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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Agroterror Threat Agenda: Terror Fight Extends To Nebraska Farm Land

Maybe S-510 is having trouble? They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

Food World Order
  FBI says surveillance aims to protect nation's food supply
agroterror threataganda: terror fight extends
 to nebraska farm landfrom ketv: Federal and local authorities said they're keeping a close eye on the vulnerabilities of the heartland's agricultural industry in efforts to prevent terrorist attacks
The FBI said it's actively watching Nebraska farmland and farm operations. Omaha FBI Assistant Special Agent Jim Langenberg said no immediate threats exist, but an attack could cause devastating losses. "We know that Osama bin Laden has looked into our agriculture industry, seen its vulnerabilities and seen what the economic loss could be," Langenberg said. Farmland south of Lincoln seems a long way from the hotspots in the global fight on terror. But the FBI said an attack could be levied by introducing a pathogen into either a feed lot or on crop land... The FBI said it's part of a plan to stop any biological agent that might be used in an attack, an attack that may takes days to uncover... The FBI sponsors regular meetings, including an international symposium on agro-terror set for next year in Kansas City.

flashback video: terror drill sends fbi to wash. dairy farms


  1. Terrorists want to poison our already poisoned food?

  2. riiiiigggghhhttt! You KNOW how they hate our freedom!

  3. They are running out of creativity folks! Lame *&&*!@@!#$@%$!!!! Oh - a thought...perhaps storing it in their Norway Vault for the evilites?
    They are few - We are Many.

  4. The best laid plans.... as usual the tribe fails to plan for contingencies, namely, resistance of the masses. Here we go again.

  5. If there is something done to our food supply, it will be the same group that did 9/11 (not Osama bin dead a long time).