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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The American Dental Association recommends poison for everyone!

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The American Dental Association (ADA) is not a health advocacy group, in fact it is just the opposite. They are actively (and knowingly) engaged in the promotion of toxic substances and harmful behaviors to the general public.
Toxicologist Dr. Paul Connett explains the truth about fluoride in his video Your Toxic Tap Water

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology demonstrates what happens in your mouth (if you have amalgam fillings) whenever you chew:

The ADA is fully aware of these facts. Over many years numerous dentists and toxicologists have brought this information to their attention. In fact a 2003 report from the Swedish government classified amalgam as “unsuitable for dental restorations”. In addition many injured patients have tried to sue the ADA for promoting these toxic substances. Unfortunately, due to legal loopholes and a corrupt legal system the ADA has managed keep their organization out of the courtroom completely and avoid being held responsible for their actions.

Their latest ploy to poison the public however is beyond despicable. Several years ago my dentist cautioned me about gum chewing. He told me it was the worst thing I could do to my dental work. Imagine my surprise when I read what is now on almost all chewing gum:  ” . . . the physical action of chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after eating, stimulates saliva flow, which helps to prevent cavities by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth”. And if you read the packages of regular gum, you will discover they are now putting Aspartame in all gum - not just “Sugar Free”. They have also added new brands with packaging colorfully designed to attract more children and unsuspecting adults.

After watching the Smoking Teeth video, you can easily comprehend what effect the ADA’s recommendation will have. If folks adhered to the ADA recommendation they would be actively releasing mercury from their fillings into their system for seven hours each week – above and beyond the act of eating. Add to that the toxic and addictive nature of Aspartame (see Sweet Poison) and the picture becomes even more grim.  The fact the ADA denies all of the real science presented to them has everything to do with their desire to avoid liability for the harm they have already caused. The fact the FDA has not put a stop to these poisonous practices is just more proof that the Food and Drug Administration DOES NOT FUNCTION for the benefit of the public!!!

However, there is a new development (announced just 5 days ago) in the ‘mercury-free dentistry’ movement. The US ‘government’ has agreed to a ‘phase out of amalgam’.  Perhaps the fact that the ‘government’ is attempting to move us all to mercury filled light bulbs (compact fluorescents) has impacted this decision. Those mining and selling mercury have a new mass market, so they can now let go of the old one. But, in reality there is no exposure to mercury that is safe (and that includes Thimerosal in vaccines). Mercury is toxic to the human body . . . and most other living things.

More info:  The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam 11 minute video clip:

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  1. Wow - I'm ready to start ripping teeth out........nah, 50+ years, the damage is already done!

    It might explain the mental and physical problems I've been experiencing!

  2. If I could afford it I would have all my fillings replaced. Unfortunately I can't. Luckily I seem to have all my mental faculties intact, for now. Maybe a healthy diet and avoidance of other contaminants helps? If you are concerned about mercury poisoning I suggest doing a hair analysis to check for heavy metals and then chelation to deal with any build-up, my husband did it, and it really worked.

  3. I have known that for quite sometime. It will cause depression also, then people can be treated with more aspartame medicines. I know someone who went to a dentist years ago and he filled their whole mouth with mercury where there were not even any cavities. The original dentist told this person that.

    Now of course is the cone beam xray which is just like the airport. They xray your entire skull.

  4. Before I moved to the country, I lived in mid-Missouri city that got its water from the Missouri River and that required using large amounts of chlorine to kill off the nasty stuff, like E.Coli.

    My dentist would give me hell, saying my gums bleeding was due to me not brushing and flossing enough, and I couldn't convince him otherwise.

    Six months after moving to the Ozarks and getting my drinking water from a deep well, my gums stopped bleeding and my fingernails grew so tough I now have to cut them with a toe clipper.


  5. I think not Greg. I also drink well water supplied by a Sierra Nevada aquifer, I feel better all around and don't have any of the gum and tooth problems I had when drinking fluoridated water.