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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look What They Can Do

A Big Hat Tip to my friend A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough


  1. It certainly is a very powerful illusion Saladin. It may be worthwhile to remember this one as sometimes seeing isn’t always believing (grin).

  2. I thought it a good time to post this again with all the UFO's checking out Jerusalem lately! I'm just glad I remembered where I found it.

  3. Your filing system is obviously superior to mine Saladin. My thinking on the various UFO flaps also.

  4. haha, thanks for the link Sal. pretty amazing stuff. my favorite was the little horse running along the eaves.

    there's no question they could use this technology and hologram technology to do something really convincing. i can see it now, all the people just ready to kill over it.

  5. You are very welcome, I don't know what made that pop into my head but I was thinking about those Jerusalem UFO's and how easy it would be to fake something like that, and what better place to pull a hoax of this magnitude than Israel? It's brilliant really. That would have the whole world's attention, talk about a distraction! Then I remembered that video. I blogged it at WRH and have posted it all over Facebook as well. I think you stumbled upon something amazing, it's high time it got out there. I will post it to Myspace and send a few emails out too.

  6. Very interesting post !!

    I couldn't help but think this was 'more than' a pretty amazing light show ... note that t-here are 11 sets of column, at 5 windows high (55 total). The symbol at the top is flanked by 4 petals aside = 8 in total + the thing in the middle = 9. So, 9 at the top supported by 11 = 9-11 ... Windows (= a light filter = letting the 'light' in, or, not), there are 55 (= a double whammy on OUR five senses ?) w-in-do-ws, 55 = 5 X 11, or a 5-11 <> 11-5 = "Gunpowder Plot"

    So, ... a meteor strike, then a flood, then a golden ribbon coursing through-out/with-in (its path is probably very telling/coded ?) ... only a few of the synchronistic images. One more, 'behold a pale horse' (from the left side = left brain = materialism)

    A deeper perspective of my th-in-king can be found here:

    ... i hope this helps ? -)

    Peace Love Light TRUTH
    (- ;
    ; -)

  7. Thank you for your input GrebBear, very insightful.