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Friday, February 4, 2011

I’ll Never Learn to Love My Servitude Mr. Huxley! Slavery is NOT an Option!

Sovereign Independent

By Neil Foster, 4th February 2011
It’s been said that there’s always been slavery and in many forms.
It is also said that those slaves who think they are free make the best slaves of all as they are unaware that they are actually slaves.

In roman times slaves knew their place and any misdemeanour, regardless of degree could be punishable by death.

In later times, the peasants were kept in abject poverty through the removal of food as a tax on their labour whereby they were left with a minimal amount of food for themselves and their families to barely survive.

The same applied to the Irish in what became known in falsified history as the ‘Irish Potato Famine’ when in fact, the British removed the vast majority of all food, especially meat for their troops fighting abroad. This left the Irish with nothing but the staple potato to survive on but as often happens with potatoes, even to this day, they are subject to blight which destroys the crop. This was the real reason why so many of the Irish died of starvation or emigrated across the world.

This would of course be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ today but the ‘famine’ fable still persists to this day.
In Stalin’s Soviet Union, a similar genocide was carried out in Ukraine whereby virtually all of the grain grown there was exported to countries such as Britain and the US leaving the deaths from starvation of millions of Ukrainians as the Western world benefited from cheap grain prices.

In modern times are things really so different?
Modern society dictates that we work for a wage determined, to the extent that there is a minimum wage, by government. Recently the government in the UK has said that those on the minimum wage will soon be subject to taxation whilst the Irish government has reduced the minimum wage by €1 which is basically a tax deduction disguised as a ‘wage’ cut.

Everyone pays tax in one form or another but the income tax is the basic tool of enslavement for anyone working. Whilst VAT is the largest contributor to the tax take this is not widely known.

The reason we need VAT is the simple fact that not one Euro , Pound or US Dollar for that matter goes towards the benefits we all expect such as hospitals, infrastructure, police and such like.

No, every ounce of income tax goes to the corrupt private banks which your corrupt governments have borrowed from for decades. Every Euro, Pound and Dollar in existence today was borrowed at one time or another from PRIVATE banks.

So, that being the FACT, how do you suppose they get their money back? If you’ve been paying attention you should have come to the simple conclusion that they get it back through your income tax; and guess what? You’d be absolutely correct.

This is why you will always be a slave. Your masters will always be the private bankers who lend money to your government which they simply print up out of paper and ink, stick a number on it and call it, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 Euros etc.

What a great deal that is eh!

Get a roll of paper worth virtually nothing, stick some ink on it and you’ve instantly got banknotes worth millions, billions or trillions.

Who gave these people the right to have such control over the currency of any country and what level of intellect does it take to come to the conclusion that this isn’t such a good idea? Well, quite frankly, it obviously has nothing to do with intellect as it’s such a ludicrous concept whereby you give control of your whole economy, as well as the control of your citizen’s standard of living, over to PRIVATE interests who care nothing of either and only have their own vested interests to concern them. And let’s make no mistake here, this is complete control!

At the end of the day, all PRIVATE organizations, including banks such as the Bank of England, the European Central Bank (and all Central banks), the Federal Reserve etc. are in the business of making money, not only literally, but in the form of PROFIT.

So it stands to reason that if you borrow from these banksters, they’re going to come looking for their loot back.
So thinking logically, if every banknote has been borrowed in the past from these banksters and each has already got interest attached, then how can you possibly pay off what has come to be called the ‘sovereign debt’? You can tax the people as much as you want through their pay packets but even if you took every banknote and coin out of circulation tomorrow, you would still owe the interest on that currency.

Therefore, how do you pay the interest if there is no more fiat (fake) money in the system?

Well, despite myself and many others of my generation being told repeatedly that you should never borrow to get out of debt, this is exactly what governments continue to do further compounding the problem of national debts, with all the compounding effects of interest payments making the debt impossible to pay off.

The banksters therefore come looking for assets instead of ‘hard cash’ which of course they don’t need because they can print it anytime they choose.
So what does your government do in this situation?

I think we’ve all been aware of the sell-off of state assets, such as road and rail infrastructure as well as the privatisation of what were once state utilities such as electricity, gas, water and more recently the telecommunications network. We’re all familiar with toll roads I’m sure.

Did you have any say in this? Did you get a vote or a referendum on whether to sell your immense oil and gas reserves, in the case of Ireland, to Royal Dutch Shell for virtually nothing? This deal was done through the corrupt actions of Ray Burke who was in the Irish government at the time. He was actually imprisoned as a scapegoat to cover up the wider corruption endemic in Irish politics which continues to this day. However, even although this was a corrupt deal giving away massive amounts of wealth, which could make Ireland one of, if not the richest nation on earth per capita, to a private organisation, that deal still stands to this day.

This is how the banksters further consolidate their control over society through buying up what were once state run concerns which in many cases were subsidised to ensure that costs for basic requirements such as water, electricity etc. were kept at reasonable levels to keep them affordable for the ordinary working person and the poorer citizens in any society.

This however is not the case when these institutions are sold for far less than their actual worth to the corporations which are also owned by the international banking cartel. Prices rise alarmingly and nothing seems to work properly anymore regardless of any supposed advances in technology or service standards.

There is also very little you can do when things go wrong. There is no complaints department or control through government of these newly privatised industries. The government has simply sold your property, paid for through your taxation in years gone by, to their friends in the business world for under the counter payments and cushy jobs when they finally leave governmental office although this also applies to so called ‘opposition’ parties who can vote on such legislation to allow the sale of national assets to corrupt, criminal corporation. A vote in the right direction for these parasites can be very lucrative indeed.

Next time you see a so called ‘independent’ member of your parliament voting in a way that you feel is absurd, either in agreeing to the sale of assets or legislation, just remember that these individuals will never walk the corridors of real power so they have to get their slice of the loot and they’ll stick their snouts in the trough of corruption to get it if need be.

So getting back to slavery; the days of taking 60% of your livestock or food crops have gone. However, taxation through your labour amounts to the same thing.
If you cannot keep the fruits of your labour and it is forcibly taken from your by the government, to pay the fraudulent ‘debt’ to private bankers with no recourse to complaint or control over what your money is spent on then you are a de facto slave.

When money is taken from you to pay corrupt banks and other financial institutions that is called extortion. Punishment or the threat of punishment through enforcement is used as a tool to force you to pay this money against your will through the mechanisms set up by the same corrupt governments, under instruction from the banksters, who borrowed the money against your best interests in the first place and which you had no say in whatsoever.

Austerity measures are now the way to go we’re being told.
Why has this happened? Well, it’s simple. The banks are no longer circulating the money which was previously in existence thereby shrinking the money supply.

Therefore there is less money in circulation to be spent, whether in shops, on infrastructure or more importantly wages. If there is less money being spent, it stands to reason that wages must come down to balance that equation. That’s why we have seen the minimum wage being cut in Ireland and the imposition of tax on the minimum wage in the UK. It’s also the reason why the public service wage bill has been slashed and pay cuts introduced.

Quite simply, if there’s less money to go round then you can’t pay people the same amounts as in previous times when there was more money in circulation because that money no longer exists. This is also the reason for longer dole queues.

However, we shouldn’t think that this is a bad thing for everyone. It certainly isn’t bad news for those very same bankers who will be supplying the money, in the form of loans to your corrupt governments to pay for benefits for the unemployed.
Recent bank ‘bailouts’ have also been used to further enslave populations as billions have been borrowed from the PRIVATE central banks across the world, by your government, and GIVEN to the proxy banks of the central banks which they are hoarding or using to buy up tangible assets as previously mentioned.

In effect we are all working for the private banks through their lackeys in government. We are working for the state to facilitate the control of our lives by private interests whose sole aim is to control every aspect of our lives.
Amschel Nathan Rothschild put it quite plainly when he stated that if he was given the control of a nation’s money supply then he had no concern over what laws were in place to protect the people because in effect if he controlled the money supply to the government, through the Bank of England in his case which his family own a large part of as well as the ‘City of London’, a SEPARATE state within Britain, then he obviously made the laws to benefit himself, his family and his elitist friends.

Aldous Huxley, in an infamous interview he gave in Berkley, California, stated quite clearly that people would come to ‘love their servitude’.
Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, we don’t have to raise our own livestock or grow our own crops, although personally that would be far superior to the poisoned muck we’re sold by the multinational corporations.

If we did I’m sure our governments would revert to ancient methods of taxation and demand a percentage of up to 60% or 70% which was standard in days gone by under totalitarian regimes although Stalin finally took 100%.
However, the analogy can be made that ever increasing taxation, through the wages for our labour, will inevitably lead us wondering if we can afford that sirloin steak, lamb chop, rasher of bacon or loaf of bread.

Slavery takes many forms and there is none more insidious in the modern world than the manipulation of the monetary system by the international bankster elite.
Well, I for one wasn’t born a slave and will never come to love any system which attempts to enslave anyone.


  1. There are a lot of good lessons here. Good post!

  2. Thanks Timster, glad you enjoyed it. I would also like to say a cheerful "fuck you" to Mr. "you will learn to love your slavery" Huxley!

  3. My two newest grandchildren popped into the world owing about $670,000 in debt slavery each. Of course, by the time they start making payments the compounded interest owed will be more than their inherited share of our nation's "wealth."

    I was perusing the California comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) for 2009 and noted that according to the bean counters the bear state had a net worth of about $34 billion in 2008 and that its value had plummeted to less than $10 billion in 2009.

    There must be a mistake, I thought. Surely one state park is worth $10 billion and how many parks do we own, anyway? How much is the great state of California really worth? Gadzillions, I'd think. Maybe more than Ireland, I'm not sure.

    The politicians promised too much and we believed them. Here we are, bankrupt.

    Either we plunge over the cliff with the psychopaths or we come to our senses and stop allowing cheaters to prosper. "They" control us because they control the money.

    It's all quite unfair, of course. Fairness gets a bum shake if there's a contract in writing. No matter the deal was coerced or bribed -- a deal's a deal unless they say so.

    It took an Act of Congress to steal away the people's right to their own credit. If money is debt then it also must be credit for the two are the Yin and Yang of a monetary note.

    And there's the base theft -- 1913. A lot happened in 1913, look it up. The dollar has lost about one penny of worth per year over the last 98 years. Was the whole scam timed to the Apocalypse of December 23rd, 2012? Maybe.

    Anyway, the gig is up. What next? I think we should all focus on the idea of sovereign money -- the fact the sovereign (the people) can determine for themselves how money should work.

    Currently, very few people truly benefit from the usurious Western financial system. The bankers direct everything and their lackeys profit enormously from a system where money can make money with no risk save slave rebellion.

    As for myself, I encourage study of Mathematically Perfected Economy(TM).

    I hope Americans can now clearly see the problem with guaranteeing money they have no control over -- private profit and public debt.

  4. Yeah, I was once a golden boy like you
    And I was summoned to the halls of power in the heavenly court
    And I dined with the deities who looked upon me with favor
    For my talents; my creativity
    We sat beneath the palms in the warm afternoon
    And drank the wine with Fitzgerald and Huxley

    The Garden of Allah
    Don Henley

    Too true. Ahhh but the youthful exuberance to long for just a taste of such freedom.

    To wake and say, "The central bank is dead. I have a home, a job, there is peace, and life is good."

  5. To all those in America, there is a non-violent trick to shake these multigenerational gangsters to their very core. If we all participate, we can ruin their days, weeks, months, years and lives. To all wage slaves who work for a company, I suggest you modify your tax witholding status on your IRS W-4 Form by stating that you are exempt from all income deductions. As such, your employer will not take taxes from your paycheck and the BEAST is starved for funds. One lone american carrying out this action is an easy target. One million Americans is an act of war against the monsters who have destroyed our economy, started all wars and who have tortured our brothers and sisters overseas. Are the people of Egypt braver than US?

  6. Jarim, that is an idea I floated months ago. I think it's brilliant, it's legal and peaceful. No better way to stop this juggernaut than to dry up the funding. That would bring this beast to a screeching halt instantly.I love how the truth brings out the good people with intelligent and helpful commentary. Thanks to all of you.

  7. Sorry Saladin – I’m late to the party as usual. What a great post.

    I second your thoughts on Mr Huxley. It must also be said that he was right about the majority. Eating processed frankenfoods, guzzling aspartamine or fluoride laced drinks and watching the idiot box (Harlan Ellison’s ‘glass teat’) every spare minute or their days.

    That’s why our every effort to alert the rest is so important. Thanks for this and all your hard work.

  8. On the mention of Ukraine and the grain and the famine...
    In Anthony Summers great bio of Nixon (The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon) he releates that Congressman Nixon got his big early political push from American distillers. They didn't want to help aliviate post WWII famine (due to grain shortage) and they enlisted Nixon to help stop legislation that would have set aside US crops for foreign relief efforts.

    It all stinks!