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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Psychological Attacks Coming To A Primary School Near You

Wide Shut
By Keelan Balderson

Who’s Behind Recent Psychological Attacks In Schools? 

There was a time when school was there to educate. They’ve always been slightly fascist by their very nature, but the main focus appeared to be on developing the minds of the children so they could enter society with a well rounded view of the world. Not anymore, it seems instead of developing minds, schools across the UK and the world are now actively breaking them down and traumatizing them psychologically.

In the last few months at various primary schools innocent children have been the victims of a mock crime scene (with fake blood), a staged alien invasion and abduction, and a Holocaust simulation. All incidents were initially played out as if they were real, to the shock of uninformed parents that didn’t give consent, who then had to deal with their traumatized children.
In my day you were allowed to leave the room during sex education videos in case you were squeamish. Now children are subjected to the sight of their teacher being assaulted, leaving blood on the floor!

Terrorist attacks like 9/11 have had a mass psychological affect on the general public. The all powerful United States and it’s two most iconic buildings (and a third lesser known structure) came crumbling down before everybody’s eyes. In a state of fear the masses have accepted two contrived wars and the removal of some of their basic freedoms. A politician only needs to use the buzzword terrorism to rally up support. People turned to their governments to save them.

These lower scale attacks on children might have a similar affect. Despite the truth coming out eventually, traumatized kids are much more likely to look toward their school as an authority there to save them and dictate to them, in an almost replication of Stockholm syndrome, where the victim of a kidnapping ends up relying on their kidnapper and ultimately feeling a connection towards them. The kidnapper or in this case the school behind these events, becomes the closest thing in the child’s subconscious hierarchy to their parents.

- The first incident occurred in July 2009 at Southway Junior School, in Burgess Hill, west Sussex. As reported in the Telegraph at the time:
Children saw a ’spaceship’ crash near their school and then aliens grabbed a member of staff as part of the “performance”.The ‘alien invasion’ show, which was supported by Sussex Police, took place without parents being informed, leaving some furious that they had to comfort their terrified children. Police contributed to the invasion by providing sirens and flashing blue lights to signify the landing of the craft just before morning classes on July 10.

It wasn’t made clear to some students, even after the staged events that it was indeed a performance, not reality. One unnamed mother recounted her story…

God only knows what the school was playing at. I mean to shock children into thinking that the aliens have landed and have abducted a teacher is just a little too much for seven-year-olds. My daughter was deeply upset by it all and came home looking shell shocked. She wasn’t sure what had happened and really wanted to know that everything was going to be alright.”

Many parents share the struggle of getting a child soundly off to sleep when they see something on the TV. There’s no telling how many children relived this sick event before bedtime.

- The second incident occurred in November 2009 at the Foxhill Primary School in Sheffield. Children arriving at the school in the morning were greeted with a pool of blood and a police crime scene. One female member of staff in on the act pretended to have been assaulted, and the children were tasked to help police in the investigation.

The school made no attempt to put the traumatized children’s minds at ease, because the alleged problem solving exercise wasn’t exposed as such until 4 days in to the week!

One parent told the Telegraph: “I think it’s disgusting – the children are too frightened to go back to school because it has not been made clear it’s a fictitious incident.”

- A third psychological attack took place at St Hilary’s Primary School in Lanarkshire, Scotland. As reported by Mail Online:
A group of stunned primary schoolchildren began crying when their teacher told them during a bizarre Holocaust game that they were to be taken away from their families. The pupils, aged 11, became upset after a number of them were segregated and told they were being sent away or might end up in an orphanage. The ordeal was meant to give the youngsters at the Lanarkshire school an insight into the horrors faced by Jewish children during World War II.

One parent who thankfully stood up to the system and lodged an official complaint wrote:

Mrs McGlynn told the children they would probably have to be sent away from their families and that their parents had been informed about this and knew all about it.
‘When one child asked if that meant they might have to go to an orphanage, they were told that might be a possibility.
‘At that point many of the children became very distressed.
‘One boy kicked his chair over, one was angry and demanded to speak to someone in charge but most were crying on a scale ranging from mildly to severely.
‘Their ordeal lasted between 12 and 15 minutes before the children were informed that it was all an act but that the role play would continue until lunchtime.’

(This reeks of the controversial trips many Israeli students are forced to take to Auschwitz, where they are encouraged to cry and explain their feelings on the matter in some bizarre method of psychologically attaching the children to the event.)

How can so many schools mismanage staged events and enact them as if they are real, and what is the purpose if they were planned that way from the start? It’s unsure what is going on here, or whether there is a deeper agenda at hand, but if parents don’t nip this in the bud there may be a day when psychological trauma is part of the school curriculum.

Parents of the incident in Scotland need to seriously question the authority of their country, considering officials at the highest levels have recently been linked to a pedophile ring that abused a down’s syndrome girl Hollie Greig and at least 7 other children in Aberdeen.

…Over the pond in the US school children are also being subjected to deeply traumatizing events. One theme in America is the “staged Terrorist attack” playing off the 9/11 card, where armed gunmen fake an attack to prepare children in case a real terrorist attack occurs.

As reported by MSNBC:
Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables. The mock attack Thursday night was intended as a learning experience and lasted five minutes during the weeklong trip to a state park, said Scales Elementary School Assistant Principal Don Bartch, who led the trip.

The National School Safety and Security Services are clearly hyping up a terrorist threat surrounding schools, yet every attack to date links back to the Government themselves, or at least a serious lack in intelligence gathering.
….It should also be noted that schools across the United Kingdom are moving in to a system of surveillance, with CCTV being used in every possible location, many in breach of data-protection act by not informing pupils and parents where the cameras are and for what purpose they are being used.

As reported in the Guardian:
The act states that the data being captured “should be adequate, relevant and not excessive”. This vague wording has allowed schools to become testbeds for the latest surveillance technologies, and is “habituating young people to accept a heightened level of scrutiny for increasingly mundane activities, such as borrowing a book from the school library”.

As reported by Sky News:
Outraged parents have hit out at a school in Birmingham after pupils discovered CCTV cameras in the school’s toilets.
So when your child runs to the bathroom in tears after their alien invasion exercise, it’ll be ok because cameras will capture the moment!

…Schools in the US have been caught using cameras on school laptops to spy on children in school and at home. One case reported by CNet News describes how:
Students at Harriton High School in Lower Merion School District near Philadelphia were given Apple MacBook laptops to use both at school and at home. Like all MacBooks, the ones issued to the students have a Webcam. And, in addition to the students’ ability to use the Webcam to take pictures or video, the school district can also use it to take photographs of whomever is using the computer.

In a civil complaint filed in federal court, a student at the school, Blake Robbins, said he received a notice from an assistant principal informing him that “the school district was of the belief that minor plaintiff was engaged in improper behavior in his home, and cited as evidence a photograph from the Webcam.”

Although there may be a case for CCTV, using cameras in bathrooms or using laptops as spy devices clearly oversteps the mark. As for staging various kinds attacks, one has to wonder who in their right mind would come up with such a scenario?…what was there a staff meeting where it just came up in conversation over tea and biscuits? Or was it ordered from somebody higher-up the chain?
There has never been a better time to home school your child.

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  1. Another way they are traumatizing the children is by criminalizing minor misdeeds. Things like getting caught smoking in the boy's room, doodling on your desk, and getting into a fight on the playground, once cause for a lecture by the vice principal, now result in getting hauled out of class in handcuffs by armed police officers with charges pending.