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Monday, January 10, 2011

Innocents Betrayed

COTO Report

By Top Documentary Films

This documentary effectively shatters gun control myths and fallacies. Owning a firearm is not a privilege – it’s a basic right. In fact, it’s the basic right to protect yourself and your loved ones. Throughout History, there has been a disturbing pattern: sooner or later (often sooner than later), disarmed populations become the hapless victims of tyrannical governments and criminals.

The right to own a weapon is one that is usually conquered in the aftermath of centuries of suffering and genocide. Today, we tend to forget that. Yet, the last 100 odd years were undoubtedly the most brutal of all, in what concerns organized violence against deliberately disarmed populations.
This is what Innocents Betrayed documents. How innocents are constantly betrayed — and brutalized – by gun control.

And, just for the fun of it: The Roman Invasion of Britain

The Roman Invasion of Britain is separated into three episodes. The first deals with the invasion and the events leading up to it, as well as the British reaction and resistance to the occupancy.
The second episode covers the deadly revolt by the Queen Boudicca; a hard-core woman who took the battle to the Roman’s, killing their citizens as well as their troops. Also covered is the aftermath of the rebellion, as well as interesting ways Rome tried to win over the Britons with all kinds of innovations.

One of the most interesting elements was that Rome created the very first towns and cities for Britain. Before the invasion, the Britons lived in small villages, and the concept of towns or cities was utterly alien to them.
The final episode discusses typical life in Roman Britain, from the decline of Roman rule to what happened after the Romans pulled out. The series wraps up with an examination of the influence these events still have on Great Britain today.

The energetic and enthusiastic Bettany Hughes serves as our narrator and guide, taking her film crew all over England, Scotland, and Wales.
We get see ruins of Roman fortresses, towns, bathhouses, amphitheaters, an ancient gold mine, and a full explanation behind what Emperor Hadrian was up to with that Wall.

Most of the facts come form source material provided by the Roman writer Tacitus. Also on hand are several experts who provide interesting insight into the Britons and their conquerors.
And let’s not forgot the obligatory re-enactors providing background color. While some are a bit cheesy, I have to give them kudos for authentic-looking Roman armor.


  1. Sorry,

    Because of the fictional account of "more than five million Jews slaughtered" account, this doesn't have credibility.

    "to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised by Hitlerite"

    These numbers are skewed. We have been lied to. And I will not listen to the lie of 5-6 million Jewish "victims" under Hitler. This is part of the phony holocaust industry.

  2. Well, I'm sorry if you feel that the disarmament of entire populations before the govt. slaughter is rendered moot because of bad math. The truth of the subject remains.

  3. The facts speak for themselves whether it be 200 or 2 million. You miss the point of the information and show ignorance and that sends you to the head of the line to refuse history and to repeat it. Your government loves people like you.