the fact that they are actually Jewish was completely omitted!I would imagine that consciously or subconsciously the aim of stressing that this group of youth with such aggressive looks and vile behaviour are USA citizens not “Israelis”, is to imply that such behaviour has nothing to do with their Jewish or “Israeli” identity, but much to do with their American identity.

The same observation becomes apparent whenever the topics of 9/11 or “war on terror” are discussed; some still insists that USA policies and wars in the Middle East is purely for the advantage and interest of America and that USA is actually using “Israel” to achieve its imperialistic goals in the region! Never mind the unwarranted amount of debt and economic distress which swathed it since then.

The best they can come up with to explain the irrevocable attachment is that both countries share mutual interests, which explains why America behaves in such perplexing and unexplainable manner when it comes to “Israel”.

Furthermore, when we discuss the Palestinian Nakba, and the extreme oppression of the Palestinians, people tend to think that it is a localized problem, contained in a far away land, and it has nothing to do with what is happening around them, in their own country, they assume that the main difficulty that faces Palestinians is the fact that USA is fully behind this entity, financially, militarily and morally, and that “Israel” will simply dwindle away if America is brought to its senses and stopped using “Israel” as its military arm in the region.

In fact, many still believe that “poor little Israel” and its “naive” Jewish population are victims of American imperialism, used and abused only to as a military base to advance its imperialistic agenda of expansionism and to further its capitalistic schemes.

It’s about time that US citizens and all those concerned with justice, open their eyes, wake up from their slumber and find out who really runs the USA, who authorizes its murderous policies, who manage their media, their education and their financial system.
Is it not a major cause of concern to realize that an excessively disproportional number of the “think tanks”, “financial manipulators“, “legislators”, “lobbyists“, “media players,“security chiefs”“, and “policy makers” are actually Israeli” citizens?
Is it not a major cause of alarm to learn that those influential people are dedicated and have intense connections with an occupation entity which has been engaged in methodical genocide and has been committing crimes against humanity for decades?

Is it not a major cause of panic and distress to discover their links to one of the most racist supremacist Jewish extremist group Chabad Lubavitch?

Is it not a major cause of dread
to observe those sinister players took part in the cover up of truth about 9/ 11 and they continue to take part in the ugly game of “pass the parcel” of control amongst their brethren?
Is it not a major cause of disgust to discover that Both House and Senate have passed a bill that acknowledges the Chabadist Seven Laws of Noah, as the “basis of civilization”. The Bill also praises the supremacist Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe, Menachem Schneerson, as a “universally respected” and revered leader and in “tribute to this great spiritual leader”, an “international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state”:
“Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A.‘. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Explaining this disturbing information and indigestible phenomenon away by the claim of a “superior Jewish intelligence”, a “finer Jewish aptitude” or a “diligent, high-achieving Jewish populace” is as racist as the Nazi claim of an “inferior Jewish intelligence” or “sluggish Jewish masses”.

Such nonsensical assumptions correspond with explaining the disproportionate number of black people in USA prisons with an intrinsic flaw of character and a natural leniency towards criminality within their populace!
Or are we supposed to believe that it’s all pure coincidence!?
What kind of coincidence is this?

How many gazillions of coincidences are we supposed to accept to explain away this disturbing reality before we notice that something fishy is going on?
And how much longer are we supposed to suppress our knowledge and hush hush this taboo subject, dancing around the elephant in the room while looking the other way, before we are allowed to give evidence, point the finger at the fetid core of the problem and name the real culprits?

It’s about time that US citizens open their eyes to the real criminals and to their insane ideology that motivates such power-crazed people who frantically pursue leadership and lust after control because they are lead to believe that they have been “chosen”, “a nation of priests” with “exceptional intelligence”, “superior morality”, “unique suffering” and “special mission” which warrant them to fulfil their “divine mission” to be “natural heads” who would “lead the world” to a “new age” as “light unto the nations”

If under-representation of minority groups reflects loathsome inequality, is it not troublesome and indeed worrisome when a small minority is disproportionately and excessively over-represented in the most sensitive and influential positions?

Is it not shocking to watch this ideologically-disturbed group pursue, implement and enforce its own interests ahead of and even against the interests of the majority, especially when these two interests are fundamentally conflicting?

Is it not scandalous to observe the largest and unprecedented transfer of wealth from poor to prosperous and the incalculable loss of property of the deprived only to be accumulated by the wealthiest?

Is it not outrageous to observe the disintegration of societies, the melting down of economy, the vaporizing of basic human-rights, the eradicating of individual and community elementary freedoms and the indescribable extermination of life, all under the smokescreen of “American Security” or “American Imperialism”, where neither has been achieved?

Is it not catastrophic to witness the ground preparation work of the coming American Nakba, which Palestinians have witnessed decades ago?
Don’t we, the people, have the right to ask and wonder, who? How? Where and why?I reiterate, I do not believe in conspiracies, on the other hand, I do not believe in coincidences either


  1. Billions of Pounds/Dollars/Marks/Rubles/Francs/Shekels are spent every year because there are no conspiracies.?

    MI5/CIA/Bundesnachrichtendienst/FSB/Sûreté/Mossad exist because they have nothing to do?

    “Conspiracy theory” is another one of those ritual epithets, like “antisemite,” intended to stop all thought process and inquiry.

  2. Read their own scriptures (Exodus, forget the chapter and verse) of why they were chosen and what they were chosen to do: the least of all peoples that I (God)may be glorified.

  3. If this is what glorifies God I think I will pass.

  4. "The natural inclination of the Jewish People is to elevate themselves to the level of mind and leadership, which naturally uplifts the entire world”

    What a perfect definition of narcissism.

    "Uplifts the entire world?"

    Yeah, like those Lebanese and Gazan homes, mosques and ambulances they 'uplifted' by dropping American made and supplied smart bombs being dropped by dumb people.

    The USA has been under those Noahide laws since the mid-1990's but that's never mentioned in the MSM, all we hear is that Muslims are wanting to inflict Sharia law on the USA.

    What I'm going to say makes me sad, but the USA is totally fucked as we have been taken over by a foreign power that is the most sick and twisted bunch of thugs on the planet.

    I'm not saying the entire Jewish race is a bunch of deviant, murderous psychopaths, but there's enough of them in key government and banking positions both here and in other nations to make life miserable for the entire planet.

    They used their 9/11 FALSE FLAG to give cover to the greatest theft in history thru their MBS and deriatives scams.

    There's not much left to steal in the USA, except for the gold fillings one might have in their mouth and don't be surprised if some Yid Goon Squad kicks down your door at 3 am and uses pliers to rip out the fillings.

    After 9/11, these gangsters placed a Torah Scroll in the Pentagon, but I bet you didn't see that in the MSM, did you?

    Can you imagine the hell that would be raised by their MSM lackey's if some Islamic organization wanted to place the Quran in the Pentagon?

    Goodnight America, just be content with sitting in front of the TV (Talmud Vision) brainwashing device, eating large bags of potato chips and washing those down with Diet Pepsi--gotta watch that weight--and breathlessly await the newest winner of 'Dancing with the Stars.'