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Friday, April 22, 2011

“Oh What a Lovely War on Humanity We’re Serving Up!… Pass the Bollinger Whilst I Get the Servants to Throw the Leftovers to the Peasants”


The Sovereign Independent

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent -

At a recent event, the Hungarian government held a lavish dinner for European Ministers with responsibility for Demography and Family policy; that’s the study of Human Population and Family Policy to you and me.

I don’t know about you but it sounds like the combination of human population with family policy would hint at a correlation between the two which apparently needs EU intervention to control the size of the family. I wonder if they’ll decide that it should be left up to the individuals concerned, namely potential mothers and fathers or will they, the EU Ministers, those faceless bureaucrats you’ll never meet or have the opportunity to voice your concerns to will decide on the optimum number of offspring you may be deemed fit to bring into the world which these same pigs, with their snouts in the European Trough, will lead you to believe is overcrowded with masses of unwashed and ever so disagreeable poor folks?

They will also lead us to believe that the world resources are finite and should be kept, I will presume, for those fine people who’ll make sure their snouts are kept eternally well stuffed with the finer things in life for as long as they’ll do the bidding of those whose policies they’ll implement in their respective jurisdictions at the behest of the same powerful elite whose sole aim is to depopulate the planet to a more ‘controllable’ level so that the peasants are no longer able to rise up ‘en masse’ to bring their whole stinking, corrupt, eugenical system to its rightful end.

However, it appears that these so called ‘Ministers’ don’t have to wait until they end their terms in office to sample the decadence of fine food and wine to keep the saliva glands in their snouts perpetually dripping with anticipation of fine dinners accompanied by the finest wines.

You can salivate over the meals these parasites enjoy by looking at the menu for their latest extravagance in the Hungarian capital, Budapest while you tuck into your regular, barely affordable, processed junk food.

You see folks, there no question of unsustainability when it comes to these guys. Oh no, nothing but the best for them whilst they preach ‘austerity’ for us all with more promised as their Ministerial colleagues in finance, attending similar lavish functions, decide on what levels of poverty they wish to plunge you into next as the canapé tray is passed around again.

These are the same megalomaniacs who’ll tell us, through Ministerial ‘Climate Change’ gospels that meat and thus farming is unsustainable.

Apparently we all have to go vegetarian to ‘save the planet’ whilst they stuff their swelling gullets with speciality ham, goose liver consommé and racks of lamb, all of which I’m sure are organically supplied at huge expense, not to them, but to us, the mugs that pay for all of it.

And let’s not forget the entertainment supplied by an ‘ensemble’ we’re informed, again paid by the gullible taxpayer who can’t see the bigger picture of decadent debauchery these hypocritical leeches partake in on a daily basis whilst we suffer the consequences of their illegitimate actions. I wonder if that includes their after dinner entertainment too? You know the kind I mean so no need to elaborate on that.

After reading through the contents of the menu, which is only one of many which these political puppets have laid in front of them throughout their tenure, you should be outraged because whilst you’re barely scratching a living and having to bargain hunt around your local Tesco to feed your family, you’re paying for all of their disgustingly unsustainable lifestyles.

This is exactly as things were in the old style Soviet Union. What we see happening on a daily basis in the Super-state that is the EuSSR is simply an upgraded and more debauched version of that corrupt system.

Enjoy your pie and mash folks because if these criminals have their way you might only be allowed the mash in future. But I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. You won’t be allowed to have a family either so you’ll have less mouths to feed I guess!


  1. I'm so glad you are hear.
    Is there a place yet?
    I think a million or so on July 4th would be most fitting. You may say I'm a dreamer... Either way I'm enjoying your place in the world. If there's anything I can do- just ask.

  2. So according to YU, Earth's resources are infinite? There will always be oil and gas, and enough space to grow food on for 6.6 billion people and enough clean water for all of us and enough electricity to go around?
    And all those 6.6 billion people who will soon be 6.7 and 6.8 billion and all those people will want food, water, electricity a place to live on and you can prove it all for them? And all those 6.6 billion people will consume and shit and piss and make a mountain of garbage and we will have place to put all that garbage in?

    As to your jab at the Soviet Union and Stalin:
    Stalin saved the USSR from the Nazis. There is still enough people to remember that little fact. USSR had no homeless people, the education and the medical was ALL free.
    Yes we need to drastically alter our behavior or stop making so many kids.
    Japan needed affordable electricity, now they are paying the price. Soon the whole humanity will be too.

  3. poor petkov, swallowed the whole pitcher of kool-aid. In answer to your questions, yes to all, but only if the self-appointed elite are eliminated. Yes Stalin, the big hero, did his part to slaughter 100 million people, you know, the ones who didn't agree with his idea of paradise? Saved the USSR from the Nazis? Thanks for laugh, I needed it.

  4. less government - more people power - our tax dollars for their extravagant decadent lifestyles F**K OFF - bring back Byzantine era laws

    Stalin was a Rothschild puppet responsible for the murder of 60-100 million Christian Russians

    communism is a great tool for the zionist elites to rape, pillage and slaughter, as is facsism

    zionism is a cancer upon humanity