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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Alternative Market Project: A Sneak Preview

Oath Keepers

By Brandon Smith (aka Giordano Bruno)

Neithercorp Press – 2/10/2011

If you want something done right, you might well have to do it yourself. We’ve heard the old adage before, but rarely do we ever seem to apply it to our economic environment. Instead, we have seen fit to allow “smarter” men to take the reigns, and take control, of our financial well being, all on misplaced faith in the supposed good intentions of government and corporate bodies. This cultural attitude of non-involvement in the economic decision making process has cost millions of Americans their jobs and now threatens the stability of our currency, our nation, not to mention our very future. Many of us have become entirely dependent on only a handful of men for our own livelihoods. It is time to take greater stock in ourselves, our ingenuity, and our ability to create and adapt. It is time to take responsibility for our own commerce, and breathe life back into local communities once again. It is time for an alternative…

The greatest threat to the U.S. economy today is forced globalization and the fiat central banking system. Many organizations are working to expose, audit, and even shut down the private Federal Reserve, which is responsible in large part for facilitating the mortgage and derivatives crisis as well as the continued devaluation of our dollar. This is a vital effort that requires the utmost support from all facets of the Liberty Movement. However, there is another matter that needs to be addressed in tandem with any endeavor to remove our destructive central banking system…

Much of the damage that can be inflicted on our economy has already been dealt. As neithercorp and many other websites devoted to honest financial analysis have shown time and again, our fiscal structure is teetering on the brink of oblivion, our so called “recovery” is a façade fed by skewed statistics and rivers of fiat money dumped into banks and stocks, and our purchasing power is being crushed by a deliberate campaign to slow-kill the greenback. Only now are greater signs of this disaster being revealed to the masses as real unemployment remains essentially static and prices of base goods skyrocket. Even with a successful initiative launched against the Federal Reserve, we would still be left with a faulty, crumbling, debt based architecture. We can pull the iceberg from our shattered ship, but the ship is still going to sink.

The key to our survival is not only to go after the culprits who have carpet bombed us, but to also build a better system to shield us from any financial shrapnel that might be hurled our way.

Ironically, the solution to this seemingly complex series of economic dominoes is one which we were supposed to be following from the very beginning. The alternative we seek against extreme centralization of markets is to develop truly free markets! That is to say, if we wish to fight back against the globalist feudalism thrust upon us, we must decentralize markets and rebuild local commerce and trade.

Centralization works by removing all options but those the establishment deems acceptable. To counter centralization, we must offer Americans a new option that supplies those necessities which the corrupt system denies them; including meaningful community, sound money, honest trade, independence, and privacy. With this philosophy in mind, neithercorp will be working with Oath Keepers, as well as other interested groups, to focus our energies on building new and flexible free markets from the ground up.
Here are the steps we will take to make this happen…

Launch A Dedicated Website: This step is already nearly finished and the launch will be announced shortly. The new website will be focused completely on promoting self generating barter and trade systems across the country. Our goal is not to control or to dictate to alternative markets. In fact, our goal is to make certain that no one organization or entity EVER centralizes these community based networks. Our single purpose is to help as best we can each community to grow to its full potential. Website functions will include…

- A social networking option (like Facebook, but useful). Barter networks will be able to set up local and state chapters, meet like minded people in order to expand, and advertise their own trading events. Small business owners can set up profiles, gain free advertising, and increase their customer base while providing liberty minded consumers with a place besides Wal-Mart to shop. (Note: by setting up a profile on the alternative market website, small business owners would be inferring that they are likely to accept gold, silver, or barter as payment).

- Informative articles and videos by experts in their field. We will seek out the best teachers in the movement to contribute articles and essays meant to show you how you can set up and maintain a successful trade network. At launching, we will have articles by Stewart Rhodes, Cassandra Anderson, myself, and a new interview with G. Edward Griffin. We will also be putting out the call to anyone who feels they have exceptional knowledge in a particular skill or trade to contribute their own instructional articles or videos on the subject. The most concise submissions will be published on the website and the experts may be invited to participate in alternative market workshops and conventions, to share their knowledge in a hands-on environment.

- News collation. We will dig out those mainstream news items that fly under the radar (or are deliberately buried), so that you stay up to date on all the economic developments that the MSM tries so desperately to hide.

Promote The American Skill Set: Our next step will be to greatly strengthen the skill sets of the average American. This means teachers from every state and city will be needed to share their knowledge or “free market trade” with others, giving each person at least one or two skills useful in a barter economy or a poor economic environment. Candle making, textiles, alternative energy, efficient gardening, gun repair, electronics repair, home security, and numerous other trades should be taught and cross-taught.

Strengthen Farmers Co-ops: Food production is vital, especially in an inflationary environment. Farms that seek independence away from the Monsanto dominated GMO model must be supported and protected. We will work with interested farmers groups who are willing to participate in a gold, silver, and barter based system. They provide free market participants with healthy fresh foods, and we provide them with an extensive new customer base. If methods are applied properly, everyone wins.

Nurture Integrity In Trade: The current standard of sales and trade in America is to “scam” others out of money. To “hustle” ones way to wealth. If one cannot produce a quality product, then one must lie about its quality in order to sell it. We hope to reverse this trend and promote a philosophy of quality, which in the long run will nurture legitimate trust and support a much healthier and more vibrant economy. The most successful barter groups will be those that have established trust in one another. Pre-existing organizations like church groups, farmer’s market groups, etc, will start out strong in the initial stages of their new barter economy, because they already know each other well.

Bring Back Gold And Silver As Currency: This has already begun in some areas. Gold and silver represent the only viable currency alternative to fiat paper. While they should not be the only option available (fiat will probably have to be included as a trading option until the dollar fully disintegrates), they should be brought back to prominence in the face of the declining dollar and inflation. This begins by encouraging small business and independent traders to use gold and silver as a standard preferable to dollars. Alternative market businesses could offer discounts on goods to those who wish to pay in gold and silver, or, even give their employees the option of being compensated in gold and silver. As barter markets grow, many businesses will likely adopt precious metals trade, whether they are aware of the alternative market movement or not, in order to remain competitive.

Support State Sovereignty And 10th Amendment Issues: The Alternative Market Project will wholeheartedly support any legislators who show an aptitude for free market ideas and who are aware of the dangers of globalism. This includes mobilizing trade networks to vote for strong anti-Federal Reserve, pro-States Rights candidates. We will strengthen public support for any state legislation that works towards sound money and freer citizens. We will also encourage participants to run for office themselves. As Alternative Market groups progress, our voting potential could be quite formidable at the local level, which is where all changes to government really begin.

Workshops And Conventions: As more revenues are accrued through donations, dynamic workshops will be held in every state. The goal here is to give barter network participants hands on experience in various skill sets as well as new ideas to further trade proficiency. But also, most importantly, to get people away from their computers, out of their homes, and interacting with each other in a constructive way. The internet is a fantastic communications tool, but not a very effective community building tool. Eventually, we must step outside in the sunlight, and start talking to one another face-to-face.

Obstacles Down The Road
There will be, of course, many obstacles to consider if the Alternative Market Project sees success, especially in the “mainstream”.
Globalist legislation will be enacted. Already, attacks have been made on private trade, including the recent food safety bill which could be interpreted by officials as a restriction on personal garden and small farm commerce, attacks on garage sales, attacks on gold and silver coining, and even attacks on the Amish! There will come a point when we will have to ask ourselves whether certain laws are ‘just’. Whether they are helpful, or harmful, to Americans. If they are not just, and not helpful, then they should be ignored. It’s as simple as that.

Co-option is another threat. With the proliferation of any grassroots movement, establishment proponents will seek to beat back the tide. When this fails, they will seek to take it over. The easiest way to discern if a movement is being co-opted is to examine where the control is being delegated. If decision making is left in the hands of individuals, and the leadership seeks to teach, not dominate, then the movement is probably sound. If decision making is being centralized into the hands of a few “members” of the movement, if their voice drowns out all others, and the leadership seeks the power to dictate and micro-manage the movement, then this is a sure sign of co-option. Funding from globalist sources like corporations or particular foundations is another warning signal.

How could this possibly happen in a barter economy? I have already seen organizations sprouting up in Europe, some funded by foundations like the World Wildlife Fund (globalist funded), which seek to enact barter economies based on “digital credits”. This is a perfect example of a centralization campaign, because it desires to force all trade through a middle-man who commands the flow of wealth (in this case, digital fiat). The middle-man is entirely unnecessary in any barter transaction, his only purpose is to monitor and control the rate and types of transactions taking place. I guarantee, globalist run barter networks similar to the European model I described will be railroaded into the mainstream in response to alternative market initiatives. The drive will be to use their vast resources and media clout to give the illusion of “respectability”, and to seduce Americans into yet another centralized system.

Another threat is that of pigeonholing. By labeling Alternative Market participants as “extremists”, “homegrown terrorists”, “kooks”, and any other multitude of false associations, the establishment will strive to discredit barter networks, silence their dissent, and dissuade new people from joining the movement. Examples might even be made. Arrests of regular people merely for private trade may occur in order to chill participation. These measures should be expected and treated in the way they should be treated; as distractions.

The consequences of NOT pursuing solid, decentralized trade are far more terrifying than anything our disingenuous bureaucracy can dish out. Not having a replacement system ready in the wake of a severe collapse would create mass panic. When people have nowhere to turn for safety, they allow fear to take over. When men are afraid, they WILL accept all kinds of atrocities, and they WILL hand over their freedoms to anyone who promises them relief.
To those who subscribe to the “virtue of selfishness” ideal, and believe that they only need take care of themselves while the rest of the world burns, all I can say is good luck. Without honorable systems in place to counter globalization, I’m not really sure what these people plan to live for. Weathering the storm only to be subject to the whims of tyrants afterwards is not true survival.

In Summary…
What has been presented here is not a new methodology. Independent trade networks have been used as a form of revolution and to offset the implosions of faulty financial systems for centuries. This means that they are tried and true. During the Great Depression, over 200 complex barter networks with 300,000 members were instituted in the state of California alone. In times of distress, people inevitably turn back to barter. The problem is that most often these networks are established after the fact, instead of before a calamity takes place. 

We seek to remedy this error. By constructing alternative markets before an event, we preempt the terror it creates, and make government interventions like Martial Law completely inapplicable. Without a frightened public, DHS does not have a reasonable excuse to activate Northcom (they may well do so anyway, but in that situation, their true intentions would be fully exposed, especially to military men and women who would only follow such orders if they thought the American people were in actual danger).

Preemption in barter markets also allows Americans to make a choice. By offering a better choice, we take participation away from the central banking system, and thus, we take away their power to influence our lives. Only good can come from cultivating independent commerce.

This has been a sneak peek into a project we have been developing for many months; one which we feel could be of great assistance to the Liberty Movement as a whole. Further details will be made available in the next two weeks including the official launch of the project website. I would like to thank Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers for persuading me to undertake this venture myself. I had always planned for more prominent figures in the movement to grab the idea and run with it, but this, in a sense, would be deferring certain responsibilities, which would make me a bit of a hypocrite. I can say that though I am not the most recognizable name or face in the movement, I am relentlessly and viciously stubborn, and absolutely nothing will deter me from making this project a reality. I would also like to thank the Liberty Movement itself, for changing my life and so many other lives for the better. I hope I can one day repay the favor…

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You can contact Giordano Bruno at:
If you would like to contribute to the Alternative Market Project, visit our donate page here:


  1. Some very good "get out of the system" ideas here...thanks! However, another thing that must be done in order for this to work (for instance, combating "the authorities" who WILL try to shut down farmer's and barter markets under S-510) is to get americans thinking like individuals again instead of the collectivist group think we have been brainwashed to have...

  2. Thanks for the link, I emailed her this post. We have to start somewhere and I believe if enough participate in this plan it can work, we have to try.

  3. SALADIN ~
    I am quite impressed. Not just by your awareness of the problems we are facing and the economic cause of them, but also by your desire to act - to resist and act.

    It's such a rare event when I encounter another individual who understands the issues and what is at stake. You have obviously done plenty of research. Like mine, I'll bet your TV doesn't see a lot of action, but lots of pages get turned.

    I think the greatest obstacle you will face is general apathy on the part of the American public. Of course, if you manage to overcome the apathy and generate some real interest, then of course, the greatest obstacle will be opposition from The Establishment. But you already understand that, I know, and I am not stating anything surprising.

    I look forward to reading future posts on this topic and whatever else you might address in the future.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Another great post Saladin. If your post on Mr Huxley provides the motivation to break the matrix than this article can help in showing just how to do it.

    Over here in CCTV land I have found local farm shops where fresh food can be obtained directly and hence cutting out the big retailers. I have also started using the freecycle website to freely exchange serviceable goods of all sorts with local communities rather than just dumping them. That’s available in the US also.

    Cutting the banks out of their parasitic, middleman status is the next level and barter is a revolutionary way of doing it. No funds for the banks and how can they tax that one.

  5. I try and buy all the vegetables at the flea market I can. There may not be many this year with the Mexican vegetable freeze however. One of the best ideas concerning starting somewhere is start a vegetable garden of your own. Non-hybrid seeds may end up in short supply.

  6. Thank you Stephen and it's true, I have been banging my head against the virtual wall for almost 7 years and this idea is the first concrete plan I've ever come across. I know that apathy will be the greatest impediment but I'm hoping when things get bad enough, and I don't think we are anywhere close to the worst, people will be forced out of sheer necessity to make the required changes if they want any kind if future for themselves and their children. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and I have always been a strong advocate for peaceful non-compliance, I'm convinced it's the only way.
    chuckyman, you are absolutely correct. I think this solution revolution will start in the rural areas and expand from there. When TSHTF we who live far from distribution centers, I live 150 miles from the nearest major city, that being Carson City NV, we will be the first to be cut off from food and fuel deliveries and will have to get creative in a hurry! The banksters have brought this on themselves with their hubris and refusal to consider the history of this brutish and greedy behavior. They are vastly outnumbered and, here in the states anyway, outgunned as well. If they make peaceful transition impossible, well, so be it.

  7. SALADIN ~
    >>.....I have been banging my head against the virtual wall for almost 7 years and this idea is the first concrete plan I've ever come across.

    I understand. I've been blogging here for about 3 years. Prior to that I was trying to get the word out via reviews (until I proved myself too politically incorrect for that site and got banned). And before that, I was doing much the same in the Chat Forums of a musician's website.

    All of my efforts I now regard as mostly a monumental waste of time and the source of continued frustration, to the point that closing up shop on my blogs is a goal that is weeks, not months, away.

    I have met a few folks who I believe will remain friends for years to come, so it hasn't been a TOTAL waste of time and I don't really regret it. But I'm pretty well worn out and rather tired of writing at this point.

    >>.....I don't think we are anywhere close to the worst,...

    I fully agree with you! In fact, I am firmly convinced that for a long time, the ultimate aim has been to wreck the system in order that a "New World" system can be introduced. We are to be pushed over the cliff but they can't afford to let it look like we were pushed. We must be led to believe that it was all due to "mismanagement" in Washington and unforeseen factors resulting in undesirable outcomes.

    But the system hasn't been completely wrecked yet, and so I agree that we aren't anywhere close to the worst... for now.

    >>.....I live 150 miles from the nearest major city, that being Carson City NV,

    Hey, cool!

    I have wanted for decades to live in the Reno/Carson City area. And I would already be living there now if it wasn't for the bottom falling out of the housing market here in Phoenix.

    I had my house on the market for 8 months and dropped the price 3 times, yet only two couples even stepped inside to take a look at it.

    I wanna get to Nevada, but I'm currently stuck in Airheadzona.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. If Americans only had a fraction of the integrity and courage of the brave Egyptians, we might be able to take back our nation from the thieves, liars, traitors, mass murderers and corrupters.

    Want to see the economy make a miraculous recovery?

    Indict, arrest, try and find guilty a couple of those 'Too Big to Jail' Wall Street bank CEO's on charges so fraud, collusion and racketeering.

    Find them guilty and hand out mandatory 10 year sentences in some 'Super-Max' prison and then watch the economy jump back to life.

  9. Decentralization will be essential.
    Reform the system while setting up independent markets. I promote the idea of a 1% Federal Property Tax for all properties worth over a million dollars. This money gets put into a fund as silver bullion and is loaned out to people in foreclosure for 10% to get the parasites out of their life so many people can own their homes much sooner instead of banks owning half of this country

  10. Try not to despair Stephen, you haven't been wasting your time. To give up is to maintain silence and you know what the good Mr. Burke says about that, (see my blog motto above.) In the past 6+ years I have met hundreds of fantastic people of all religious and political stripes from all around the world. I was amazed at how much we all had in common, and that is the key, to try to get people to focus on what they have in common rather than endlessly nit picking over differences that have been, for the most part, artificially made mountains from mole hills. Solutions are what we need and I not giving up until I am dead! I have grandchildren to think about and I want them to have a bright, healthy and happy future not subject to the life destroying whims of these criminal banksters and their cronies.
    I actually live in Bishop CA, the Sierra Nevada is my back yard, far away from the city. We love it here though we aren't fond of CA politics, so far we haven't been much put out. We pretty much live our lives the way we want. Maybe you could consider renting out your house so you can get out? We have friends in Tucson, I don't know how they stand living there. Anyway, don't give up, the good guys can't afford to lose anyone from their ranks!
    dublinmick, I agree, I am a long time gardener, I try to grow enough to can and freeze as much as possible as well as buy from our farmers market what I can't grow. I also plan on having chickens this year so that will be very helpful. We have a very strong 4H club and FFA group, those kids produce a significant amount of food locally so we support that as much as possible. learning to be food independent is very important.
    Greg, you are right of course, and we must take steps to make sure these Zionazi banksters are never able to darken our doorstep again.

  11. That is a key point do not remain silent about what you see around you. It doesn't matter if people look at you funny or think you are crazy, the universal mind knows what is going on and it listens to you. Be true to yourselves. Make sure you can look in the mirror in the morning no matter what happens and say hey I told the truth. I had a father who to me was a giant among these midgets on this planet who used to say always tell the truth no matter what. Sometimes he didn't know the truth, hell he thought professional wrestling was real. But he was one of a kind and I am not sure he realized that telling the truth will get you killed these days. It wasn't so bad back then.

  12. SALADIN ~
    >>.....I actually live in Bishop CA, the Sierra Nevada is my back yard, far away from the city.

    Oh, Bishop! Very cool!

    I'm really a Californian - born and raised in L.A. and I've been through Bishop countless times! Always on my way to Virginia City, Lake Tahoe, Reno. I love all that area around the Sierra Nevada.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'