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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Purpose of the State is to Turn You Into a Machine

Strike The Root

By Bob Wallace

A few months before I turned 12, I read H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. I was never the same. Since at that age I was very susceptible to science-fiction, the novel had a profound effect on my 11-year-old sensibilities (you should have seen what Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Fighting Man of Mars did to me – I read it at least 20 times within two years).
It wasn’t until college that I was taught about one of the main themes in the novel – the Machine State versus the Natural State. The Morlocks represented the Machine State and the Eloi the Natural State. You can see the same theme in “Star Wars,” where Darth Vader (who is half machine) and the Storm Troopers (who are identical interchangeable cogs) represent the Machine State and the Ewoks represent the Natural State.
The Machine State is supposed to represent evil and got its start during the Industrial Revolution, mostly because of the horrid conditions imposed on factory workers in England by law by the owners (the government even took the workers’ land from them in the Clearances, to force them into the cities to work in the factories). The ghastly conditions in these places are why William Blake referred to them as “dark Satanic mills.”
There is nothing inherently wrong with machines. They’re amoral, neither good nor bad, and can be used for both. All they do is amplify our natural abilities, which is why there exists Cooper’s Law: “All machines are amplifiers.”
However, since machines can be used for horrendous evil – depleted uranium, cluster bombs – writers often concentrate on the bad instead of the good. These days, writers have gone beyond seeing the use of machines as bad things and are now concentrating on people being turned into machines, i.e., Darth Vader and the Borg.
It wasn’t until that particular English class in college that I was also taught the Wells portrayed the Morlocks as what the English working classes would evolve into, and the Eloi, what the English upper classes would turn into. In other words, what the poor and the rich would evolve into.
If you apply some free market political and economic theory to Wells’ contention, you’ll find the Morlocks and the Eloi are what happens to those who use what Albert Jay Nock in Our Enemy the State called the Political Means of force and fraud instead of the Economic Means of persuasion and political and economic liberty.
The Political Means are what produces the Morlocks and the Eloi. Or, to use some of the terms of the more Machiavellian of political scientists, the Masses and the Elites. Or, to use some older definitions, the Sheep and the Wolves. Only now, you might call them, paraphrasing James Burnham, the Machines and the Managers.
The evolution Wells wrote about will never happen, but I certainly understand his point, and like all good artists he was, as Ezra Pound wrote, an antenna of the human race. He looked at what he saw in his time and extrapolated into the future. For that matter, if you want to understand the future, look to the past. The farther you can see into the past, the farther you can see into the future.
History is in fact the same old tired story over and over – the Machine keeps growing and growing, just like the Borg, until it takes over everything. Why? “Why do you resist us?” complains the Borg Queen. “We only want to improve the quality of your lives.”
As both Aesop and Jesus noticed, all tyrants call themselves benefactors.
Since Wells’ time, the idea of the Machine State has evolved. The most famous archetype of the Machine State is Darth Vader. Later it was the Borg from “Star Trek.” Vader was a fun villain at first (the first time I saw “Star Wars,” everyone hissed at him) but the Borg were never fun. And they were far more frightening than Vader or anything else in “Star Wars.”
In all the cases above, what we’re dealing with is the idea of the State trying to turn everyone into a machine. It’s not as outlandish as it sounds.
“G.I.” means “government issue” and soldiers are expendable cogs. The military tries to turn them into – what else? – “killing machines.” They even use drugs to achieve this goal. The perfect soldier would be what the Greeks called Myrmidons – ant-soldiers.
Soldiers aren’t even supposed to be conscious. Smedley Butler, author of War Is a Racket, said that when he was a Marine, he never had a thought in his head. 
And, not surprisingly, the members of the Borg (all of whom were kidnapped) have little self-consciousness – it’s why they make such good warrior-ants.
Parenthetically, in the movie “Starship Troopers,” I couldn’t figure out whose side I was on. The Bugs represented a very regimented Machine State, but then, so did the humans with their “soft fascism” (some of the people in the theater were yelling, “Kill Doogie Howser!”). It was the same as wondering if you should support the Nazis or Communists in World War II.
Leftists of whatever kind see the public merely as checkers to be moved around as they see fit. The public isn’t exactly human to them, and if you’re not human then you can certainly be considered a machine.
And isn’t the purpose of public schools to turn graduates into working and consuming machines? John Taylor Gatto has documented that extensively in his book, The Underground History of American Education.
Under political and economic liberty, people fall into their natural roles. Under the heel of the State, they are things, cogs in a machine, and are expendable. This is why in the 20th Century up to 200 million people died in State-created wars.
One of the things leftism is dedicated to – indeed one of its main characteristics – is to make people exactly equal.  Of course, if people are exactly equal – an impossibility – then they are as interchangeable as parts in a machine.
The human race has only two alternatives: the State, or liberty. The Political Means or the Economic Means. Force and fraud or persuasion. Checkers or people.
As Alfred North Whitehead wrote in his book, Adventures of Ideas, about the difference between persuasion and force: "The creation of the world -- said Plato -- is the victory of persuasion over force . . . . Civilization is the maintenance of social order, by its own inherent persuasiveness as embodying the nobler alternative. The recourse to force, however unavoidable, is a disclosure of the failure of civilization, either in the general society or in a remnant of individuals . . . .
"Now the intercourse between individuals and between social groups takes one of these two forms: force or persuasion. Commerce is the great example of intercourse by way of persuasion. War, slavery, and governmental compulsion exemplify the reign of force."
As things stand now in the United States, one percent of the people own 40% of the wealth. This did not happen through the free market. It happened by that one percent using the power of the State to appropriate the wealth of the other 99 percent.
You might consider that one percent to be the Eloi and the other 99 percent to be the Morlocks. At least that’s the way things are headed. If the Elites (I use that term neutrally) had their way, the Masses would be working ten to twelve hours a day and be living in North Korean cinderblock apartments and living on oatmeal and potatoes.
In Wells’ novel, the Morlocks turned the tables and used the Eloi as food, just as hundreds of thousands of years before the English upper classes had used the power of the State to feed off of the working classes.
Poetic justice, you might say.
States never last. They self-destruct. As I write this, local and state governments are going bankrupt. No wonder, either.
When things start to collapse, I expect to see some revenge from the proto-Morlocks against their oppressors. Wells certainly predicted that.
Revenge against oppressors is, after all, a natural thing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Capitalism Is Anarchy

What you thought you knew about capitalism and anarchy is probably wrong.


Fun with Military Math

Friday, February 25, 2011

Doctors In Training Taught To Physically Violate Unconscious Patients

Natural News

(NaturalNews) Warning: Explicit language. We apologize for the extremely explicit nature of this story, but we feel that publishing this truth, no matter how repulsive, is in the public interest and serves the greater purpose of informing patients about what can happen to them while under sedation at hospitals. Do NOT read this article if you are easily offended, grossed out or otherwise disturbed by explicit language in a medical context. The information contained in this report is NOT appropriate for children. It is, however, true. This is not a hoax.

Now for the story:

If you're undergoing surgery at the hospital, you might want to have a secret nanny cam nearby to record what goes on, because it turns out that unconscious patients are being physically violated by medical students as part of their "medical training."

In a shocking report first published by Madison (, anesthetized patients in Australia were, without their knowledge or consent, repeatedly subjected to genital, anal and breast examinations by medical students.

In one case, a man who was under anesthesia for spinal surgery was subjected to "a queue of medical students" performing practice rectal examinations. One of the medical students who participated in this outrageous act later confessed, "I was [there], the patient was under a spinal [anesthetic] as well and there was a screen up and they just had a queue of medical students doing a rectal examination. He wasn't consented but because... you’re in that situation, you don’t have the confidence to say 'no' you just do it."

Details of this outrageous abuse of patient privacy will soon be published in the journal Medical Education (

The entire student body was in my rectum?

You really have to wonder what this poor patient thought when he woke up from surgery with a sore rectum that had been sodomized by a group of medical students while he was unconscious.

He may have awoken, realized something was terribly wrong, and thought to himself, in all seriousness, "Did I just get violated by my surgeon?"

The answer, of course, is YES! In fact, he got violated by a whole queue of medical students practicing to become doctors. Because there's no better way to train would-be doctors how to dehumanize and exploit patients in the future than to set medical examples of the physical violation of innocent patients today. It sets the proper tone in the minds of medical students for pushing vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and other dangerous medical procedures that harm hundreds of millions of people each year around the world.

I suppose their thinking goes something like this: If a medical student is willing to sodomize an unconscious patient just because his instructor tells him to, there's probably nothing he won't do to people in the future as long as he is instructed by proper "authorities" (medical journals, drug companies, government officials, etc.).

The things doctors do when pressured by their peers

It also carries the powerful hidden message that patients exist to be exploited by you, the doctor, in whatever way you wish, without their knowledge or consent. Note, too, that when faced by peer pressure, most medical students just go along with whatever they're ordered to do, regardless of whether it violates a person's rights, or medical ethics, or even federal law. As documented in this particular study, 82 percent of medical students essentially sodomized an unconscious patient after being instructed to do so by their medical instructor.

(By the way, if you've read this far, please remember that I included the EXPLICIT warning at the top of this article for a reason. Again, I apologize for the explicit nature of this article and I wish such events were not even taking place in our world.)

Some medical students held their ground and said NO

The study mentioned here documented the behavior of 200 medical students in Britain and Australia. Not all the students went along with the anal violation of unconscious patients, by the way. In one case, a student refused to participate in what he described as a woman "spread-eagled on the bed and the nurse is pulling down her jeans at the same time and it was all very complicated and you could see her, she was about seventeen."

Apparently, modern-day medical instructors think that stripping down a 17-year-old girl, naked and spread eagle, while parading a "train" of medical students to perform who-knows-what medical examinations on her is totally okay!

But hey, if they don't make it through medical school, they can always get a job working for the TSA, where probing someone's genitals without their consent is part of the official job description.

Training doctors to treat human beings like animals

What does all this tell you about the ethics of modern medicine? These doctors are the same people who tell you to vaccinate your children; to treat your cancer with chemotherapy; to take statin drugs and to staple your stomach in order to lose weight.

These are the monsters of our medical system -- the ethically deficient and criminally-minded medical molesters who commit heinous acts of what can only be called medical violence against teenage girls and unconscious men and women who are under their "care."

When you go in to get elective surgery for a serious medical problem such as colon cancer, you don't expect to have your rectum paraded on display as a teaching aid for a group of students who each get to finger your rectum before they cut it out. Seriously, this is what one of the medical students actually said about this:

"If you're having your anus cut out then having someone’s finger put in it anyway, I just thought was an irrelevance basically so I have no qualms what[so]ever about not having specifically consented her to allow me to do a rectal examination."

This is what really goes on behind closed doors, under the surgical blankets and behind the screens, where innocent patients are sodomized, victimized and violated by their health care providers. And this isn't just one isolated case, either... it's how medical students are being TRAINED as part of their medical education!

This isn't a rogue pervert physician, in other words: It's an institutionalized psychopathic power trip that hints at the way conventional medicine is carried out right now, all across the world. It reminds me of the Milgram experiments where students were very easily trained to apply deadly levels of electroshock jolts to innocent victims merely because they were ordered to do so by an instructor (

Those experiments proved that 70 percent of people will torture other human beings if encouraged to do so by someone in an apparent position of authority.

So if you ever undergo surgery, and you wake up with a throbbing rectum or obvious physical abuse of other body parts, it's probably not just in your head: You may have been victimized by medical students or physicians who think there's absolutely nothing wrong with exploiting your body for their own purposes while you're unconscious.

Your disease is their treatment experiment. Your suffering is their amusement. Your rectum is their training aid. You are there essentially to be treated like an unconscious rag doll by medical staff and medical students who have lost any and all sense of the meaning behind the term "health care."

These are despicable people, and the fact that they are tomorrow's doctors helps explain why health care is such an utter failure on every level: Physical, ethical and spiritual.

Now for the good news

The good news in all this, if there can be any found, is that an increasing number of younger medical students are actually embracing complementary medicine. They are increasingly questioning the old, outmoded mythologies behind pharmaceuticals, vaccines and chemotherapy, and they're learning the importance of using holistic healing methods to support patients rather than poison them.

Not all conventional doctors are psychopaths, in other words. There are good doctors among the bad ones, and there are even conventional doctors who actually have ethics and would never even think of violating patients in such a way. Some doctors even manage to make it through medical school without losing their moral compass, if you can believe that, and we should respect those who do.

Many doctors deserve tremendous credit for their miraculous work in emergency rooms, saving lives and treating acute injuries with remarkable skill and efficiency. Conventional medicine has an important (limited) role to play in society, and there are times when rectal exams are, of course, medically necessary. But when conducted, they should be done with consent unless special circumstances exist such as an unconscious gunshot victim needing acute emergency care that requires immediate action on the part of doctors and surgeons.

There's more good news in all this: The era of Big Pharma medicine is crumbling. The mythology behind vaccines is being increasingly exposed as quackery and fraud. The insanity of harmful mammograms and unnecessary surgical procedures is also being increasingly reported. Times are changing, and conventional medicine is resorting to outright desperation to keep itself in business at a time when most people are heading in the direction of holistic medicine based on patient compassion and understanding.

I bet you won't see naturopathic physicians (N.D.s) violating their patients. NDs, homeopaths, herbalists and massage therapists are usually compassionate, caring individuals who respect their patients as real human beings. They honor your boundaries and they practice the healing arts with a genuine sense of ethics that's too often lacking in the world of conventional medicine.

Remember: You have power in all this. When faced with any kind of health or medical situation, you always have a choice of where to spend your dollars. I encourage you to avoid choosing conventional doctors and their superbug-infested hospitals. Wherever possible, choose naturopathic health care offered by compassionate and sensitive health professionals who treat you like a valued human being and respect your boundaries.

And if you're forced to go into a conventional hospital for one reason or another, duct tape your butt cheeks together just to be sure no one goes in there. Put a sticker on the tape that reads, "Warranty void if seal broken," and point out to your surgeon that your rectum is off limits to him, his staff and his students. Make him sign a piece of paper that says, "I will not violate my patients." They make you sign a pile of paperwork, after all. Have a few documents of your own for them to sign for a change. That paperwork might include valuable tidbits such as, "The foot to amputate is on the LEFT. The foot to leave alone is on the RIGHT. The entire anal-rectal area is entirely off limits and don't play with my breasts while I'm unconscious."

This is really happening

I wish I were making up this story. I wish it were fiction, but sadly it's reality. After writing about health and medicine for nearly 8 years, there's nothing I've seen that surprises me anymore. To hear that medical students are being trained as a group to sodomize unconscious patients isn't actually the worst thing I've heard about conventional medicine.

They do far worse things to children with psychiatric drugs, and to cancer patients via chemotherapy poisons. The widespread vaccination of children with utterly horrifying chemical ingredients that are injected into their bodies is yet another true story of the harm routinely caused by conventional medicine.

The good news, of course, is that I believe this era of medical violence against children and adults -- which I call the Dark Ages of medicine -- is crumbling by the day. The tide is rapidly shifting, and there will be a day in the near future when Big Pharma CEOs spend their days in prison, when ass-raping surgeons are convicted of their crimes, and when vaccines are rejected by the vast majority of people who come to realize the truth about how harmful they really are.

Things really are going to get better in the years ahead. And I hope to be part of bringing you that good news here on

Again, I apologize for the explicit language in this article, but I hope you agree that the seriousness of the facts warrant publication. If we refuse to talk about what's really happening behind closed doors in our hospitals and clinics, then we fail to prevent it from happening to other victims in the future.

Sources for this story include:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The High Cost of Claiming: CHOSEN

Strappado Wrack

These Jews Understand the Problem
Zionism betrays and threatens America

Cheating the mark is a fundamental function of charlatans, scoundrels and scamps. But when the scalawag turns into a political devil, the whole world is swindled. It’s hurtful to be hoodwinked out of your money, but the harm from being deceived by frauds, who claim to be CHOSEN, is forbidding.
The sinister deception that has parts of the planet sympathetic towards a phony and habitual fabricator of historic invention, has the world at the brink of destruction. The impending holocaust will engulf all of mankind in a clash between egoistic zealots and a globe that chiefly craves these extremist would just go calmly into the night.

The hubris that claims to be “The CHOSEN”, is the focal lie that fuels the flames of this eternal scam. Forgiving souls who buy into this hideous declaration of devout deceiving, are the ultimate enablers. The falsehood of special status, privilege and position is at the core of the hoax. For the rest of us, who seek to ignore or insulate ourselves from the narrow concerns and self righteous rants and screams of a few foreign fanatics, our concern is to be left out of their destructive hatreds.

Religious homogeneity is not the issue, perverted politics is the problem. Whenever any group attests that they are enduring victims of superior worth, and extort and coerce undeserved concessions and status, we all suffer from such a racket. While people of sincere faith deserve respect, governmental hacks of greed and treachery deserve disdain. Where is the contempt for political causes that inflict harm upon ourselves and our interests, as it gorges itself upon a bogus guilt for undeserved compassion?

The road to peace is a path to perdition. Floating around public circles is a trial balloon that only U.S. troops, policing a demilitarized zone will bring stability to the conflict and cease hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians. Such a formula would be the prescription for endless American suffering. In order to understand the basic defect of the Jewish state, one needs to appreciate the message of Orthodox Judaism. From these words, hear the truth that most refuse to confront:
The Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will proclaim their loyalty to pure Judaism and their opposition to Zionist heresy, which violates every principle of the Jewish religion. These people shall proclaim that the idolatrous Zionist ideology has no role in the life of an Orthodox Jew, and that Jews are obligated by Judaism to live in peace and harmony with every other people throughout the world, including of course, the native Palestinian People.

Pure Judaism proclaims that we are to accept the decree of Exile of G-d and live among the nations in every corner of the Earth, and are not to establish a State and attempt to end the divinely ordained Exile.

Pure Judaism forbids the uprooting of the indigenous people of the Holy Land, it proclaims its principles of humanity and justice that demands the total restoration of all human, civil, economic and political rights of the Palestinians, including the right of return of all Palestinians to their homes in historic Palestine, thereby enabling Palestine to be governed by its original native inhabitants.

These principles are essential ingredients of Judaism, and no amount of Zionism brainwashing of many Jews throughout the world and Zionist media propaganda can ever do away with these eternal principles. We declare to all non-Jews who believe that support for Zionist idolatry and ethnic cleansing demonstrates sympathy for the Jewish People that this is a grave error!!

We beseech all well-meaning non-Jews to understand the truth of what Judaism teaches, and we encourage our fellow Jews to resist the incessant hysterical and paranoia-filled propaganda of the Zionists, their heresy and their xenophobia, and learn the truth of what Judaism is and what Zionism is.
  Those of us who oppose Zionism express true compassion for the Jewish People because we address the ROOT CAUSE of the suffering in the Holy Land inasmuch as Zionism is the cause of bloodshed in the Middle East and hatred of Jews throughout the world.”

Don’t accuse this bearer of reality as being anti-Semitic, for he is not. Opposition to Zionism is purely political in nature. Preoccupation and support of a state that suffers from a complex of faulty beliefs, causes severe damage to our own political security. The secular communists that populate and run this parapet of repression, envision their own imperialism for a region they hunger to rule. What possible benefit does America receive from this unholy association? Surely any alliance ordains further hatred towards us, because of them. The them are not Jews, but the Zionists. Jesus of Nazareth is the Jew we follow. Is there any doubt that Christ would be deemed a terrorist by the Lukidniks for His preaching and political views?

America needs to cease all aid, credit and transfers to Israel. This same policy needs to be applied to the entire region. Resist any attempts to expand and deploy, commitments, guarantees and involvements with the Zionist regime. Cut off all military exports and intelligence cooperation with Mossad. Our obligation, as a country, is to our own interests and people. Examine the ideology of Zionism and the background of those who control Israel, and compare their conception for humanity and “The CHOSEN”, and ask if you benefit from their plan of political fairness?

My fellow Americans, cast off the yoke of fear and confront a foe that places our nation in mortal danger. Your personal well being demands a break with Israel. Zionists are not your friends and certain no ally of our country. If you remain silent or continue to support Sharon policies and methods of terror, you will invite the retribution and blowback that surely will follow. It is obvious that an all out struggle is emerging. Open warfare is inevitable. All sides are touched with insanity. It is not our responsibility to impose an artificial peace. Stay out of this fight, for we are not a chosen people - who must shed our treasure, blood and virtue for impostors. Face the truth or die a fool . . .
SARTRE - June, 13, 2003

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Money Party on the Road to Ruin

COTO Report

Michael Collins

The Money Party is destroying the United States. For ten years, there have been no new jobs with flat income. Unemployment and poverty are making a big comeback. The party consists of those who own and control concentrations of great wealth and the select few who serve them (their Mandarins). Based on the efficiency of the demolition job, you have to wonder if this is by design. If greed, ignorance, and paranoia constitute a plan, then they are master planners. (Image)

Look at the glaring problems below. Then ask yourself, has there been one single program implemented to address any of these problems, just one? Our elected representatives enable the relentless process of driving down the United States. They bicker and fume at the edge of issues. However, when it comes to neglecting the real needs of citizens and the country, they are as one. All rewards and resources flow to their patrons and owners, the made men and women of The Money Party. We are nothing to them.

There have been no net new jobs since 2000. The minimal growth from 2000 to 2010 disappears when you factor in 10% population growth over the same period.

You would think that somebody in charge would take this seriously. New jobs with decent pay represent the key to many of the other problems we face. Yet nobody bothers to do anything about it or even start a serious effort to seek solutions.
Income has been flat for 10 years.

How are people supposed to survive, raise their families, pay their medical bills, etc. if income remains flat while inflation eats away at existing resources?
The following maps show the relative increase of unemployment since 2000 based on the official unemployment formula.

Real unemployment figure tops 20%. Employer payroll reports are the basis for the “official” figures. That rate is artificially low since it leaves out the self employed, discouraged workers, long term unemployed, and the underemployed. The government’s U6 unemployment rate, 17%, is a more accurate measure. When you add “estimated”long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994.” total unemployed is at 23% of the workforce.

Bankruptcies and individuals involved are up nearly by a factor of three since 2006. There are any number of reason so for a bankruptcy but no new jobs, increased prices, and flat incomes have a great deal to do with this trend.

At the end of 2010, 14% of US homes were either in foreclosure or delinquent in payments. People can’t make home payments if they are unemployed. Their ability to make payments will vanish as their flat salaries are eaten away over time. But nothing is done.
The poverty rate is up around 40% when you use a measure that factors in out of pocket medical expenses, not considered in the “official” poverty rate.

It only makes sense that people will descend into poverty. What else happens when you lose your job and are unable to find a new one?

Large sections of the country look like a wasteland due to extended neglect and hard times. Michigan’s Central Station in Detroit sat unused and abandoned as the city around it decayed. The Economist called California’s San Joaquin Valley “the Appalachia of the West” because of record high unemployment that reaches 30% to 40% range in some small towns. Described as the food basket of the world, the valley is collapsing in on itself.

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, abandoned and unused for years Image
In addition to completely failing the people, the Money Party let the nation’s infrastructure fall into ruin. The American Society of Civil Engineers graded the status of bridges, roads, etc. The Money Party gets a big fat “D” for their stewardship.

Fixing all this would provide a stimulus of phenomenal proportions. It would produce bonds that were actually worth something in the future. The Money Party can blow things up but building and repairing are beyond their abilities to comprehend.

We are led by fools.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Government Cannot Be Reformed
As long as you do not live under a rock, you know that the Federal Government prances along on its merry way of central control, no matter who is in office. The traits of arrogance and aloofness are a prerequisite to retain your employment. This pattern of myopic understanding of the precepts of federalism, separation of powers or the nature of a public servant is the primary aptitude of the professional political class. Whether a lowly intern, a career civil employee, a chairman of a Congressional committee or the head of bureaucratic agency; the steamroller of public destruction buries common citizens under the weight of oppressive dictates.

Even if you ignore the politics, you cannot dismiss the debt. The foremost threat to any remote possibility of reform is a burden that is beyond repayment. Most have seen the national debt ticker of the $14 plus trillion owed. That amount is a mere drop in the bucket of the total obligations owed because of past federal government promises. The U.S. Government Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) has a CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO THE 2010 FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. The $76 Trillion debt applies just for Federal Government obligations. Add on top of this amount all the States, Metropolitan and local and school bond debts.
The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It

Our True Debt is derived from the government’s balance sheet

These are staggering sums. Then include corporate and institution liabilities, mortgages and individual personal debt. The stark reality is that the debt bubble is the inevitable financial killer. How can a society reform a political system when it is based upon a debt created momentary hoax? Regretfully, reform is not possible. The innate forces of compound interest are insurmountable if these obligations are to be serviced.

Yet the will of the people demands restructuring. Since the debts are unserviceable, surely a rational society would want to stop adding to the problem. Yet the political culture has no such coherent ability to alter the course of the failed “Great Society”.

Obamacare is the best example of suicidal denial. Registered at the polls this last November, was the rejection of this mandatory federal government usurpation of health care. Believing that the new GOP Turks in the House will overturn Obamacare ignores the arbitrary manner of the Senate. At best, a non Barry Soetoro would need to be elevated to the oval office in 2013 for any possibility of a repeal of this outrageous Health Care Law.

That is a pipedream when dealing with the ruling class. A new Rasmussen Report concludes, “The Political Class is even more supportive of the new law than Democrats are. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Mainstream voters support repeal, but 83% of the Political Class is opposed to it”.

A cute “We the People” video attempts to motivate the electorate to get involved and vote out of office the select few who ignores the demands of the populace. Oh how naive! If only it was that simple. The bureaucratic apparatus that busily strive to complicate your lives and ruin your future just ignores all the demonstrations of popular will.

It is time to face facts. Can you name the last repeal of major legislation or an entrenched federal agency was abolished? Remember all the talk in the 1980’s under Reagan of eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy? If the “Gipper” could not cleanse the bureaucracy, when the stars were in proper alignment, how is it possible for citizen groups to reign in the ever-expanding federal monster?

The public nerve was irritated by Obamacare and righteous outrage expressed. However, compare that offense with the passage of the Patriot Act. You did not even hear a whimper from the shuddering masses. This most draconian insult to the Bill of Rights effectively eradicated the basis of a Constitutional Republic. The last remains of a once great nation died in the 20th century. Post 911, the 21th century is a codification of the police state. The destruction of the World Trade Towers provided the same excuse, as the Reichstag fire did for Adolf Hitler.

John W. Whitehead in a video, Renewing the Patriot Act While America Sleeps, cites the horrid record towards civil liberties since the passage of this diabolical assault on individual freedom. He makes a most valid point.

“Most Americans have been lulled into thinking that the pressing issues are voting in the next election or repealing health care. This is largely due to the media hoopla over the Tea Party, the recent elections and the health care law, and the continuous noise from television news’ talking heads. But the real issue is simply this--the freedoms in the Bill of Rights are being eviscerated, and if they are not restored and soon, freedom as we have known it in America will be lost. Thus, Congress should not renew the USA Patriot Act, nor should President Obama sign it into law. If he does so, he might just be putting the final nail in our coffin”.

The entire rationalization for the War of Terror against the American people rests upon the willful surrender of our most precious natural rights to a corrupt government. The Geheime Staatspolizeisecret state police spawn the Homeland Security society. The criminal acts of the TSA are an affront to every citizen.

In this new century, irrevocably harmed is caused by the phony domestic terror phobia. America is a mere shell of herself. Pile on the forced tax to fund socialized medicine over the intense opposition of regular people and you have a perfect storm. How can reform be a practical option when faced with such a perverse political system?

The only sensible path for sincere and courageous souls is to work towards a replacement of the central government model of governance. Eliminating the entire Federal Government structure may seem to be impossible. However, aided in this task are the very actions of an evil system! All empires collapse. The United States is no more a monolithic union than the nations of the world are a global brotherhood.

The myth that citizens owe an allegiance to a failed federation is absurd. The principles of independent sovereign states are a starting point to reorganize after the implosion of the economy and the current political order.

Healing your health will not happen under Obamacare, but the termination of your freedom, under the Patriot Act, has already occurred. The illegal and fraudulent ratification of the U.S. Constitution created the central government despotism that threatens everyone today. The States can reassert their own sovereignty. Obamacare can be the tipping point. Follow the lead ofIdaho. “Nullification in Idaho is going to the full House, despite constitutional scholars’ warnings the measure is illegal. The House State Affairs Committee voted 14-5 Thursday to declare President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul null and void. All fourteen supporters were Republicans”.

Clear your mind from the central government propaganda. In some distorted environment, did not the pretender in chief claim to be a constitutional scholar? Here is where the rubber hits the road. Only the threat of federal force can impose a Federal tyranny over the individual States and sovereign citizens. The legitimacy of public consent is absent from presidential fiats.

Egypt should be an emphatic lesson for Americans. “We the People” will not remove the political class from power by casting votes in a rigged election process. Dumping tea bags over the side of the ship of state will not rescue the explorer when that vessel can still sail back to sea. The rot is irreparable. Tea drinkers need to charter a new craft under a different captain, who is subject to the limited terms and spirit of a Mayflower Compact.

Non-violent civil disobedience is the conduct that each person has as his or her primary duty. This response will not stop the debt balloon from popping. Still, real patriots will engage in preventive care to maintain their own health by confronting the brute force of imperial federalists.

A vote to extend the Patriots Act is a deed of domestic terrorism committed by the government against self-governing citizens. Replacing a Congressman or a Senator will not shut down the Homeland Security gulag in the perpetual imprisonment society. The alternative is to spread the message by example and build an uncooperative citizenry to federal oppression.

Mr. Whitehead offers good council, “So the situation’s pretty bleak out there, and will only turn around, in my view, if there is much greater bottom-up, local, and peer-to-peer, community-to-community activism. It’s time to wake up, America”.

The coup d’état unfolding in Egypt is inspired by the globalist grand chess masters. What escapes ordinary Americans is that a former putsch already delivered the reins of power in our own country into the arms of diabolical traitors. It is no accident, which sees a crumbling America, falling apart before our eyes.

The actual reform we need is an efficient and comprehensive accountability that brings the culprits to justice. Reread your Articles of Confederation, it is time to go back to the basic structure intended to maintain liberty and self-determination. Grow up America, the enemy is among us, and intends to stamp out any resistance to their rule. Will you stand with the Tree of Liberty? It is going to take more than just saying no.

Sartre is the publisher, editor, and writer for Breaking All The Rules. He can be reached at: BATR

Sartre is a regular columnist for

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Alternative Market Project: A Sneak Preview

Oath Keepers

By Brandon Smith (aka Giordano Bruno)

Neithercorp Press – 2/10/2011

If you want something done right, you might well have to do it yourself. We’ve heard the old adage before, but rarely do we ever seem to apply it to our economic environment. Instead, we have seen fit to allow “smarter” men to take the reigns, and take control, of our financial well being, all on misplaced faith in the supposed good intentions of government and corporate bodies. This cultural attitude of non-involvement in the economic decision making process has cost millions of Americans their jobs and now threatens the stability of our currency, our nation, not to mention our very future. Many of us have become entirely dependent on only a handful of men for our own livelihoods. It is time to take greater stock in ourselves, our ingenuity, and our ability to create and adapt. It is time to take responsibility for our own commerce, and breathe life back into local communities once again. It is time for an alternative…

The greatest threat to the U.S. economy today is forced globalization and the fiat central banking system. Many organizations are working to expose, audit, and even shut down the private Federal Reserve, which is responsible in large part for facilitating the mortgage and derivatives crisis as well as the continued devaluation of our dollar. This is a vital effort that requires the utmost support from all facets of the Liberty Movement. However, there is another matter that needs to be addressed in tandem with any endeavor to remove our destructive central banking system…

Much of the damage that can be inflicted on our economy has already been dealt. As neithercorp and many other websites devoted to honest financial analysis have shown time and again, our fiscal structure is teetering on the brink of oblivion, our so called “recovery” is a façade fed by skewed statistics and rivers of fiat money dumped into banks and stocks, and our purchasing power is being crushed by a deliberate campaign to slow-kill the greenback. Only now are greater signs of this disaster being revealed to the masses as real unemployment remains essentially static and prices of base goods skyrocket. Even with a successful initiative launched against the Federal Reserve, we would still be left with a faulty, crumbling, debt based architecture. We can pull the iceberg from our shattered ship, but the ship is still going to sink.

The key to our survival is not only to go after the culprits who have carpet bombed us, but to also build a better system to shield us from any financial shrapnel that might be hurled our way.

Ironically, the solution to this seemingly complex series of economic dominoes is one which we were supposed to be following from the very beginning. The alternative we seek against extreme centralization of markets is to develop truly free markets! That is to say, if we wish to fight back against the globalist feudalism thrust upon us, we must decentralize markets and rebuild local commerce and trade.

Centralization works by removing all options but those the establishment deems acceptable. To counter centralization, we must offer Americans a new option that supplies those necessities which the corrupt system denies them; including meaningful community, sound money, honest trade, independence, and privacy. With this philosophy in mind, neithercorp will be working with Oath Keepers, as well as other interested groups, to focus our energies on building new and flexible free markets from the ground up.
Here are the steps we will take to make this happen…

Launch A Dedicated Website: This step is already nearly finished and the launch will be announced shortly. The new website will be focused completely on promoting self generating barter and trade systems across the country. Our goal is not to control or to dictate to alternative markets. In fact, our goal is to make certain that no one organization or entity EVER centralizes these community based networks. Our single purpose is to help as best we can each community to grow to its full potential. Website functions will include…

- A social networking option (like Facebook, but useful). Barter networks will be able to set up local and state chapters, meet like minded people in order to expand, and advertise their own trading events. Small business owners can set up profiles, gain free advertising, and increase their customer base while providing liberty minded consumers with a place besides Wal-Mart to shop. (Note: by setting up a profile on the alternative market website, small business owners would be inferring that they are likely to accept gold, silver, or barter as payment).

- Informative articles and videos by experts in their field. We will seek out the best teachers in the movement to contribute articles and essays meant to show you how you can set up and maintain a successful trade network. At launching, we will have articles by Stewart Rhodes, Cassandra Anderson, myself, and a new interview with G. Edward Griffin. We will also be putting out the call to anyone who feels they have exceptional knowledge in a particular skill or trade to contribute their own instructional articles or videos on the subject. The most concise submissions will be published on the website and the experts may be invited to participate in alternative market workshops and conventions, to share their knowledge in a hands-on environment.

- News collation. We will dig out those mainstream news items that fly under the radar (or are deliberately buried), so that you stay up to date on all the economic developments that the MSM tries so desperately to hide.

Promote The American Skill Set: Our next step will be to greatly strengthen the skill sets of the average American. This means teachers from every state and city will be needed to share their knowledge or “free market trade” with others, giving each person at least one or two skills useful in a barter economy or a poor economic environment. Candle making, textiles, alternative energy, efficient gardening, gun repair, electronics repair, home security, and numerous other trades should be taught and cross-taught.

Strengthen Farmers Co-ops: Food production is vital, especially in an inflationary environment. Farms that seek independence away from the Monsanto dominated GMO model must be supported and protected. We will work with interested farmers groups who are willing to participate in a gold, silver, and barter based system. They provide free market participants with healthy fresh foods, and we provide them with an extensive new customer base. If methods are applied properly, everyone wins.

Nurture Integrity In Trade: The current standard of sales and trade in America is to “scam” others out of money. To “hustle” ones way to wealth. If one cannot produce a quality product, then one must lie about its quality in order to sell it. We hope to reverse this trend and promote a philosophy of quality, which in the long run will nurture legitimate trust and support a much healthier and more vibrant economy. The most successful barter groups will be those that have established trust in one another. Pre-existing organizations like church groups, farmer’s market groups, etc, will start out strong in the initial stages of their new barter economy, because they already know each other well.

Bring Back Gold And Silver As Currency: This has already begun in some areas. Gold and silver represent the only viable currency alternative to fiat paper. While they should not be the only option available (fiat will probably have to be included as a trading option until the dollar fully disintegrates), they should be brought back to prominence in the face of the declining dollar and inflation. This begins by encouraging small business and independent traders to use gold and silver as a standard preferable to dollars. Alternative market businesses could offer discounts on goods to those who wish to pay in gold and silver, or, even give their employees the option of being compensated in gold and silver. As barter markets grow, many businesses will likely adopt precious metals trade, whether they are aware of the alternative market movement or not, in order to remain competitive.

Support State Sovereignty And 10th Amendment Issues: The Alternative Market Project will wholeheartedly support any legislators who show an aptitude for free market ideas and who are aware of the dangers of globalism. This includes mobilizing trade networks to vote for strong anti-Federal Reserve, pro-States Rights candidates. We will strengthen public support for any state legislation that works towards sound money and freer citizens. We will also encourage participants to run for office themselves. As Alternative Market groups progress, our voting potential could be quite formidable at the local level, which is where all changes to government really begin.

Workshops And Conventions: As more revenues are accrued through donations, dynamic workshops will be held in every state. The goal here is to give barter network participants hands on experience in various skill sets as well as new ideas to further trade proficiency. But also, most importantly, to get people away from their computers, out of their homes, and interacting with each other in a constructive way. The internet is a fantastic communications tool, but not a very effective community building tool. Eventually, we must step outside in the sunlight, and start talking to one another face-to-face.

Obstacles Down The Road
There will be, of course, many obstacles to consider if the Alternative Market Project sees success, especially in the “mainstream”.
Globalist legislation will be enacted. Already, attacks have been made on private trade, including the recent food safety bill which could be interpreted by officials as a restriction on personal garden and small farm commerce, attacks on garage sales, attacks on gold and silver coining, and even attacks on the Amish! There will come a point when we will have to ask ourselves whether certain laws are ‘just’. Whether they are helpful, or harmful, to Americans. If they are not just, and not helpful, then they should be ignored. It’s as simple as that.

Co-option is another threat. With the proliferation of any grassroots movement, establishment proponents will seek to beat back the tide. When this fails, they will seek to take it over. The easiest way to discern if a movement is being co-opted is to examine where the control is being delegated. If decision making is left in the hands of individuals, and the leadership seeks to teach, not dominate, then the movement is probably sound. If decision making is being centralized into the hands of a few “members” of the movement, if their voice drowns out all others, and the leadership seeks the power to dictate and micro-manage the movement, then this is a sure sign of co-option. Funding from globalist sources like corporations or particular foundations is another warning signal.

How could this possibly happen in a barter economy? I have already seen organizations sprouting up in Europe, some funded by foundations like the World Wildlife Fund (globalist funded), which seek to enact barter economies based on “digital credits”. This is a perfect example of a centralization campaign, because it desires to force all trade through a middle-man who commands the flow of wealth (in this case, digital fiat). The middle-man is entirely unnecessary in any barter transaction, his only purpose is to monitor and control the rate and types of transactions taking place. I guarantee, globalist run barter networks similar to the European model I described will be railroaded into the mainstream in response to alternative market initiatives. The drive will be to use their vast resources and media clout to give the illusion of “respectability”, and to seduce Americans into yet another centralized system.

Another threat is that of pigeonholing. By labeling Alternative Market participants as “extremists”, “homegrown terrorists”, “kooks”, and any other multitude of false associations, the establishment will strive to discredit barter networks, silence their dissent, and dissuade new people from joining the movement. Examples might even be made. Arrests of regular people merely for private trade may occur in order to chill participation. These measures should be expected and treated in the way they should be treated; as distractions.

The consequences of NOT pursuing solid, decentralized trade are far more terrifying than anything our disingenuous bureaucracy can dish out. Not having a replacement system ready in the wake of a severe collapse would create mass panic. When people have nowhere to turn for safety, they allow fear to take over. When men are afraid, they WILL accept all kinds of atrocities, and they WILL hand over their freedoms to anyone who promises them relief.
To those who subscribe to the “virtue of selfishness” ideal, and believe that they only need take care of themselves while the rest of the world burns, all I can say is good luck. Without honorable systems in place to counter globalization, I’m not really sure what these people plan to live for. Weathering the storm only to be subject to the whims of tyrants afterwards is not true survival.

In Summary…
What has been presented here is not a new methodology. Independent trade networks have been used as a form of revolution and to offset the implosions of faulty financial systems for centuries. This means that they are tried and true. During the Great Depression, over 200 complex barter networks with 300,000 members were instituted in the state of California alone. In times of distress, people inevitably turn back to barter. The problem is that most often these networks are established after the fact, instead of before a calamity takes place. 

We seek to remedy this error. By constructing alternative markets before an event, we preempt the terror it creates, and make government interventions like Martial Law completely inapplicable. Without a frightened public, DHS does not have a reasonable excuse to activate Northcom (they may well do so anyway, but in that situation, their true intentions would be fully exposed, especially to military men and women who would only follow such orders if they thought the American people were in actual danger).

Preemption in barter markets also allows Americans to make a choice. By offering a better choice, we take participation away from the central banking system, and thus, we take away their power to influence our lives. Only good can come from cultivating independent commerce.

This has been a sneak peek into a project we have been developing for many months; one which we feel could be of great assistance to the Liberty Movement as a whole. Further details will be made available in the next two weeks including the official launch of the project website. I would like to thank Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers for persuading me to undertake this venture myself. I had always planned for more prominent figures in the movement to grab the idea and run with it, but this, in a sense, would be deferring certain responsibilities, which would make me a bit of a hypocrite. I can say that though I am not the most recognizable name or face in the movement, I am relentlessly and viciously stubborn, and absolutely nothing will deter me from making this project a reality. I would also like to thank the Liberty Movement itself, for changing my life and so many other lives for the better. I hope I can one day repay the favor…

Slick image and AMM Seal designed by Josh Ogden.

You can contact Giordano Bruno at:
If you would like to contribute to the Alternative Market Project, visit our donate page here:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monsanto Nation: Exposing Monsanto's Minions

(NaturalNews) My expose last week, The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now? ( has ignited a long-overdue debate on how to stop Monsanto's earth killing, market-monopolizing, climate-destabilizing rampage.

Should we basically resign ourselves to the fact that the Biotech Bully of St. Louis controls the dynamics of the marketplace and public policy? Should we seek some kind of practical compromise or "coexistence" between organics and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Should we focus our efforts on crop pollution compensation and "controlled deregulation" of genetically engineered (GE) crops, rather than campaign for an outright ban, or mandatory labeling and safety-testing? Should we prepare ourselves for a future farm landscape where the U.S.'s 23 million acres of alfalfa, the nation's fourth largest crop, (93 percent of which are currently not sprayed with toxic herbicides), including organic alfalfa, are sprayed with Roundup and/or genetically polluted with Monsanto's mutant genes?

Or should we stand up and say "Hell no" to Monsanto and the Obama Administration? Should we stop all the talk about coexistence between organics and GMOs; unite Millions Against Monsanto, mobilize like never before at the grassroots; put enormous pressure on the nation's grocers to truthfully label the thousands of so-called conventional or "natural" foods containing or produced with GMOs; and then slowly but surely drive GMOs from the market?

Of course "coexistence" and "controlled deregulation" are now irrelevant in regard to Monsanto's herbicide-resistant alfalfa. Just after my essay was posted last week, the White House gave marching orders to the USDA to allow Monsanto and its minions to plant GE Roundup-resistant alfalfa on millions of acres, from sea to shining sea, with no restrictions whatsoever.

"Bill Tomson and Scott Kilman of the Wall Street Journal reported that Vilsack's rejection of a compromise proposal - partial deregulation, which was vehemently opposed by biotech companies and only tepidly accepted by non-GE interests - was the result of an Obama administration review of 'burdensome' regulations."

"Sources familiar with the negotiations at USDA, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Food Safety News they believe the White House asked Vilsack to drop proposed regulations so the administration would appear more friendly to big business," said Helena Bottemiller of Food Safety News

This post-holiday gift to Monsanto from the White House is ominous. After the deliberate contamination of 20 million acres of U.S. alfalfa, we can then expect Monsanto and corporate agribusiness to call for GMOs to be allowed under the National Organic Standards. But of course let us hope we get another temporary reprieve from the same federal judge in California who halted the planting of GE alfalfa previously, since the USDA has still failed to demonstrate in their current Environmental Impact Statement that Monsanto's alfalfa is safe for the environment.

Organic Infighting
Whole Foods and others spent a lot of time this week on their blogs and on the Internet attacking me and the Organic Consumers Association for supposedly mischaracterizing their position on "coexistence" with Monsanto. In an internal company memorandum, marked "For Internal Use Only - Do Not Distribute" January 30, 2011, Whole Foods execs basically told their employees that the OCA is spreading lies to "uniformed consumers" in exchange for money and publicity. Quoting directly from the WFM company memo:

"Why is the OCA spreading misinformation? That's a hard question for us to answer. Perhaps because we don't share their narrow view of what it means to support organics, or perhaps because we do not support them with donations. Either way, it's a shame that an organization that claims to "campaign for health, justice and sustainability" can't simply tell the truth. This just confuses consumers. Despite all their noise, no industry leaders listen to the OCA - but uninformed consumers might. Their fear-mongering tactics, combined with the OCA's lack of transparency about its funding sources, underscore the fact that it is neither credible nor trustworthy. We can only assume their activities are intended for further fund-raising. "

After bashing the OCA, Whole Foods then goes on to admit that WFM stores are filled with conventional and "natural" products that are contaminated with GMOs (they neglect to mention to their staff that these conventional and "natural" products make up approximately two-thirds of WFM's total sales). Again quoting directly:

"The reality is that no grocery store in the United States, no matter what size or type of business, can claim they are GE-free. While we have been and will continue to be staunch supporters of non-GE foods, we are not going to mislead our customers with an inaccurate claim (and you should question anyone who does). Here's why: the pervasive planting of GE crops in the U.S. and their subsequent use in our national food supply. [Ninety-three percent] of soy, 86% of corn, 93% of cotton, and 93% of canola seed planted in the U.S. in 2010 were genetically engineered. Since these crops are commonly present in a wide variety of foods, a GE-free store is currently not possible in the U.S. (unless the store sells only organic foods.)"

But of course we are not asking WFM to lie to or "mislead" their customers, to claim that all their products are GMO-free, or to sell only organically certified foods. On the contrary, we are simply asking them to abandon the "business as usual" industry practice of remaining silent on the scope and degree of contamination in the billions of dollars of non-organic food they are selling to unwitting consumers every year. What we are asking is that WFM ethically lead the way - in what is now a very unethical marketplace - by admitting publicly (not just in an internal memo) that a major portion of the non-organic foods they are selling (especially processed foods and animal products) are contaminated with GMOs.
Then we want them to take the next step and announce that they will start labeling these GMO and/or CAFO foods truthfully, meanwhile pressuring their non-organic food suppliers to either reformulate products with non-GMO ingredients or start making the transition to organic.

Let us hope that WFM eventually does the right thing. It's unlikely WFM will adopt Truth-in-Labeling unless they get a massive amount of pressure from their customers, workers, and natural food competitors. But if we can build a grassroots movement strong enough to convince WFM and other natural food stores to adopt Truth-in-Labeling practices, there will be enormous pressure in the marketplace for other larger supermarket chains to follow suit. However, if WFM and other grocery stores refuse to voluntarily label GMO and CAFO products, OCA is prepared to mobilize nationwide to press for mandatory labeling ordinances at the city, county, and state level.

To sign up as a grassroots coordinator for OCA's Millions Against Monsanto and Factory Farms Truth-in-Labeling Campaign go to:

Beyond Organic Infighting
The good news this week is that WFM, Organic Valley, Stonyfield, the National Coop Grocers Association and the Organic Trade Association have been making strong statements about fighting against GMOs. In a lengthy telephone conversation two days ago with Organic Valley CEO George Sieman, George told me how angry he was at me and the OCA, but he also said that Organic Valley was going to step up the fight against Monsanto. I said I was glad to hear this. I told him that OCA was going to do the same. I told him that our Millions Against Monsanto Truth-in-Labeling campaign is already attracting thousands of volunteers all across the USA and that we weren't going to give up until grocery stores, natural food stores, and co-ops start labeling conventional and "natural" products containing GMOs or coming from CAFOs.

We'll certainly see Organic Valley and the rest of the organic industry's pledge to fight GMOs put to the test in the near future, when the USDA unleashes genetically engineered sugar beets for nationwide planting. But given the need for a united front, OCA would like to stress that Whole Foods Market is not the enemy. Wal-Mart and Monsanto are the enemy. Stonyfield Farm is not the enemy. The Biotechnology Industry Association, Archer Daniels Midland, and Cargill are the enemy. Organic Valley is not the enemy. The Grocery Manufacturers Association, Kraft and Dean Foods are the enemy. OCA wants the organic community to unite our forces, cut the B.S. about "coexistence," and move forward with an aggressive campaign to drive GMOs and CAFOs off the market.

Monsanto's Minions: The White House, Congress, and the Mass Media
The United States is rapidly devolving into what can only be described as a Monsanto Nation. Despite Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton's) campaign operatives in 2008 publicly stating that Obama supported mandatory labels for GMOs, we haven't heard a word from the White House on this topic since Inauguration Day. Michele Obama broke ground for an organic garden at the White House in early 2009, but after protests from the pesticide and biotech industry, the forbidden "O" (organic) word was dropped from White House PR. Since day one, the Obama Administration has mouthed biotech propaganda, claiming, with no scientific justification whatsoever, that biotech crops can feed the world and enable farmers to increase production in the new era of climate change and extreme weather.

Like Obama's campaign promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; like his promises to bring out-of-control banksters and oil companies under control; like his promises to drastically reduce greenhouse gas pollution and create millions of green jobs; Obama has not come though on his 2008 campaign promise to label GMOs. His unilateral approval of Monsanto's genetically engineered alfalfa, overruling the federal courts, scientists, and the organic community, offers the final proof: don't hold your breath for this man to do anything that might offend Monsanto or Corporate America.

Obama's Administration, like the Bush and Clinton Administrations before him, has become a literal "revolving door" for Monsanto operatives. President Obama stated on the campaign trail in 2007-2008 that agribusiness cannot be trusted with the regulatory powers of government.

But, starting with his choice for USDA Secretary, the pro-biotech former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, President Obama has let Monsanto and the biotech industry know they'll have plenty of friends and supporters within his administration. President Obama has taken his team of food and farming leaders directly from the biotech companies and their lobbying, research, and philanthropic arms:

Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, is now the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods. Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, is now the director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Islam Siddiqui, Vice President of the Monsanto and Dupont-funded pesticide-promoting lobbying group, CropLife, is now the Agriculture Negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative. Rajiv Shah former agricultural-development director for the pro-biotech Gates Foundation (a frequent Monsanto partner), served as Obama's USDA Under-Secretary for Research Education and Economics and Chief Scientist and is now head of USAID. Elena Kagan, who, as President Obama's Solicitor General, took Monsanto's side against organic farmers in the Roundup Ready alfalfa case, is now on the Supreme Court. Ramona Romero, corporate counsel to DuPont, has been nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the USDA.

Of course, America's indentured Congress is no better than the White House when it comes to promoting sane and sustainable public policy. According to Food and Water Watch, Monsanto and the biotech industry have spent more than half a billion dollars ($547 million) lobbying Congress since 1999. Big Biotech's lobby expenditures have accelerated since Obama's election in 2008. In 2009 alone Monsanto and the biotech lobby spent $71 million. Last year Monsanto's minions included over a dozen lobbying firms, as well as their own in-house lobbyists.

America's bought-and-sold mass media have likewise joined the ranks of Monsanto's minions. Do a Google search on a topic like citizens' rights to know whether our food has been genetically engineered or not, or on the hazards of GMOs and their companion pesticide Roundup, and you'll find very little in the mass media. However, do a Google search on the supposed benefits of Monsanto's GMOs, and you'll find more articles in the daily press than you would ever want to read.

Although Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat, Ohio) recently introduced a bill in Congress calling for mandatory labeling and safety testing for GMOs, don't hold your breath for Congress to take a stand for truth-in-labeling and consumers' right to know what's in their food. In a decade of Congressional lobbying, the OCA has never seen more than 24 out of 435 Congressional Representatives co-sponsor one of Kucinich's GMO labeling bills. Especially since the 2010 Supreme Court decision in the outrageous "Citizens United" case gave big corporations like Monsanto the right to spend unlimited amounts of money (and remain anonymous, as they do so) to buy elections, our chances of passing federal GMO labeling laws against the wishes of Monsanto and Food Inc. are all but non-existent. Keep in mind that one of the decisive Supreme Court swing votes in the "Citizen's United' case was cast by the infamous Justice Clarence Thomas, former General Counsel for Monsanto.

To maneuver around Monsanto's minions in Washington we need to shift our focus and go local. We've got to concentrate our forces where our leverage and power lie - in the marketplace at the retail level. We need to pressure retail food stores to voluntarily label their products, while on the legislative front we must organize a broad coalition to pass mandatory GMO (and CAFO) labeling laws, at the city, county, and state levels. And while we're doing this we need to join forces with the growing national movement to get corporate money out of politics and the media and to take away the fictitious "corporate personhood" (i.e. the legal right of corporations to have all the rights of human citizens, without the responsibility, obligations, and liability of real persons) of Monsanto and the corporate elite.

Monsanto's Minions: Frankenfarmers in the Fields
The unfortunate bottom line is that most of the North American farmers who have planted Monsanto's Roundup-resistant or Bt-spliced crops (soybeans, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets, or alfalfa) are either brain-washed, intimidated (Monsanto has often contaminated non-GMO farmers crops and then threatened to sue them for "intellectual property violations" if they didn't sign a contract to buy GMO seeds and sign a confidentiality contract to never talk to the media), or ethically challenged. These "commodity farmers," who receive billions of dollars a year in taxpayer subsidies to plant their Frankencrops and spray their toxic chemicals and fertilizers, don't seem to give a damn about the human health hazards of chemical, energy, and GMO-intensive agriculture; the cruelty, disease and filth of factory farms or CAFOs (Confined Animal Feedlot Operations); or the damage they are causing to the soil, water, and climate. Likewise they have expressed little or no concern over the fact that they are polluting the land and the crops of organic and non-GMO farmers.

Unfortunately, these Frankenfarmers, Monsanto's minions, have now been allowed to plant GMO crops on 150 million acres, approximately one-third of all USA cropland. With GE alfalfa they'll be planting millions of acres more.

The time has come to move beyond polite debate with America's Frankenfarmers, and their powerful front groups such as the American Farm Bureau, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. "Coexistence" is a joke when you are dealing with indentured minions whose only ethical guideline is making money. When I asked a French organic farmer a few years ago what he thought about the idea of coexistence with GE crops and farmers, he laughed. "If my neighbor dared to plant Monsanto's GM crops, I'd hop on my tractor and plow them up." Thousands of European farmers and organic activists have indeed uprooted test plots of GMOs over the past decade. Unfortunately if you get caught destroying Frankencrops in the USA, you'll likely be branded a terrorist and sent to prison.

Apart from direct action, it's time to start suing, not just Monsanto and the other biotech bullies, but the Frankenfarmers themselves. Attorneys have pointed out to me that the legal precedent of "Toxic Trespass" is firmly established in American case law. If a farmer carelessly or deliberately sprays pesticides or herbicides on his or her property, and this toxic chemical strays or "trespasses" and causes damage to a neighbor's property, the injured party can sue the "toxic trespasser" and collect significant damages. It's time for America's organic and non-GMO farmers to get off their knees and fight, both in the courts and in the court of public opinion. The Biotech Empire of Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Bayer, BASF, and Syngenta will collapse if its Frankenfarmers are threatened with billions of dollars in toxic trespass damages.

Monsanto's Minions: Retail Grocery Stores, Factory Farms, Restaurants, and Garden Supply Stores
It's important to understand where GMOs are sold or consumed, and who's selling them. Twenty-five percent of GMOs end up in non-labeled, non-organic processed food, the so-called conventional or "natural" foods sold in grocery stores or restaurants; while the remaining 75 percent are forced-fed to animals on non-organic farms, factory farms, or CAFOs; or else sold internationally, often without the informed consent of overseas consumers. This means we need to identify and boycott, not only so-called conventional or "natural" foods containing soy, soy lecithin, corn, corn sweetener, canola, cottonseed oil, and sugar beet sweetener, but all non-organic meat, dairy, and eggs that come from factory farms or CAFOs. Once Truth-in-Labeling practices are implemented it will be relatively easy for consumers to identify and avoid products that are labeled "May Contain GMOs" or "CAFO."

Although most of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide sales are directly to farmers, a considerable amount of Roundup is sold in garden supply stores, supplying backyard gardeners, landscapers, and golf courses. Municipal and state governments also spray Roundup in parks and along roadways, while the DEA sprays large amounts of Roundup in rural villages in Colombia and the Andes, part of the insane and murderous War on Drugs.

Monsanto's Minions: Consumers
Millions of health, climate, and environmental-minded consumers are starting to realize that we must vote with our consumer food dollars if we want health, justice, and sustainability. Unfortunately, millions of others are still mindlessly consuming and over consuming processed foods, junk foods, and cheap, contaminated meat and animal products. The only guaranteed way to avoid GMOs completely is to buy organic foods or to grow your own, and stay away from restaurants (unless they are organic) and fast food outlets. Otherwise, if you are contemplating the purchase of a conventional or "natural" food check the ingredients panel carefully. Avoid all non-organic products that contain soy, soy lecithin, corn, corn sweetener, canola, cottonseed oil, and sugar beet sweetener.

Millions Against Monsanto
We must draw hope from the fact that Monsanto is not invincible. After 16 years of non-stop biotech bullying and force-feeding Genetically Engineered or Modified (GE or GM) crops to farm animals and "Frankenfoods" to unwitting consumers, Monsanto has a big problem, or rather several big problems. A growing number of published scientific studies indicate that GE foods pose serious human health threats. Federal judges are finally starting to acknowledge what organic farmers and consumers have said all along: uncontrollable and unpredictable GMO crops such as alfalfa and sugar beets spread their mutant genes onto organic farms and into non-GMO varieties and plant relatives, and should be halted.

Monsanto's Roundup, the agro-toxic companion herbicide for millions of acres of GM soybeans, corn, cotton, alfalfa, canola, and sugar beets, is losing market share. Its overuse has spawned a new generation of superweeds that can only be killed with super-toxic herbicides such as 2,4, D and paraquat. Moreover, patented "Roundup Ready" crops require massive amounts of climate destabilizing nitrate fertilizer. Compounding Monsanto's damage to the environment and climate, rampant Roundup use is literally killing the soil, destroying essential soil microorganisms, degrading the living soil's ability to capture and sequester CO2, and spreading deadly plant diseases.

In just one year, Monsanto has moved from being Forbes' "Company of the Year" to the Worst Stock of the Year. The Biotech Bully of St. Louis has become one of the most hated corporations on Earth.

The biotech bullies and the Farm Bureau have joined hands with the Obama Administration to force controversial Fankencrops like alfalfa onto the market. But as African-American revolutionary Huey Newton pointed out in the late 1960's, "The Power of the People is greater than the Man's technology." Join us as we take on Monsanto and their Minions. Our life and our children's "right to a future" depend upon the outcome of this monumental battle.

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