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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UFO Promotion Goes Mainstream – Quick Hide!

The Daily Bell

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 – by  Staff Report

Former Air Force Officers Claim UFOs Visited Bases, Tampered With Nukes ... UFOs They're out there, say a handful of former Air Force officers. The truth is out there, and a group of retired Air Force officers gathered the media and a handful of well-wishers at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to reveal what they say is a government cover-up of decades of alien contact. The officers claimed, through their own individual accounts, that during the Cold War UFOs visited various USAF installations, but that's just the precursor to a more remarkable assertion: the aliens were tampering with our nukes. Gathered by well-known UFO researcher Robert Hastings, the officers all individually gave similar accounts – that sometime between 1963 and 1980 each was present at nuclear missile sites when unexplained flashing lights appeared in the sky at the same time the missiles went form alert status to non-responsive. In one account, retired targeting officer Robert Jamison said all 10 missiles in his charge – known as a "flight" – went off alert status just as rumors of unidentified lights in the sky overhead swept through the base. Jamison didn't see the UFO himself, but several others on the base witnessed the incident. The cause of his missiles going offline is unknown. – Popular Science

Dominant Social Theme: They're out there and soon they'll be in here.

Free-Market Analysis: We've dealt with the UFO phenomenon as an elite fear-based promotion, but it turns out we're not the only ones who are somewhat dubious about what's going on. There doesn't seem any doubt to us that the pace has picked up. Reuters recently carried a press release about the UFO dog-and-pony show (see article excerpt above) now underway. Sub dominant social theme: "Maybe you didn't believe your hysterical next door neighbor but you'll certainly believe the US Air Force."

It seems to be serious business at first glance doesn't it? A group of Air Force officers are finally blowing the whistle on the UFO cover up. They DO exist, these flying saucers, and the folks flying them have been fiddling around with nuclear weapons. It seems fairly definitive after all. Everyone knows that military people don't lie and these officers seem to have no agenda other than to tell the truth.
But nonetheless, we are suspicious! (It is a habit of ours.) Robert Hastings has been "investigating" UFOs for about 30 years and has written books on the subject, and he's one of the organizers of this latest expose. It seems very much of his show, and he certainly has his detractors. We found this on the 'Net, the other day, courtesy of PR Web:

Is Current Flurry of UFO Disclosures Setting Up False Flag Operation? ... U.S. representative for only authenticated, still ongoing UFO contact case questions government-media agenda behind latest press conference; considers Air Force testimony, Roswell, etc. to be "UFOs 101"
While the recent National Press Club UFO conference by ex-Air Force personnel, which was also covered on CNN, was hailed as a breakthrough by most UFO enthusiasts, one researcher takes a more cautious position on the significance of the event. "There's no question that the military witnesses are very sincere," says Michael Horn. "But while they may be 100% truthful, it's exactly like the very overworked Roswell story where there is no hard evidence to put on the table, only anecdotal stories. Secondly, they honestly can't be certain as to just what these objects are, or from where they are coming," said Horn. "Certainly everything unknown is not extraterrestrial; some of them have very natural explanations."
... "I have to wonder why the sudden media love affair with these sightings. One possibility is that the powers that be encourage 'safe' UFO stories, i.e. ones that have no real, tangible proof. The other possibility is that there's a false flag event, like a fake ET landing or even attack, in the works. What better way to try to terrify and control the masses – and bolster the weapons industry, which already utilizes fake 'alien abductions' and 'animal mutilations' to push for more weapons?"
Horn says that his communications with two of the UFO news conference participants was less than satisfactory. "I was surprised that neither of the people I contacted knew anything about the Meier case. But even more surprising was their refusal to be educated about, or comment on, it. It seemed to me that they had some kind of fear, which seemed strange considering that one man is an author promoting a book on...UFOs."

Horn, as we can see, is running a promotion of his own – for someone called Billy Meier. Who is Billy Meier? According to Horn, (Meier's "official representative"), Meier's UFO sighting "is the only scientifically proven, still ongoing extraterrestrial UFO contact case." Hey, everybody's got an angle.
Of course it all started with the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orson Welles and has been growing ever since. US military brass and officials in other Western countries have launched countless investigations into the matter. 

Wikipedia lists just a few of them, as follows:
• Project Blue Book, previously Project Sign and Project Grudge, conducted by the United States Air Force from 1947 until 1969
• The secret U.S. Army/Air Force Project Twinkle investigation into green fireballs (1948-1951)
• Ghost rockets investigations by the Swedish, U.K., U.S., and Greek militaries (1946-1947)
• The secret CIA Office of Scientific Investigation (OS/I) study (1952-53)
• The secret CIA Robertson Panel (1953)
• The secret USAF Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14 by the Battelle Memorial Institute (1951-1954)
• The Brookings Report (1960), commissioned by NASA
• The public Condon Committee (1966-1968)
• The private, internal RAND Corporation study (1968)[44]
• The private Sturrock Panel (1998)

Every time one of these "studies" comes out in only adds fuel to the fire. And the entire field of UFO research received considerable resources in the late 20th century from Laurance Rockefeller who apparently believed that most of humanity's troubles could be laid at the doorstep of alien invaders. The involvement of the Rockefellers, along with a comment made by Orson Welles (which we cannot locate now) that his original broadcast had certain "anonymous" sponsors only adds to our suspicions about the ever-burgeoning UFO phenomenon.
From our point of view it has all the makings of a classical elite promotion – as we have previously reported. Crop circles; disemboweling of cows; alien abductions, the list goes on; there has been a steady "aliens among us" promotional drumbeat for decades. Not to mention an absolute tidal wave of science fiction books and movies, "first contact" documentaries and even NASA space probes.
But lately all of this information seems to be moving into the realm of "respectable" reporting. In fact, our collective antenna goes up (shades of My Favorite Martian) when the mainstream press gets involved. Popular Science, Reuters and a slew of other media are beginning to cover UFO goings-on in a matter-of-fact way, we've noticed (see article excerpt at the beginning of this analysis) and this is new from our perspective.

Now we have a great deal of difficulty with the idea that the Anglo-American axis would actually promote some sort of alien invasion as a way to further global governance. But given the relentless promotion of the fraught 2012 "end-of-the-world" date and the fervor with which the elite is working toward consolidating international control, we can't help but wonder if something isn't in the works.

Conclusion: As we've written before, we would have dismissed such speculation outright in the past. But that was before the powers-that-be decided to turn breathing into pollution and to monetize CO2 and "trade" exhalations. Now anything goes.


  1. The globalists must be in a real panic to try this stunt! But I guess now that Al Gore has failed to unite the planet against Carbon Dioxide, those who wish to rule the Earth (meaning to rule you) appear to have resurrected a plot line from the TV show "Outer Limits!" In an episode entitled "The Architects of Fear", which aired in 1963, a bunch of scientists create a phony alien visitor and alien spaceship with which to scare the people of planet Earth into abandoning nation-states and merging into a single planetary society.

    The CIA, never one to pass up a really cool scifi idea, actually crafted a real plan to play such a hoax on the public, complete with phony UFOs!

    The United Nations crafted a plan to bring about global government based on three hoaxes, the global financial melt-down, the "When Pigs Fly" Flu pandemic, and lastly, human-caused global warming. But the pandemic never materialized, we have had a very harsh winter as the Earth cools, plus exposure of the outright fraud of Climategate , and finally, the public realizes that government caused the current economic crisis, and has done nothing to lessen its impact on the general population, seeing the "noble" push for global government as just another excuse to loot the public and enrich themselves. With all three pillars of the foundation for global government showing rebar through the cracks, the globalists may be ready to try a hail-Mary pass to get their agenda back on course.

    This it is that we see the above story, which was initially planted in Reuters' via a paid news release site. Once appearing under the Reuters' imprimatur, the story was picked up by other major newspapers, in the present case the Telegraph, and carried as straight news!

    Adding further "credibility" to an already incredible story, the United Nations was reported (then denied) to have appointed the first space ambassador to greet alien visitors from another world. This is the modern incarnation of the north American natives who ventured forth to greet Columbus and were promptly enslaved and sent back to Europe for their politeness.

    For months now we have seen the so-called educational channels on TV flood the airwaves with nonsensical ravings about alien abduction and little green man with advanced technology and no clothing industry whatsoever who have traveled all this way to Earth slice up a few cows in the desert.

    Do they really think the public is that gullible? After all, we did not fall for the flu scare, or the global warming scare, and knocking over the WTC did not galvanize fanatical public support for a century of unending war on the rest of the planet. Waving a space-scarecrow at us all may be the last card they have to play!

  2. Well i wouldn't discount the possibility outright of ETs, but this all smacks of false flag to me. Wasn't it Reagen that said all of humanity would unite if we had 1 common, extra-terrestrial enemy?

    I'm pretty sure I've even read some stuff about Wernher von Braun the father of Nasa and one of the most famous "operation paper clip" nazis. Saying something along the lines that NASA was never about exploration, it was about exploitation, and would eventually be used to fake alien contact or invasions to help usher in global government. And not the kewl kind like in Star Trek.

    Over the past few years this has been snowballing, and in the last few months alone I can't go a day without reading about airforce pilots and UFOs, UFOs shutting down Chinese airports, UFOs fiddling with nuclear weapons, etc etc etc.....

    Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will work. 9/11 worked, and even though the majority of the world knows it was an inside job, we still have no investigation, no charges, nothing but wars.

    Way back when they had the Germans to use as the big bad enemy to unite us all against them. Then it was the Soviets and all forms of communism. After that faded, they created what might be their ultimate fabricated enemy. Muslim terrorists lurking behind every corner of the world wanting to kill you. Well, as we can see with each false enemy the percentage of people willing to believe the BS is dropping.


    If tomorrow night you turned your TV on to the live news broadcast showing formations of UFOs hovering over cities. Or looked out your window and saw what you can only describe as a UFO, your rational thinking will disappear.

    Though some will still (as in the movies) attempt to welcome them with open arms. That's when that missing nuke (google accidental nuke transport) might just take out a city and show us "they" mean business.

    I tell you now, when this goes down it will work for enough people that all hell will break loose. Look at the original war of the worlds radio broadcast, look at the panic that caused, just with RADIO. Now imaging seeing these ships with your own eyes.

    Think I'm crazy? Go look at any of the current stealth aircraft for the raptor. Tell me that doesn't look like an alien ship from the future. Keep in mind, the public is usually a few decades behind when it comes to knowing what the military has, so most of those planes, minus the raptor, are quite old and have more than likely been replaced.

    Remember area 51? No, there are no alien ships there, it's a black ops testing ground, all of the funky futuristic planes you know of now, were designed, built, and tested there, decades ago. Who's to say what they have there now.

    Couple that with Nicola Tesla type electric machines and you could easily fool even the most respected physicists.

  3. I do not discount the possibility of UFO's, I am just VERY skeptical when the MSM begins their bleating, about ANYTHING. I agree with you that if they should begin to appear above major cities most will fall for it and all hell will break loose. God help anyone who doesn't fall into line.

  4. To be fair, this is old news and perhaps it just got picked up to distract from something else. Larry King has been covering this for a decade. Wernher von Braun did warn that they would try and use Aliens as a justification for Space Based Weapons and it makes sense that they would also try and use this for a One World Government as well.

    UFOs/Aliens shows being aired are just good ratings. If this was just based on a high number of shows/movies, one could say they've been planning this for 40 years with various bugs from space trying to take over the world or in the case of the new film Skyline coming out, GIANT BUGS and mean looking ships. The only one making movies to the contrary was Speilberg, well until War Of The Worlds.

    They could have used the Phoenix Lights to induce a mass scare scenario with the public as that had over 1,000 witnesses and video of a craft of gigantic proportions which floated silently over AZ, but instead the military said it was flares. The Disclosure Project had one of these witnesses from the Nuclear Facility at another press conference on May 11th, 2001.

    Sure, they could try and convince the public of UFO takeover over major cities and blow something up, but what would that really gain? It's a little different having a shadow "terrorist" in another country and having UFOs, which could be anywhere at any time floating around. Our defense budget is already through the roof and people would stop going to work as they think of death rays zapping their families, and stop paying more of the taxes they've already stopped paying. Space Tax?

    Most credible witnesses, be they military or civilian aircraft pilots describe things of an incredible nature, which operate at incredible speeds and do maneuvers not capable unless the craft had it's own gravitational field, or wasn't manned in the first place as the occupants would be squashed from sudden acceleration. Also, they operate in complete silence. Basically, not like any craft that we currently operate with our current, known level of technology.

    The problem with the government doing something of this nature is....they always botch things up and seeming otherworldly is a pretty tall order. If a UFO makes noise, it's not a UFO. Also, UFOs as mysterious as they are, are about as dangerous as Oxygen if you count death from UFOs.

    Who knows...let's see how it plays out, as I'm writing this Yahoo's front page has a story of a UFO shutting down an airport in Mongolia..... .. . .. .

  5. We'll see what happens. Botching things has never stopped them before! I have no doubt they possess the technology to at least fake an encounter, the point of it remains beyond me. The idea that they can actually bring most of humanity under a single govt. entity strikes me as ridiculous, but they keep trying. I'd just as soon attempt to herd cats.

  6. either way, they'll get caught just like 9-11. they think they are so clever and invisible with their dirty deeds. If they only knew we see everything they do, and we are impatient about justice being served.

    I await in disbelief.

  7. getting caught hasn't stopped them.....yet

    "I await in disbelief."

    You and me both

  8. Historically, fake UFO abductions/sightings have been used to cover up mind control experimentation as well as experimental UAV's. That's one of the points I was getting at with my most recent article, "CIA-sponsored disinformation campaigns related to targeting.".

    I think they are aware the disinformation campaigns surrounding mind control technologies are rapidly losing its power. They may be trying a Hail Mary with the UFO angle.