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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cosmic Deception: The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

I am wondering if this is the reason for the sudden push to give Obama the internet kill switch? It wouldn't do to have bloggers far and wide exposing this for the hoax that it is.

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{Editor's Note: The fake alien invasion operation has been mentioned by numerous NWO writers over the years. I first read of it in Bill Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. Don Croft mentioned in a few of his Adventures Episodes that the not-so-secret inner government had obtained large spacecraft from the B-Sirians for the purpose of staging the phony alien invasion scene. Red Elk cautioned against the idea of allowing yourself to be beamed up into alien spacecraft when things get rough. I'm afraid that a lot of people will think that this is the Rapture. In fact, the incessant preaching about the coming Rapture may have been a set up to prepare them for this. I don't know for certain, but according to Red Elk, it's not going to be exactly heaven where those people wind up. Bear in mind the larger game: the inner government. had made a secret deal with negative alien groups in 1947 which was formalized in a written treaty in 1954 under Eisenhower. The agenda has grown more negative and destructive as the years rolled on. The Illuminati wants to reduce the world's population down to 400-500 million. The negative aliens, on the other hand, want to take over this planet completely and use it as a stargate jump off point into other dimensions to extend their empire (Anna Hayes).
The bad guys plan on getting rid of large numbers of people through their contrived wars, through bioplagues, through vaccine induced illness, through chemtrail poisoning, through concentration camps, through technology-induced earth changes, and through negative alien assistance. That's what the bad guys want, but it might not work out that way-in the end. Although, there will be many unpleasantries, the NWO game plan will eventually collapse amid great chaos and upheaval caused by war here on American soil (against Russia and China), possible earth changes, and other unexpected events. These type of articles, while likely true, are also presented in such a way as to keep you FEARFUL. As we have recently seen with the Iraq invasion, the PROPAGANDA about US military prowress and might had not taken into account the WILL to resist an army of imperialist invaders by ordinary Iraqi citizens (called "paramilitary personnel" in the US corporate press). The good people of this earth are now getting more assistance than ever to overcome the Dark forces of tyranny and enslavement. We now have 'etheric tools' available to us to neutralize and render ineffective the genocide agenda. To learn more, read the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft. It seems that planet Earth will experience a gradual vibrational 'uplift' between now and the year 2017. The parasites are hoping to abort that and keep their slaves dumb and indentured, but we're moving up whether they like it or not. See the latest from Montalk on this theme as well...Ken Adachi]
By Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
Original Posting: June 2002
Imagine this: It is the summer of 2001, and someone presents you with a script for a movie or book that tells how a diabolical terrorist plot unfolds wherein both 110 story World Trade Center towers and part of the Pentagon are destroyed by commercial jets hijacked and flown into those structures.
Of course you would laugh, and if you were a movie mogul or book editor, reject it out of hand as ridiculous and implausible, even for a fictional novel or movie. After all, how could a commercial jet, being tracked on radar after two jets had already hit the World Trade towers, make it through our air defenses, into the most sensitive airspace in the world, and in broad daylight on a crystal clear day, slam into the Pentagon! And this in a country that spends over $ 1 billion a day to defend itself! Absurd, illogical - nobody would swallow it!
Unfortunately, there are some of us who have seen these scripts - and of far worse things to come - and we are not laughing.
One of the few silver linings to these recent tragedies is that maybe - just maybe - people will take seriously, however far-fetched it may seem at first, the prospect that a shadowy, para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept UFOs secret - and is planning a deception and tragedy that will dwarf the events of 9/11.
The testimony of hundreds of government, military and corporate insiders has established this: That UFOs are real, that some are built by our secret 'black' shadowy government projects and some are from extraterrestrial civilizations, and that a group has kept this secret so that the technology behind the UFO can be withheld - until the right time. This technology can - and eventually will - replace the need for oil, gas, coal, ionizing nuclear power and other centralized and highly destructive energy systems.
This 5 trillion dollar industry - energy and transportation - is currently highly centralized, metered and lucrative. It is the stuff that runs the entire industrialized world. It is the mother of all special interests. It is not about money as you and I think of it, but about geo-political power - the very centralized power on which the current order in the world runs. The world is kept in a state or roiling wars, endless poverty for most of Earth's denizens and global environmental ruin, just to prop up this evil world order.
As immense as that game is, there is a bigger one: Control through fear. As Werner Von Braun related to Dr. Carol Rosin, his spokesperson for the last 4 years of his life, a maniacal machine - the military, industrial, intelligence, laboratory complex - would go from Cold War, to Rogue Nations, to Global Terrorism (the stage we find ourselves at today) to the ultimate trump card: A hoaxed threat from space.
To justify eventually spending trillions of dollars on space weapons, the world would be deceived about a threat from outer space, thus uniting the world in fear, in militarism and in war.
Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed, thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched. Dr. Rosin gave her testimony to the Disclosure Project before 9/11. And yet others told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs, but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. And that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs, or reversed-engineered UFOs made by humans by studying actual ET craft - see the book 'Disclosure' by the same author) to hoax an attack on Earth.
Like the movie Independence Day, an attempt to unite the world through militarism would unfold using ET as the new cosmic scapegoat (think Jews during the Third Reich).
None of this is new to me or other insiders: The Report from Iron Mountain, NY, written in the 1960s, described the need to demonize life in outer space so we could have a new enemy. An enemy off-planet that could unite humans (in fear and war) and that would prove to be the ultimate prop for the trillion dollar military-industrial complex that conservative Republican President and five star general Eisenhower warned us about in 1961 (no one was listening then, either...).
So here is the post-9/11 script - one that will be played out unless enough people are informed and the plan can be foiled because they will be unable to fool a sufficient number of citizens and leaders:
After a period of terrorism - a period during which the detonation of nuclear devices will be threatened and possibly actuated, thus justifying expanding the weaponization of space - an effort will ramp up to present the public with information about a threat from outer space. Not just asteroids hitting the Earth, but other threats. An extraterrestrial threat.
Over the past 40 years, UFOlogy, as it is called, combined with a mighty media machine, has increasingly demonized ETs via fearsome movies like Independence Day, and pseudo-science that presents alien kidnappings and abuse as a fact (in some circles) of modern life. That some humans have had contact with ETs I have no doubt; that the real ET contact has been subsumed in an ocean of hoaxed accounts I am certain.
That is, real ET events are seldom reported out to the public. The Machine ensures that the hoaxed, frightening and intrinsically xenophobic accounts are the ones seen and read by millions. This mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly reinforced for decades, in preparation for future deceptions. Deceptions that will make 9/11 look trivial.
I write this now because I have recently been contacted by several highly placed media and intelligence sources that have made it clear to me that hoaxed events and story-lines are imminent that will attempt to further ramp up the fear machine regarding UFOs and ET s. After all, to have an enemy, you must make the people hate and fear a person, a group of people, or in this case an entire category of beings.
To be clear: the maniacal covert programs controlling UFO secrecy, ARVs and related technologies - including those technologies that can simulate ET events, ET abductions and the like - plan to hijack Disclosure, spin it into the fire of fear, and roll out events that will eventually present ETs as a new enemy. Do not be deceived.
This hogwash, already the stuff of countless books, videos, movies, documentaries and the like, will attempt to glom onto the facts, evidence and first-hand insider testimony of The Disclosure Project, and on its coattails, deliver to the world the cosmic deception that falsely portrays ETs as a threat from space. Do not be deceived.
By commingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that can look terrifying, the Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy. And who will be the wiser?
You will. Because now you know that after 60 years, trillions of dollars and the best scientific minds in the world pressed into action, a secretive, shadowy group - a government within the government and at once fully outside the government as we know it - has mastered the technologies, the art of deception and the capability to launch an attack on Earth, and make it look like ET s did it. In 1997, I brought a man to Washington to brief members of Congress and others about this plan. Our entire team at the time met this man. He had been present at planning sessions when ARVs - things built by Lockheed, Northrup et al, and housed in secretive locations around the world - would be used to simulate an attack on certain assets, making leaders and citizens alike believe that there was a threat from space, when there is none. (Before he could testify, his handlers spirited him away to a secret location in Virginia until the briefing was over...) Sound familiar? Werner von Braun warned of such a hoax, as a pretext for putting war in space. And many others have warned of the same.
Space based weapons are already in place - part of a secret parallel space program that has been operating since the 1960s. ARVs are built and ready to go (see the book 'Disclosure' and the chapter with the testimony of Mark McCandlish et al). Space holographic deception technologies are in place, tested and ready to fire. And the Big Media is a pawn, now taking dictation from the right hand of the king.
I know this all sounds like science fiction. Absurd. Impossible. Just like 9/11 would have sounded before 9/11. But the unthinkable happened and may happen again, unless we are vigilant.
Combine all of this with the current atmosphere of fear and manipulation and there is a real risk of suspending our collective judgment and our constitution.
But know this: If there was a threat from outer space, we would have known about it as soon as humans started exploding nuclear weapons and going into space with manned travel. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth, given the galacticly stupid and reckless actions of an out of control, illegal, secret group, is abundant testimony to the restraint and peaceful intentions of these visitors. The threat is wholly human. And it is we who must address this threat, rein it in and transform the current situation of war, destruction and secret manipulation to one of true Disclosure and an era of sustained peace.
War in space, to replace war on Earth, is not evolution, but cosmic madness. A world thus united in fear is worse than one divided by ignorance. It is now time for the great leap into the future, a leap that moves us out of fear and ignorance and into an unbroken era of universal peace. Know that this is our destiny. And it will be ours just as soon as we choose it.
Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
Albemarle County Virginia
June, 2002
The Disclosure Project
PO Box 2365
Charlottesville VA 22902


  1. What an enormous steaming pile of woo that is! Any evidence?

  2. This is a theory I find highly credible because I have done considerable research. Where is your evidence to back up your claim? Have you done any research, any at all? If you are interested the resources are out there.

  3. So Peter hides his profile, I'm not surprised.

  4. hey man, so did steven greer say this in 2002?

  5. Peter is of course a paid government agent! "Go back to bed America, the government is looking after you."

  6. Any clue to when this will happen? 2 - 5 years etc?

  7. That would be hard to tell, but some time round the end of 2012 would seem likely!!! We're already being fed the "return of the Gods", and end of the World stuff related to 2012 by Media.. Throw in an "alien" attack around that date, and BAM, we have ourselves the final end game ;-)

  8. As a UFO researcher & “contactee” with benevolent human appearing “Elohim" ET’’s, who have literally saved my life a number of times in personal Divine Intervention, I have a very unique and clear perspective about this definite “hidden” [and not so hidden] agenda to utilize this back-engineered black-op technology in an ATTEMPT to fool the entire human race with this ultimate “cosmic deception”. I was made aware many years ago by my space contacts of the Federation of Light about this very agenda, and having also met many former black-op agents who also told me about this. That this was, in fact, the PLAN of this out-of-control earth dark cabal to stage an “alien invasion” scenario and to use the “project blue beam” technologies of projecting false but realistically appearing holograms into the sky to fool the masses of Earth’s humanity. Notice that I emphasized the words “ATTEMPT” & “PLAN”, because nothing is ever “set in concrete”, and I have learned after many ATTEMPTS” by the cabal to literally USE DEADLY FORCE against me, and they failed each time, I also have much hope and faith that this much greater planetary scale ATTEMPT to fool everyone with this so-called “more sophisticated” False flag WILL ALSO FAIL.

    I have learned through the years that the cabal works best when these three elements are present: F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), surprise and stealth. When you take away one or more of these dynamics, the PLANS of these corrupt power elite quickly begin to fall away and disintegrate. Also, literally billions of Earth’s humanity have very recently SPIRITUALLY AWAKENED out of their HAARP & electronic global mind controlled state, as this is also because of definite “cosmic outside help” from the “cosmic good guys” of the Federation of Light.

    I have also been informed by my space contacts, and this same information is “coincidentally” being received right now all over the planet by countless other fellow contactees & channels for the Federation of LIght. That despite this recognized PLAN by the cabal with their earth UFO vehicles to stage such an “alien invasion” scenario, the Federation of Light plan to NEUTRALIZE such a mass attempt by the cabal if they really ATTEMPT to do this very thing. They have, in fact, been warned by the Federation of Light, NOT to do this. That because of new Cosmic Frequencies also now beginning to sweep over Earth that have never existed in this Universe before, this is starting to force much greater ACCOUNTABILITY upon the cabal WHETHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT. And in fact, recent reports of some of these earth UFO craft that were being tested for this very thing have begun to experience certain “technical difficulties” that caused them to “crash land” back on earth, and this will only increase as we approach 2012. Check out a recent Channeling-Transmission that I received from my space contacts about this very subject, that is posted in the “Channeled Material” section of my web site,

    For those wishing to know more about my personal experiences and about the Federation of Light’s plans for mass planetary Divine Intervention, check out my book, “Prepare For The Landings....Are YOU Ready?!” ( Michael Ellegion

  9. totally spoiled the message by trying to sell us information that should be free "if it is so important and true" ? if what happened to you really happened, surely you would have figured out that being a greedy asshole along the way was not the best way to educate people in relation to such things? it only makes you look like a money hungry fraud!

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  11. Greetings and good day to all ........................................

    I have over the extent of some time now been recieving a number of Michael Ellegions News letters through my email , and have found all of the information to be intriguing more so than anything else.In contrast I would also like to point out that just because something has not happened does not mean that it will not take place .

    Maybe for what ever reason these have not taken place @ that given tiime,it does not mean that it will not come to fruition . It is also said that we are the only species who use and measure time .Other species in the Galaxy, do not do this. Time and a means to measure them are irelavent .

    We are not the only living organisms in the galaxy or any other. I think there are other inorganic organisms out there , but we have not evolved to the level of even slightly understanding them. There has been some contact , but they are taking baby steps with us , we are being spoon fed .

    There is way to much here on this earth that we live on to understand,before we can even think of tackling whats out in the cosmos .

    I would also like to throw this out here. Why are we not digging deeper into Magnetic Energy , or taking a closer look @ what Tesla tried to start , before the big Corporations shut that down .

    AC Repair Hialeah