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Friday, February 25, 2011

Doctors In Training Taught To Physically Violate Unconscious Patients

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(NaturalNews) Warning: Explicit language. We apologize for the extremely explicit nature of this story, but we feel that publishing this truth, no matter how repulsive, is in the public interest and serves the greater purpose of informing patients about what can happen to them while under sedation at hospitals. Do NOT read this article if you are easily offended, grossed out or otherwise disturbed by explicit language in a medical context. The information contained in this report is NOT appropriate for children. It is, however, true. This is not a hoax.

Now for the story:

If you're undergoing surgery at the hospital, you might want to have a secret nanny cam nearby to record what goes on, because it turns out that unconscious patients are being physically violated by medical students as part of their "medical training."

In a shocking report first published by Madison (, anesthetized patients in Australia were, without their knowledge or consent, repeatedly subjected to genital, anal and breast examinations by medical students.

In one case, a man who was under anesthesia for spinal surgery was subjected to "a queue of medical students" performing practice rectal examinations. One of the medical students who participated in this outrageous act later confessed, "I was [there], the patient was under a spinal [anesthetic] as well and there was a screen up and they just had a queue of medical students doing a rectal examination. He wasn't consented but because... you’re in that situation, you don’t have the confidence to say 'no' you just do it."

Details of this outrageous abuse of patient privacy will soon be published in the journal Medical Education (

The entire student body was in my rectum?

You really have to wonder what this poor patient thought when he woke up from surgery with a sore rectum that had been sodomized by a group of medical students while he was unconscious.

He may have awoken, realized something was terribly wrong, and thought to himself, in all seriousness, "Did I just get violated by my surgeon?"

The answer, of course, is YES! In fact, he got violated by a whole queue of medical students practicing to become doctors. Because there's no better way to train would-be doctors how to dehumanize and exploit patients in the future than to set medical examples of the physical violation of innocent patients today. It sets the proper tone in the minds of medical students for pushing vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and other dangerous medical procedures that harm hundreds of millions of people each year around the world.

I suppose their thinking goes something like this: If a medical student is willing to sodomize an unconscious patient just because his instructor tells him to, there's probably nothing he won't do to people in the future as long as he is instructed by proper "authorities" (medical journals, drug companies, government officials, etc.).

The things doctors do when pressured by their peers

It also carries the powerful hidden message that patients exist to be exploited by you, the doctor, in whatever way you wish, without their knowledge or consent. Note, too, that when faced by peer pressure, most medical students just go along with whatever they're ordered to do, regardless of whether it violates a person's rights, or medical ethics, or even federal law. As documented in this particular study, 82 percent of medical students essentially sodomized an unconscious patient after being instructed to do so by their medical instructor.

(By the way, if you've read this far, please remember that I included the EXPLICIT warning at the top of this article for a reason. Again, I apologize for the explicit nature of this article and I wish such events were not even taking place in our world.)

Some medical students held their ground and said NO

The study mentioned here documented the behavior of 200 medical students in Britain and Australia. Not all the students went along with the anal violation of unconscious patients, by the way. In one case, a student refused to participate in what he described as a woman "spread-eagled on the bed and the nurse is pulling down her jeans at the same time and it was all very complicated and you could see her, she was about seventeen."

Apparently, modern-day medical instructors think that stripping down a 17-year-old girl, naked and spread eagle, while parading a "train" of medical students to perform who-knows-what medical examinations on her is totally okay!

But hey, if they don't make it through medical school, they can always get a job working for the TSA, where probing someone's genitals without their consent is part of the official job description.

Training doctors to treat human beings like animals

What does all this tell you about the ethics of modern medicine? These doctors are the same people who tell you to vaccinate your children; to treat your cancer with chemotherapy; to take statin drugs and to staple your stomach in order to lose weight.

These are the monsters of our medical system -- the ethically deficient and criminally-minded medical molesters who commit heinous acts of what can only be called medical violence against teenage girls and unconscious men and women who are under their "care."

When you go in to get elective surgery for a serious medical problem such as colon cancer, you don't expect to have your rectum paraded on display as a teaching aid for a group of students who each get to finger your rectum before they cut it out. Seriously, this is what one of the medical students actually said about this:

"If you're having your anus cut out then having someone’s finger put in it anyway, I just thought was an irrelevance basically so I have no qualms what[so]ever about not having specifically consented her to allow me to do a rectal examination."

This is what really goes on behind closed doors, under the surgical blankets and behind the screens, where innocent patients are sodomized, victimized and violated by their health care providers. And this isn't just one isolated case, either... it's how medical students are being TRAINED as part of their medical education!

This isn't a rogue pervert physician, in other words: It's an institutionalized psychopathic power trip that hints at the way conventional medicine is carried out right now, all across the world. It reminds me of the Milgram experiments where students were very easily trained to apply deadly levels of electroshock jolts to innocent victims merely because they were ordered to do so by an instructor (

Those experiments proved that 70 percent of people will torture other human beings if encouraged to do so by someone in an apparent position of authority.

So if you ever undergo surgery, and you wake up with a throbbing rectum or obvious physical abuse of other body parts, it's probably not just in your head: You may have been victimized by medical students or physicians who think there's absolutely nothing wrong with exploiting your body for their own purposes while you're unconscious.

Your disease is their treatment experiment. Your suffering is their amusement. Your rectum is their training aid. You are there essentially to be treated like an unconscious rag doll by medical staff and medical students who have lost any and all sense of the meaning behind the term "health care."

These are despicable people, and the fact that they are tomorrow's doctors helps explain why health care is such an utter failure on every level: Physical, ethical and spiritual.

Now for the good news

The good news in all this, if there can be any found, is that an increasing number of younger medical students are actually embracing complementary medicine. They are increasingly questioning the old, outmoded mythologies behind pharmaceuticals, vaccines and chemotherapy, and they're learning the importance of using holistic healing methods to support patients rather than poison them.

Not all conventional doctors are psychopaths, in other words. There are good doctors among the bad ones, and there are even conventional doctors who actually have ethics and would never even think of violating patients in such a way. Some doctors even manage to make it through medical school without losing their moral compass, if you can believe that, and we should respect those who do.

Many doctors deserve tremendous credit for their miraculous work in emergency rooms, saving lives and treating acute injuries with remarkable skill and efficiency. Conventional medicine has an important (limited) role to play in society, and there are times when rectal exams are, of course, medically necessary. But when conducted, they should be done with consent unless special circumstances exist such as an unconscious gunshot victim needing acute emergency care that requires immediate action on the part of doctors and surgeons.

There's more good news in all this: The era of Big Pharma medicine is crumbling. The mythology behind vaccines is being increasingly exposed as quackery and fraud. The insanity of harmful mammograms and unnecessary surgical procedures is also being increasingly reported. Times are changing, and conventional medicine is resorting to outright desperation to keep itself in business at a time when most people are heading in the direction of holistic medicine based on patient compassion and understanding.

I bet you won't see naturopathic physicians (N.D.s) violating their patients. NDs, homeopaths, herbalists and massage therapists are usually compassionate, caring individuals who respect their patients as real human beings. They honor your boundaries and they practice the healing arts with a genuine sense of ethics that's too often lacking in the world of conventional medicine.

Remember: You have power in all this. When faced with any kind of health or medical situation, you always have a choice of where to spend your dollars. I encourage you to avoid choosing conventional doctors and their superbug-infested hospitals. Wherever possible, choose naturopathic health care offered by compassionate and sensitive health professionals who treat you like a valued human being and respect your boundaries.

And if you're forced to go into a conventional hospital for one reason or another, duct tape your butt cheeks together just to be sure no one goes in there. Put a sticker on the tape that reads, "Warranty void if seal broken," and point out to your surgeon that your rectum is off limits to him, his staff and his students. Make him sign a piece of paper that says, "I will not violate my patients." They make you sign a pile of paperwork, after all. Have a few documents of your own for them to sign for a change. That paperwork might include valuable tidbits such as, "The foot to amputate is on the LEFT. The foot to leave alone is on the RIGHT. The entire anal-rectal area is entirely off limits and don't play with my breasts while I'm unconscious."

This is really happening

I wish I were making up this story. I wish it were fiction, but sadly it's reality. After writing about health and medicine for nearly 8 years, there's nothing I've seen that surprises me anymore. To hear that medical students are being trained as a group to sodomize unconscious patients isn't actually the worst thing I've heard about conventional medicine.

They do far worse things to children with psychiatric drugs, and to cancer patients via chemotherapy poisons. The widespread vaccination of children with utterly horrifying chemical ingredients that are injected into their bodies is yet another true story of the harm routinely caused by conventional medicine.

The good news, of course, is that I believe this era of medical violence against children and adults -- which I call the Dark Ages of medicine -- is crumbling by the day. The tide is rapidly shifting, and there will be a day in the near future when Big Pharma CEOs spend their days in prison, when ass-raping surgeons are convicted of their crimes, and when vaccines are rejected by the vast majority of people who come to realize the truth about how harmful they really are.

Things really are going to get better in the years ahead. And I hope to be part of bringing you that good news here on

Again, I apologize for the explicit language in this article, but I hope you agree that the seriousness of the facts warrant publication. If we refuse to talk about what's really happening behind closed doors in our hospitals and clinics, then we fail to prevent it from happening to other victims in the future.

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  1. That is such a powerful article Saladin. Unfortunately it is not a new phenomenon.

    The AMA was set up in 1847 and was formally incorporated in 1897 in Illinois. They immediately campaigned to replace the previous medical systems and practice with the practice of allopathy. They used the influence of the Carnegie Foundation to gain control of the medical schools.

    The Rockefeller foundation then took over and cemented a relationship to control the development and use of pharmaceutical treatments and the suppression of all other alternatives.

    I’m currently reading an old book by Michael Crichton called ‘Travels’. He did a medical degree back in the late 60’s and early 70’s before rejecting medicine and following a career in writing. He documents even then a brutalising and dehumanising of the medical students from day one. Patients are not perceived as people but are simply ‘test subjects’.

    The more I learn about the whole thing the more aware I am that many of these ‘heroes’ are nothing more than drug pushing, butchering robots with a god complex. That any of the trainees retain a semblance of humanity is almost miraculous.

    Despite the best efforts of some genuine doctors I hope the trend away from the corporate profit and tyranny of the current control mechanisms continues. More and more are seeing through the perceptions that have been created for them.