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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deconstructing the Sovereign United States: This Is National Security?

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“While we allowed ourselves to be pre-occupied and entertained, while we became lazy and apathetic and allowed ourselves to be drawn into fictional political divides, our own government divided our country up, sold us off and are on the verge of the final coup’ which will render us without land, freedom, wealth or country; or at the very least a country to call our own. ”

By Marti Oakley

National security; this term has come to mean the terrorizing of legal US citizens by our own government. Any one or all of several spy agencies supposedly existing to protect us from terrorists, have made it evident that, “we the people” are the focus of their efforts.  When speaking of national security I believe it is imperative to understand what that term in reality means:

National security is the protection of the corporate federal government, and by extension multi-national corporations that benefit from their unfettered access to the government, from the people of the (50) sovereign but united states.  We the people are viewed as the greatest threat to a malevolent government and its partnering corporations and the expansion of what is becoming a full blown police state.  The security the government desires is not from foreign terrorists, but rather, from us.

By now, any hopes any of us had that Obama was going to turn the tide, make things better for the country, or, that he would reverse the egregious laws passed by the neo-cons and executive orders issued by Bush the Dolt, have dissipated.  Not only has Obama not undone the damage, he has carried it forward and continues the programs and plans unlawfully put in place by the previous administration and started a few of his own.  We are in the end phase of a twenty year cycle of systematic deconstruction of the united States.

Laying the groundwork for programs to come was of course, the Bush 1 Executive Order of 1992, #12803.  This executive order put the infrastructure of the states up for sale to anyone and everyone and began the wholesale selling off of our lands and structures to non-US interests. 

While we are threatened continually with another possible 9/11 attack if we don’t accept the assaults on our liberty perpetrated by our own government under the pretense of national security, our southern border remains unsecured allowing millions to enter the country at will.  At the same time and since 1990 with the creation of free trade zones, what can only be estimated at hundreds of thousands if not millions, of  foreign nationals are transplanted into the US under the EB-5 visa program.

Quietly, out of sight of most of the public, the deconstruction of the sovereign United States is underway.  Already at work was the Security & Prosperity Partnership begun by Bush which creates the North American Union and obliterates our borders with Canada and Mexico for the free movement of goods and people (referred to as “human capital”) to benefit corporate business.  It is this agreement that stands in the way of our southern border being secured.  The S&PP is still rolling on out of the public’s eye as working groups continue planning the evisceration of the US for corporate interests

Prior to the creation of S&PP was the “Enterprise for the America’s” established in 1990 by George HW Bush which created the now prolific and pervasive  “Free Trade Zones” (FTZ’s) that exist right here in virtually every state of the US.  While these zones must obey local and state laws special permission must obtained and a request for entry into the FTZ has to be initiated in the event of any investigation.

These can of course be denied by questioning jurisdictional authority as the FTZ has essentially been redefined and protected as foreign sovereign territory.
To accommodate these zones, trans-model transportation centers are being constructed at airports across the country.  Billed as transportation hubs to centralize services, these airports also include taxi, bus, train and trucking and warehousing and manufacturing centers.  They also include something most people are not at all aware of; free trade zones where the unemployed from other countries are ferried into the US under EB-5 visas.  Once here under the visa, the investor and his mobile work force can move unhindered into any other free trade zone in the US.
Free trade zones and the EB-5 Immigrant Investor (from the .gov site)

“Visa Description

The fifth employment based visa preference category, created by Congress in 1990, is available to immigrants seeking to enter the United States in order to invest in a new commercial enterprise that will benefit the US economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs.  There are two ways to invest which you may use within the EB-5 category and they are:  creating a new commercial enterprise or investing in a troubled business.”

Purpose of International Free Trade Zones (as explained by Economy Watch. 
The main idea behind creation of free trade zones is to facilitate cross-border trade by removing obstacles imposed by customs regulations.
Note: Translated this means that all the egregious rules, regulations, laws, statutes having passed or been implemented through the unlawful “rulemaking” by corporate federal agencies, and corrupt congresses do not apply to these zones.  The obstacles referred to are environmental concerns, labor standards, business taxes, wage taxes and inspection of goods to determine their safety. You know….all those pesky things that a responsible business owner adheres to.   

Free trade zones ensure faster turnaround of planes and ships by lowering custom related formalities. FTZs prove to be beneficial both for the importers and exporters, as these zones are designed to reduce labor cost and tax related expenditures.
Note:  This means products from countries such as, but not limited to, China, notorious for its contaminated food products, can now be dumped into the US without going through the customs process. This also means that China can manufacture and produce here and ship its crap to other countries without paying duties, customs, fair wages, withholding taxes or any inspection of its notoriously shoddy and dangerous products. This is a free pass zone. Few regulations, lowered standards, no customs inspections, tax “incentives”, and they can fly in their own workforce to work for slave labor wages. They only have to hire 10 American workers while importing thousands of impoverished Chinese (or workers from any other country)  into the country sidestepping more stringent immigration laws and provisions for citizenship. 

Free trade zones help the traders to utilize the available business opportunities in the best possible way. FTZs promote export-oriented industries. These zones also help to increase foreign exchange earnings. Employment opportunities created by free trade zones help to reduce unemployment problems in the less developed economies. (emphasis mine)
Note:  The “less developed economies” and the reduction of unemployment in those economies is accomplished by importing their unemployed here.  These FTZ’s do not pay income, FICA, unemployment or any other tax.   The employment opportunities mentioned do NOT have to be American workers.  The foreign investor is required to hire only 10 American workers to meet guidelines. The remainder can be Chinese workers for instance, flown in to the FTZ’s and housed there until they are moved quietly out into the surrounding communities and protected and given US citizenship through the use of the EB-5 visa. 

None of the usual customs inspections, duties or fees will apply to the manufactured products leaving the FTZ unless those products are coming into the US markets. Products coming out of the free trade zones (sovereign foreign territory) and going out of the US to foreign markets are exempted from taxation, customs and inspections.

So what are the US areas targeted for these “no accountability” zones called FTZ’s?

Turns out they are rural areas for the most part.  At least now we know what they intend to do with all the agricultural land they are stealing.  Or they will be focused on areas struck particularly hard with economic down turns and unemployment which encompasses virtually every part of the country.


Since 1990 as a result of Executive order #12803 selling off our infrastructure, and the Enterprise for the America’s establishing the free trade zones, then the subsequent free trade agreements passed in the interim which are not lawful US treaties and, the creation of the Security & Prosperity partnership enacted by Bush 2, we have been sold off, parceled out and deprived of the ownership and control of what was once our country.

This is globalism. This is the global economic model that has destroyed one country after another driving the populations into poverty while a select few at the top robbed the wealth and by extension, the viability of nations.
While we allowed ourselves to be pre-occupied and entertained, while we became lazy and apathetic and allowed ourselves to be drawn into fictional political divides, our own government divided our country up, sold us off and are on the verge of the final coup’ which will render us without land, freedom, wealth or country; or at the very least a country to call our own.
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  1. Brilliant!
    When is John Q. Public going to say "NO MORE!" ?

  2. Unfortunately, John Q. Public does not want to believe that our government would really do these sorts of things. John Q. Public was so thoroughly indoctrinated, as a child going to the public schools in this country, that he cannot fathom how utterly depraved money and power addicts can be.

    For many people there will be no awakening until men in jack-boots blast the doors of their homes down at four in the morning, in order to round them up to send them to detention camps. And even then they will want to continue to believe that their government is doing this to them out of a sense of benevolence.

  3. If people had been paying attention, they would not doubt that this is almost current news. What is the next step? Destroying all of our history records? Seizing control of the News Media? Promoting public stoning?